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  1. Dear Harmon, We miss your Photoshop antics. You must come over to the dark side: https://www.facebook.com/groups/321218937913129/ That's all. RM
  2. The most common cause of this on the 600 series is that your caches are far from your current location. The units will only show caches up to 100 miles away or something like that. When you have the find screen up click on the options menu on the lower right and select search near and then pick a waypoint or location that is near your geocaches. They should show up.
  3. I have had the same experience with the compass. In any kind of tree cover, it is worthless. I have pretty much given up trying to use the compass very much, and, like you, just watch the numbers counting down. That brings up the question: If the unit knows its position relative to the destination, it should be able to display the compass accurately. And a question I have wondered about: If my $15 cheapie compass can always display directions accurately, regardless of tree cover, why can't the GPS receivers use the same method, but converted to an electronic format? I assume the answer is because they rely on GPS signals rather than magnetic fields, but why can't they use either or both? I also agree with you: The 6xx units have less reliable compasses than my older 62. I sure hope they can improve the situation with a software update! I have had compass issues too when close to the cache. In my other Garmin units, when I changed batteries, I had to recalibrate to get the electronic compass to work properly. I plug my 650t into power in the Jeep and thought maybe it messes up the electronic compass every time it charges. BTW: Is there a way to turn of the electronic compass like I could do on my 60?
  4. If you don't know or aren't looking for it, you often just don't see it. Well, the sad thing is that I was looking for it. When I saw the brightness level bar come up, i didn't think it would be on the same screen so I moved on.
  5. That didn't work on my 650 and I still have not figured out how to lock the screen but I did figure out how to keep the orientation in portrait mode which is nice: Setup --> Display --> Orientation Lock Never mind, the power button did bring up the lock icon. I don't know how I missed it before.
  6. Above are the templates for cutting your own. It's pretty simple and fits like a glove. All you have to do is purchase a larger protector than needed and cut to fit. Purchasing a protector from ZAGG for the Nuvi 5 inch series will suffice. Trust me, that is not a solution for me. Years ago, I tried cutting a screen protector for a device (it wasn't a GPS), and I made a total mess of it. I'll wait till someone offers a screen protector that fits my Oregon 650 out of the box. --Larry I had a couple of left over iPhone5 screen protectors and I used one of those in conjunction with the template and it works fine (The earphone slot at the top looks kind of funny but it's in the black area so it's no biggie). And to answer the earlier question, the touch screen works perfectly with the screen protector on it.
  7. Thanks very much for your quick reply. As long as other users are seeing the same thing, I'm not too worried. We wouldn't want to use the Geocaching button itself until we were fairly near GZ anyway, but it is annoying that this doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. Anyway, thanks again. I think the limit is 100 miles, not 50. Also, I did figure out that when you bring up the geocache list, if you open up the menu, you can do a "Search Near - A Recent Find, A Waypoint, My Current Location, A Map Point". It would be nice if that list included the City/State/Address type choices too.
  8. I loaded a PQ for an area 1000 miles away and the caches would not show up on the geocache list (very frustrating). I could pan over on the map and they were showing on the map where I could click on them and open the geocaches that way. I read somewhere that the list only shows caches that are 50 miles away or less. Does anyone know a way to turn that "feature" off?
  9. Maybe I don't need my screen protector after all.
  10. I believe you are talking about updating firmware on your handheld. The issue brought up in this thread has to do with trying to install map updates using Garmin Express on a handheld. I was not able to install an update for CN using Garmin Express but it worked fine with the older Garmin Map Updater.
  11. Well, here it is almost 3 months later and the same problem still exists when updating the maps on my new Oregon 650t. The website tells me to use Garmin Express but I get the same error described in this post. I even tried it on two different computers. You would think after constant phone calls they would fix Garmin Express so it works properly. I am trying the old updater now which is the same one that came on my Map DVD and it worked fine when installing the maps from the DVD. It looks like I saved myself a call to Garmin. Thanks
  12. There are a couple of ways (at least) you can get to the geocaching screen. One is to click on the Geocaching icon in the main menu. I suggest that you drag that icon from the main menu onto your desktop. Also, while on your desktop, if you click on and hold on the data fields at the top, you can change them to the geocaching fields (compass, distance, etc.). Once you have the geocaching fields showing at the top, you can just single click on them (don't click and hold) to bring up the geocaching screen. Also, you can drag icons to the left and right of the main desktop screen to move them to a new desktop screen. Each desktop screen can have it's own data fields at the top. I set up one screen for geocaching and another one for driving.
  13. When you are on the Geocache screen look in the upper right corner at the little funnel icon. Click on it to set the filter options.
  14. Setup --> Appearance --> Mode --> Day Keeps it in Day mode.
  15. Integrating Google or Apple maps into the GC app is not what this request is about. I was simply asking for the GC app to pass the coordinates over to the Google or Apple maps apps so that the routing can be done from there. Many other apps are able to do this so it's probably not a big deal. I could be wrong but I doubt that it requires any kind of license since the iPhone is using the map app to do the routing etc.
  16. I have had locking up problems with my 62s when the SD card is installed and besides, why should I pay 1/2 a grand for a GPS that has such a bug. Garmin needs to fix the problem. The same GPX files that stop working on my 62s always open up fine on my various computer applications.
  17. I did notice something tonight that is a step in the right direction. It probably has to do with the recent Google Maps app update that I did, not tonights GC app update. When I choose "View on External Map" from the GC app which is buried in a menu now, it brought up the web based Google map like before, but this time, there was a button at the top of the webpage that said something like "Always Open in Google Map Application". After clicking on that button, now when I choose View on External map from the GC app, it goes to the web page and then immediately redirects to the Google Map App where I can do autorouting etc! It's not ideal but it works.
  18. According to the Garmin Oregon 6xx Wiki (at http://garminoregon6...es.com/Hardware) the memory in the various models is as follows: 600 - 1.8GB total with 1.5GB free 600t - 3.6GB total with 809MB free 650 - 3.6GB total with 2.6GB free 650t - 7.2GB with 4GB free. These figures are backed up by screenshots, but the t models will presumably vary a bit depending on which country's topo map is installed. The 650 models are still not released yet so the figures must be based on pre-production units. The Oregon 6xx Wiki has a lot of other very useful answers to some of the questions being asked here, and is being created by early users. Chris A word of warning I have had my Oregon 450, now Oregon 600, lose track of my loaded Geocaches. Keeping them on the internal memory means finding a computer to delete then reload them between power down/power up cycle, to clear memory. I find it a very good idea to get a MicroSD card, 8G or better, depending upon your needs for maps, mostly, and keeping maps and pocket queries on it. If it looses track of things you only need to power down, remove batteries, MicroSD card, replace batteries, power up, power down, remove batteries, replace MicroSD, replace batteries and power up again, to recover - something you can do in the field, away from computer. Interesting. I never had this happen on my 400t. I'll keep an eye out on my 600, but everything that I have on my 600, I'll also have on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my Moto Xoom. I wonder if this issue comes up w/ .ggz files. I haven't had GSAK create these yet, but it seems to be good on a couple 10K+ .gpx files I've got loaded on the 600. During the past week it did it again, while somewhere in the middle of Florida. Most vexing. All I had were the waypoints, which are in a separate gpx file in a PQ, but caches had all vanished. A removal of the MicroSD and reboot and power down and replace of the MicroSD and power up again brought them back. Pretty irritating, but at least when things are kept on the MicroSD this is possible, using internal memory means the end of the caching day. I am very disappointed to hear that the 600 series is having this problem. This has been a frequent problem with my 62s and when it happens, the GPS becomes useless to me. I typically have to connect to my laptop and dump and reload all the GPX files to fix it. Seriously Garmin, you can't fix this problem after all this time??? I had my heart set on the 650t, which I see is in stock now at Cabelas, but now I am rethinking my plan to purchase.
  19. I think that if the Geocaching app passed the coordinates to another app like Google Maps or the Apple Maps app, there would be no cost involved but I am certainly not an expert on the subject. It just seems that other apps are able to do it without any problem such as the one Uncopyrighted mentioned so the GC app should be able to do it too.
  20. Allow the attachment of more than one photo to a log submitted from the iPhone App.
  21. iOS 6 has some nice autorouting capability built in via the Apple maps and now also via the newest Google Maps app but there is way to access either app from the geocaching.com app to route to a cache. Please add an option to autoroute to the geocache using the map apps. Here is how it works on an app called iExit: Menu What comes up when selecting Google Map App . What comes up when selecting Apple Map App
  22. As far as the RAM Mounts go, their adjustable arms/suction cups/etc. are great but I personally have never liked any of their cradles for the various Garmin units I have owned. The cradles are generally bulky and difficult to use. The RAM cradle for my GPSMAP 62s was huge and completely useless because when it was on the mount I could not get the rubber cover open to connect the power cord. The newer Garmin handheld GPS units all have a nice rear slide mount system and why RAM has not taken advantage of it, who knows. With that said, it is possible to adapt a Garmin slide mount cradle to a RAM Mount using the "RAM Mount Garmin Cradle Converter" (RAM-HOL-GA11U) that has been around since the early days of the GPSMAP 60. It's a bit expensive to buy all the necessary components but it's worth it IMO and it should work great with the new Oregon. The setup (pictured below) can be assembled from these components: RAM RAP-B-166U (or similar) RAM Mount Diamond Plate Suction Mount RAM-HOL-GA11U RAM Mount Garmin Cradle Converter Garmin Garmin 010-11031-00 Marine Mount
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