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  1. 91... and... 136? Chickenfoot Dominoes? That's a strange merch deal for a rock band!
  2. That's what I thought! Yes, no googling doesn't mean no calculators, does it! And we couldn't possibly have a rule that said, no using your PCs ... otherwise we'd never be able to reply to each other! I dunno... I very rarely use a PC these days!
  3. My bad... I should have said no calculators! Sorry I've not been on sooner... 11 x 11 = 121 111 x 111 = 12321 etc.. Yes... what the heck... DING!!!!!
  4. I have had permission to log a tiny remnant of the cache as a find... But I did find something of it. Personally I think the difficulty should have been raised as it was a lot harder to find what I did than the cache itself! I'd allow a log in similar circumstances... Find a bit of an AWOL cache and it's a find. Right... Nearly 100k caches in the UK that I haven't found yet... Off to log them as finds!
  5. Ok... I get cachers who are all about the numbers... But they find caches, usually. If they just want huge numbers they should search for the next biggest known prime or decimal place for pi and be done with it.
  6. Did the Beatles cease to be everyone's favourite band just because they spilt up? Not that I like them in the slightest... But it's pretty much the same argument. Your favourite ever cache may be archived... But most of the time the reasons why it became your favourite are still there. The walk, the view, the challenge of getting to ground zero, etc... Unless the favourite was for the container, then everything that made it a favourite is still there a lot of the time, and so the favourite is valid IMO. Of course... One of my favourites is for a particularly funny (nothing hurt but the pride) spectacular tumble that a mate took in finding it. One of my favourite geocaching moments, once the lack of injury was apparent and the laughter started! That one may lose its favourite once it is archived.
  7. Willie John Mcbride? I seem to recall he didn't play more than a handful more
  8. I love a FTF hunt... I love the not knowing until the log is open... I don't then care if I'm first or not, I had my buzz. The thing I really like about the FTF hunt is the increased chance of bumping into another cacher and swapping a tale or two... so all caches near decent alehouses should be published during opening hours
  9. Tell the priest that you've spoken with the big fella and it's ok with him... can't fail!
  10. The official app works just fine on iPod touch... And can estimate location on wifi. Obviously it wont be much help actually finding the cache though.
  11. Probably no connection. Each town has a regular FTFer! Just a premium member who gets push email and is able to drop everything and get in the car. Myself, it would be difficult after dinner, as I tend to imbibe alcohol with it and therefore not be driving after about 7pm!
  12. I'd log a visit for exactly the opposite reason! The trackable is at the cache, and if it would fit in I'd drop it. If it doesn't fit in, it has visited the cache.
  13. I'm an eTrex (2 different ones) and iPhone man... but am looking at the eTrex 30 as it supports the new russian system in parallel with GPS so will give better coverage and more chance of decent signal... as do the 10 and the 20. I get a compass to turn off with the 30 though lol.
  14. They were meant as guidelines Somewhere down they line the effectively became rules as the reviewers adopted them, and this stance became less flexible sometime later. Any "guidelines" the few made after that would be better named "rules" IMO. Then again, the GS site only has "guidelines" as far as I can tell... So, the reality will continue to be that the guidelines are there, and most people ignore the ones that they don't want to apply to them when hiding a cache... but of course they'll tell the reviewer that the hide meets all current guidelines. This is why we see caches in places where permission has certainly not been given... and lots of plastic bags with caches inside... what possesses anyone to think the latter is a good idea God only knows.
  15. I regularly see 15 feet of accuracy on iPhone... Pretty much the same as GPSr... Had to switch it from French to real units though as have not used metres or kilometres since school... And thus have an eye that estimates in feet and inches!
  16. I had a quick play earlier and there is no user 1, and if you look at the pages from 1 to 10 most of the cacher, I would not call active. Form 10 I tried adding zeros and most of them aren't active either! I would guess that less than half were actually out finding caches or a regular basis. Be interesting to find out though you then get into the problem of defining 'active' though! I'm a case in point... Even if you defined active as "found a cache in the last3 years" my account shows that I'm not, but I'm out about twice a week on average. The number if currently active players is impossible to work out, so the claim of 5 million players is ridiculous. They mean accounts... My mate is in a team of 5 that appear as 1 for GS purposes.
  17. For sure... But Garmin are gonna have their cheapest handheld able to use both GPS and GLONASS at the same time (great for the likes of us) and their recently released most expensive unit is unable to do this... Both units were announced before the first was released, so I'm a little surprised the expensive unit didn't get the functionality.
  18. It does now!!! korhoen10 is the username Had another deek and it's over 5,026,000 now! How many are active though? Woolworths had millions of customers but nobody shopped there! I'd guess that less than half are active.
  19. My immediate response is when the cache is found most of us will sign it and be off to the next one rather than reading the instructions and doing something. The cache will be found and signed, so your extra requirement will not be a requirement as per the rules of geocaching. So, I think we need the art experience and then the cache... So a sort of puzzle cache. Good luck with it.
  20. Very few in the garden this year... don't tend to notice on the trail unless a stumble upon a nest.
  21. No unit will beat 12ft... No unit will be better at mapping. But all GPSr units destroy the iPhone 4 on battery and dropability. Wouldn't pay £600 for the last two though. My choice is cheap eTrex H with iPhone... 2 GPS units, one is paperless and I can run the iphone as a PDA on a long day out. I have my old Legend for backup when I'm out in the open it can beat the newer H unit. Both units at their new price cost less than half of Garmin's latest, and the iPhones have been effectively free as I'm a very heavy phone/text user... my iPhone contract actually worked out cheaper than my old one (I guess this makes me pretty unique though) I was considering the new Flagship toy from Garmin... but think the eTrex 30 will offer me more.
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