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  1. I think it might be an error after all. There is a RJTB in another cache nearby and that icon is showing on the search results page. However the one I dropped is grouped in with the geocoins pile icon, so its icon is not showing.
  2. purple monkey dishwasher still says where?
  3. I don't mean to be a purple monkey dishwasher but where are these adds? I've read that they are supposed to be there but haven't ever seen them. Not under either my paying or non-paying account.
  4. Hold your cursor over the coin pile, it'll show. Yes, when I put the RJTB in the cache I did that to be sure it was showing up in the cache. I was only wondering why the icon isn't shown.
  5. When looking at the search results the other Jeep TBs have their own icon that shows next to regular TBs and Geocoins: However the RJTB icons don't seem to be showing up (There is a RJTB in this cache with two Geocoins):
  6. My domain host fixed the problem. They wouldn't say what they did, but I assume they but GC on some sort of whitelist.
  7. For now I've switched my email address to one provided by my ISP, but that's only a temporary fix. Thanks for the help!
  8. Yes. But, I've checked the email filters on my end. That's the problem. Any server running CPanel will automatically ping all incoming email addresses to make sure they're valid. The email address "noreply@geocaching.com" is blocked, so CPanel can't validate if it's a real email address, so it deletes the email on the spot without even letting it into the server. This is one of the ways that CPanel blocks spam because a lot of email addresses are just made up and not real. It doesn't have anything to do with filters or anything like that. It's integrated into CPanel itself. There is a way to hack the server and allow messages from certain addresses to come through. You asked about other hosting options, and I've contacted you via PM about that. I got your email, Thanks. I've got a trouble ticket in with my current host, but if that doesn't work out I'll be looking for other options. Yours sounds pretty good.
  9. Does your host use CPanel? Yes. But, I've checked the email filters on my end.
  10. Does anyone know of a good domain host? I would be happy to transfer my domain to avoid problems like this.
  11. I use an email account from my own domain and I have no spam filter setup. Could my domain host be filtering emails? I use Earth Star Hosting. I still get "contact@geocaching.com" emails like PQs. I don't get cache logs, weekly notices or even account email validation emails. May 23 I received my last LOG notification. May 24 I received my last weekly notice. Before May 23/24 everything worked perfectly. Can anyone help? (right now my account is not validated because I tried to change the email address today, but I'm not getting validation emails, so I can't validate)
  12. Okay so I used this app on a recent trip and it works wonderfully on a MotoRazr w/ Sprint. However I phone logged a few caches multiple times and now I have no way of getting rid of the extra phone logs short of logging each cache more than once from my computer. Any suggestions?
  13. I just got this app running on my MOTORAZR V3M from Sprint and it's AWESOME!!! Can't wait for more features in the next release.
  14. It's trademarked so be careful.
  15. Here's a review of some different PPC software. GPXSonar is my favorite. Geocaching With A Pocket PC
  16. How about something like this: In the top two images the black is metal and the white is cut out (or even just recessed). So the right "coin" would fit into the left coin. In the bottom two images the black is metal the white is cut out (or even just recessed) and the grey is raised metal so the right coin fits into the left coin. I don't know anything about coin making so these might not even be possible, just thought they might be neat.
  17. This cache PJ#1 is listed in Texas, but it's in NM.
  18. No. Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines Off-limit (Physical) Caches : Caches near or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports.
  19. Girino huh? That sounds like Green-O. How do you speak to a foreigner? You add an O to everything. Green-0 = Green. Green = Inexperienced and Green = Signal the Frog. Signal the Frog = Geocaching Tadpole = Girino = Green-O = Green = Inexperienced Frog = Inexperienced Geocacher? Coincidence? I think not!
  20. Lesson I learned as a kid: One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods when -- KERPLUNK -- an acorn fell on her head "Oh my goodness!" said Chicken Little. "The sky is falling! I must go and tell the king." It's a shame that something you posted on a public website anybody can look at, is now available on another public website anybody can look at. Besides the only way for them to google you is to come here first to find your nickname, so they have already seen everything.
  21. That's exactly what we do every once in a while. Nothing formal, no planned games or things to do. Just a meet and greet over some food. On the cache page just be sure you say where the event is, what date, the start and end times. Letting people know it's kid friendly is good. Be sure you submit the event at least two weeks in advance or it won't get published. Have fun!
  22. Oh gee.. And we were all so convinced that you would actually call.
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