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  1. It's really amazing how some caches in NJ get approved almost instantly while others remain "unreviewed" for a long time. After having waited patiently for several days for my latest three submissions to be approved, and having noticed that other local caches "hidden" several days after mine had been submitted had been approved the same day they were hidden, I said "to hell with it" and archived the submissions here ... and listed them elsewhere.
  2. Cache maintenance is not the responsibility of cache hunters; it is a courtesy we extend to cache owners. I do not think we should absolve cache owners of the responsibilites of cache ownership.
  3. Don't visit the site on Saturday or Sunday evenings, and log all your finds on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  4. Wouldn't it be better if you contacted the cache owner via e-mail with your question?
  5. As I see it, there are only two possibilities: The ultimate geocache would be either the very last geocache placed, or the very last geocache in existence.
  6. What Carleen says (which means I also agree with Brian, but Carleen's avatar is cuter then Brian's). Ditto! But I have nicer legs. And you shave them more often? Back to the serious conversation, I would rather read ten DNFs from a cacher who was determined to find a cache on his/her own than one "Found it" log where the log reads something like: "Couldn't find it after looking for 15 seconds, so I called XXX on the cell and s/he told me exactly where it was."
  7. Wow. I just looked at robertlipe's link. I always find it amazing how over-bloated Microsoft can make new versions of formerly simple, elegant programs.
  8. I think you are on to something here ... I for one would pay to go watch a bunch of drunken geocachers wandering through the woods, attempting to shoot at each other while seeking a cache ... which would preferably be hidden 30 feet up a skinny tree.
  9. You handled it very well. Another option you have is to simply not log online at all, but believe me, people get on your back about that, too.
  10. I use an older version of the Microsoft "Streets" product, so I'm not sure if a newer version works in exactly the same way, but make sure you have the "Location Sensor" set to "Degrees/Minutes." I've used Streets and Maps for plotting geocaches for over three years with very few problems.
  11. Just as it is the cache owner's responsibility to abide by the guidelines of the listing service, it is the listing service's responsibility to field correspondence related to the caches it lists. They know where and how to contact the cache owner if an issue needs to be addressed. Edited to include the pertinent reference from the stash note available on geocaching.com: Of course, anyone who wishes to "cut out the middleman" can delete that section from the stash note they use and provide their personal information.
  12. Ha ha ... these are among the category of caches that have a tendency to get rehidden in a slightly different spot each time. I've read many a cache note where the owner had a problem finding his/her own cache!
  13. Yes, but some areas posted with "no trespassing" signs are open to hikers with the proviso that hikers will remain on the "official" trails at all times, or the trails are open to hikers only during certain hours, days and/or seasons. I suppose people should be reluctant to walk past the signs if they are not familiar with the regulations. Unfortunately, finding out exactly what the regulations are is often quite difficult or time-consuming.
  14. Don't know for sure, but perhaps the signs are left in place as a reminder that use of the area is limited to specific activities during specific hours and/or seasons, and all other activities are considered trespassing. Or perhaps locating and removing all those old signs is simply too time-consuming/labor-intensive for the available work force.
  15. Actually, I think any/all information should be displayed on the outside of the container. Who in their right mind would look inside a sealed container they had found concealed somewhere expecting to find an explanation?
  16. I couldn't agree more. All the better the reason to hide the cache. The residents of such areas need to learn a lesson, and the more outsiders that drive/park on their street, the better. I hope they suffer the worst fate of all ... an orthodontist opens up shop on their block.
  17. I would go so far as to say few TBs with a goal sheet attached travel in the proper direction or achieve their goal. But there's no harm in trying.
  18. "We report, you decide." How'd that "fair and balanced" comment slip through uncontested? Actually, I agree that the percentage of codgers, curmudgeons, grouches, rebels and "chronic malcontents" remains about the same. So has the percentage of "unquenchable do-gooders." The percentage of sockpuppets seems to have gone way down, but the percentage of "trolling" threads seems to have gone way up. And hardly anybody seems to have learned to take advantage of that "search" feature yet. So what is the fastest growing part of the community?
  19. Nah, heading is the direction your nose is pointed. Like those pesky "winds aloft." Or that unfordable river.
  20. Hey Brian, have you been following the series of articles in the Bergen Record this week about the Passaic River? A writer kayaked the entire length of the river, and has had some pretty interesting observations. In today's article, he writes about his experiences from above the Great Falls to below Dundee Dam. He even included a map showing the locations of all the homeless encampments ... lots of cache-hiding territory just waiting to be exploited! OT: (Exploited by lazy hiders using ammo cans, of course.)
  21. Can we go back to talking about less controversial subjects like caches hidden between active railroad tracks or ammo boxes hidden within superhighway overpasses now?
  22. Isn't the "sameness" of caches one of the factors that increases their "lameness?"
  23. Let's see ... ... Activity logged to caches over the past week is greatly reduced from the seasonal peak a few weeks back. ... We were told that "scrapers" were (in large part) the root cause of the gc.com access/speed issues. ... The scrapers are now being "throttled." ... Access/speed issues are at least as bad as they were. What has the "throttling" accomplished, from the average user's perspective? (For the record, I have never used Buxley's, but I did make use of other third party websites that "scraped" data, like Dan Miller's Leaderboard.)
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