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  1. I'm going to be driving to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any must do caches along the way. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dead Beat by Jim Butcher has a bit where a crook hides a book with the only clue being a set of numbers. Naturaly, nobody knows what they mean until towards the end...
  3. You'll be renting a ladder to cachers? Sound's like a commercial cache to me. Good luck getting it approved...
  4. Don't forget about those pesky LPMs (lamp post micros)! Or in my mind NADLP (not another **** lamp post!)
  5. That's possibly one of the coolest swag items I've ever seen!
  6. Want to sell the cable? Trade for it? Just plain want to get rid of it? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't see why this is disturbing. If the approvers are identifying caches that have a long string of DNF's with no communication from the cache owner regarding checking on the cache, the cache should be archived. This method only targets CO's who do not maintain their caches, and clears area for hiders who will maintain their caches. In my area there is one hider who appears to not care what happens to their caches after they are published. It's unfortunate, because many of their hides are in great areas. These "phantom caches" turn out to be a waste of time and space. I'd love for these caches to be archived, but it's out of my hands. I just make sure that it's been found within a reasonable amount of time before I hunt for one of their caches.
  8. I for one would love to see a beanie with either the geocaching or travelbug logo... or both!
  9. I find this conversation interesting, though it may be for selfish reasons. Allow me to ask a releated question if I may... I'm in the process of planning a huge multi, possibly up to 30 stages or more, however, it is a "choose your own adventure" type dective story. The stages that one visits all depend on the clues and leads that they choose to follow, so not every cacher will visit the same stages for information or various parts of the story. Any thoughts/opinions on this? Has anyone found anything like this before? Thanks.
  10. How does one do that?
  11. sea_dragon

    Map It?!?

    This may have been discussed elsewhere, if so I haven't been able to find out where the answers are, so here goes: On the cache maps reached from the "Map It" button, caches (new, found, etc.) aren't showing up. I've tried logging out and back in, but no dice. The Google maps are up to date, so is this gc.com feature being phased out? Any info?
  12. S.D.: I see your a volunteer guide at MBA. We have been members for years and enjoy each visit. Do volunteers get to dive in the OB tank with the little GW? Unfortunatly not. I for one would love to get in the water with that little beauty, but it's staff only, indefinitly. Bummer. I was in with the Oceanic Whitetip, so I'll just have to console myself with that.
  13. Definitly cool! I've been diving Monterey for years and never knew about some of those sites. Time to plan a "double black diamond" run out on the bay.....
  14. Hello SoCal cachers! I'm headed to Santa Barbara this weekend for a job interview, and would like some recomendations for caches that will either be great fun, and/or show me some of the cool or must know places down here. Sorta like a geocachers relocation tour? I'll be down for 2-3 days (I haven't decided for sure yet). Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance, Sea_Dragon
  15. I agree.....if it works, why change it? I have one of the "Little Yellow Boogers", and I think it works fine. Occasionaly I have a lot of signal-bounce, usualy within ten feet or so, and on cloudy days. (Ok, maybe not occasionaly.....if you've ever been to Pacific Grove, you'd understand though.... ) I think with the GPS field, the only real difference is features, though I may be completely wrong....idunno..... However, IF I was going to get a new gps, I'd go with one that has mapping capability. That's just 'cause I have no sense of direction when driving, and could use the ability of seeing if I'm on a dead end before I get there.
  16. I've thought about getting an inexpenisve metal detector to aid in those really tough caches, as a "last resort" for finding them, but I've considered that path a kind of cheating. I might think differnetly if it snowed here though.....
  17. Oh, I know that nobody is getting banned, even temporarily. I was just making a point based on prior conserns. No worries. It's the "regular" thin that I was getting at. But, as I said, no worries.
  18. Well, This could be interesting. Maybe...... I have planty of finds, but no hides. Does that make me not a "real geocacher". i think not. I may have no hides, but I want to place some quality hides, the type I like to find. That takes work and time, which I sometimes find in short supply. Now, I consider myself a true 'cacher, because I get out to find, I have a desire to hide, I post, I learn, and I enjoy the sport/game/pastime/hoby. As far as I'm conserned, If you can say "yes" to at least three of the above "requirements", you too are a "real geocacher".
  19. Good luck Fly! Sound like a deam job (all of the ones I've seen have aquariums... ) (I hear you carleen, I almost starved when I worked in a bookstore...)
  20. WOW, how things do change. When I first started reading this topic, I thought to myself "this could be an intersting idea". However, now I'm not so sure. If it's voluntary, I say go for it if you want. Knock yourself out. If you don't want to go for it, post to your hearts content. Knock yourself out. However, if this little "experiment" is forced, ie through bans, well then I say "What?!?". None in these forums has the right to deny the enjoyment of any who have followed the rules, and have behaved themselves. That should go for the mods, and even Jeremy too. And I must ask, what makes a regular? Almost all of the definitions/limitations given are almost useless. For example, I've heard that 100 posts should be the cut-off. Or 2 ppd. Well, I have over 100 posts, but my ppd is a measly 0.18. Which should I use? Which do you use? Why should I even bother wondering about this? Anywho, if this does go off as planed, what I see hapening will be that some "regulars" will post, and some will not. New voices may step up and be heard. Old ones may quietly fade away. Questions will be answered. (I doubt that even one newbie will find advice to be lacking). Basicly, the forums, and the game(s) will continue basicly unchanged.
  21. One thing to say about Quarry, it's gone three weeks without a single find. But then again, it looks like the only ones out there since it was placed were AltDotAir checking on Coast Guard Peer. Funny considering the FTF frenzy that has taken the area by storm in the past. Not that I'm bagging on Quarry. I just think that it's interesting, considering the small percentage of local cachers that appear to visit this forum. Just funny things that my warped mind picks up on.....
  22. Thanks for the replies! I don't know that the forums would be the best place since it deals with the whole proximity/barrier/obstecle thing (and given yesterdays TX drama). As far as an event, if I'm around, I'll most likely show up.
  23. Quick question, and I figure that just about anyone here can point me in the right direction. Who is the approver for this part of CA? I'v got a cache idea I want to check on. Thanks!
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