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Unusual signs found while caching

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I didn't get pictures, but on a recent caching adventure I was on a rail trail, that wasn't actually a converted railroad track, it was actually the service road that ran in between an active railroad and the river, which still has some of those big round things you tie barges on to. Well any way, whenever there's a big round thing in the river the access to it is blocked off by about twenty feet of gate with a "No Trespassing" sign on it. The same goes for any access to the train tracks, and there are lots of instances of these along the trail.


The only thing is that the twenty foot fence is just that, a twenty foot fence, you can walk right around it (and I mean right around it, there's a good foot or two of clearance between the end of fence and beginning of brush. Or you could just do an easy bushwack no more than ten feet....

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Alas, before the days of digital camera ownership... while on our way to "GS Overnight Camp #1", we noticed a sign posted that read, "No Wood Cutting - Active Logging Area".




If you can't cut wood, the logging must be seriously slow going. We decided they must just sneak up on the trees regularly and yell at them. Eventually, the trees die of low self-esteem and fall over on their own.



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Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the sign, but i was riding a train on the Montana Main Line going into Montana one day when the crew stopped the train in a canyon to show me a sign. All the sign said was "Hanging Tree" and had a date of 1898.


The crew explained that originally there was a sign there saying "Paymasters Tree" This was where the railroad employees in that area were payed in cash until one day they discovered that the paymaster was taking part of their pay. Thats when it became known as the Hanging Tree :rolleyes:

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Here's my addition. But shouldn't this topic belong in "Hunt/Unusual"? I mean, unusual is part of the topic name.. Geesh.


Rode by this one on my bike today after a FTF:





Who prompted this sign designer with the shift key? So That All Words Begin With A Capital Letter? Some Forum Posters Don't Even Capitalize The First Person, *I* vs i ! Give Them Credit For Taking The Extra Effort For Holding Down The Shift Key.

:lol: Via con Dios, I guess. Perhaps only the church-goers can handle these rough roads better than the public. Give me strength - funny sign! :lol:

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Seems like a perfect place for a cache.


[image clipped]


L-R: IV_Warrior, Team Shadyside, L33T_Hacksta, Insane4Life, JPatton.

Wow! I know a couple of those guys. Looks like you cats had a cache-filled weekend in SE PA.


SBUX is pushing the 528' rule to the max at Community Park. Looks to me like "Heads up!" is only about 540' from "Cache ornament". Still perfectly within the rules! :lol:

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OK... Here's one you don't see every day. Actually this was taken while I was doing some virtual caching in Arlington National Cemetery. Behind the "Arlington House" the restrooms are located behind the old slave quarters... just in case you were looking for 'em.



Hehehe.....I was just there a few months ago....used those restrooms.....did not think much about the sign. :lol:

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Who prompted this sign designer with the shift key?

Sometimes sign guys don't want their names associated with some layouts. Believe me I've designed some of the most butt ugly signs upon a customer's insistence. Needless to say I don't put the name of the signshop on those.


But what you're talking about is actually an accepted practice though not my style.


A favorite saying in one of the shops I've worked, "Butt ugly costs just as much as pretty." In reality it costs more because customers pick up on unprofessional layouts.

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We saw a handpainted no treasspasing/turn around sign on the wrong fork, while heading towards a cache. The only funny part was the last line (sorry, no camera)

Beware of Malice Saturated Attack Dogs!!


Had us listening up whenever we heard barking, that's for sure.



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This was near the final stage of Clinton River Trail Walk cache



A) We have no alligators in Michigan.

:( It was at the edge of a relatively remote location along a river, unlikely to be seen by anyone, except perhaps fishermen and geocachers.

Holy Crap!!!


That was one of my first caches and i remember seeing that thing and it was really freaky. My friend accidently found it and started yelling at me like someone, or something had died.

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While Cruising Around Northern Japan--Funny it's not written in Japanese--Must be intended for us Americans.




Sorry, Picture quality is too low.  It says  "DANGER this is an agricultural watr course".

Northern Japan, huh? Would that sign be located anywhere near Lake Towada? The area in the pic looks very similar to where my family spent a lot of time, enjoying picnics and the like, when I was younger.


Hey! You're in Misawa, so it's no wonder the area looks familiar! I spent three years there in the '70s. Then again, a Japanese forest is a Japanese forest is a Japanese forest, right? :( Check your email. :D


Edited to add note of surprise at WanderingSon's location.

Edited by Pyewacket
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Long before digital cameras (I think around 1985-ish):


In my home town there was a store called "The House of Carpet".


One night we were driving by and either someone messed with their light-up sign or it was just a weird coincidence but the o, c, p and e were burned out.


So it said: "The House Fart". It was like that for a few days and I think my sister took a picture of it. I doubt she has the picture anymore though. Personally, we think it was some kind of prank.


There is also a store where I live now called Shoe Carnival. One night we drove by and the S was burned out. :rolleyes:

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I always run into weird signs while out working. These are all from Florida.



This sign reads: "For Sale: 2 'Extra Crispy' Acres." We could not figure

out what this might mean, unless it is a reference to the site of a

future Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise ?




On the side of Interstate 75




And in the category of not a sign, but nevertheless, a bizarre roadside site, the 'Our Lady of Clearwater' shrine. I've been told that this image appeared after someone had painted what were supposed to be pictures of Santa Claus and Christmas scenes on the glass. Whatever was used to paint the 'temporary' images had a reaction with the glass, and after Christmas when they were wiped off, this image appeared and suddenly the devout were flocking to the scene...




Sorry, I couldn't resist. I would've paid to see this VW camper on the road!

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