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  1. Same situation here. Except this guy hasnt been online since last June Thats both of my tb's gone for stupid reasons.
  2. Hey, colonelby here. I've just been wondering how geocachers are going about finding caches in the winter snow. Personally I enjoy skiing and there are several decent looking caches along the trail. (nice) Do you have any unique winter caching methods or stories? Lets hear 'em. Yazoo! colonelby
  3. Play d'oh, yes, quite lierally a cache clogger.
  4. Hey, In passing, a hot cache spot in Quebec is in the town of Low, just 30 minutes north of wakefield. Search up caches with coords.... N 45 48.973 W 075 57.069 I agree Quebec needs more geocaches!
  5. Hey, I live in Ottawa Ontario and am looking for an army surplus/used equipment store. can anyone help me out? Thanks, colonelby
  6. I'm in Quebec and seem to get a waas lock quickly and it stays.
  7. Yep, it's why I bought the NIMH ones. They're great for night caching when I have the back-glow on so I can see the screen. They really do last well in high energy usage periods.
  8. Hye, Just found a new type of rechargable battery in my local general store. Bought the charger + 2x battery combo for a test. After only 3 hours of charging, they gave me nearly 18 hours of power on my gps unit! http://www.duracell.com/oem/rechargeable/N..._metal_over.asp]NiMH Rechargable Battery[/url] Well worth the initial price.
  9. Try here: Geocaching On Gameboy: The near futur?
  10. Some have said that without my hat (which is glued to my head) I look like Harry Potter!!!
  11. Hi, Over the weekend I went to check my geocache to make sure it was still ok and hidden. I checked the contents and the items in it were...useless. Expired coupons and pocket change. If the rule about fair trades exists, were not doing very well to follow it.
  12. Ummm...doese anyone know what this means? PMPNGFE
  13. Check out this link, you could get quite a reaction out of this flash image.(But please don't use it) Flash Image (It takes you to a warning page first)
  14. ...or a geocaching game on one of those pocket thingys. You can design your own player... Sales on day one: $0
  15. I'm a "part-time" old video game collector. I have 100 NES games and 60 SNES games and a whole bunch of atari, intellivision stuff. I'm told that the GBA is closely related to the SNES. Is that true?
  16. Hye, I've noticed that it is possible to change the traditional green background on a cache page to one of your own pictures. How do you do this?
  17. This is NOT how to get rid of a whale
  18. Hmmmm..... I've never really thought about buying a GBA, it sounds that it might be worth it. (Still, gotta love my xbox)
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