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  1. Make sure that you put on the event page that it is on, rainy weather or not.
  2. Set it behind a 10 gallon bucket. What kind of ground cover is there other than what was already mentioned?
  3. My mom interprets ASL in SE Virginia.
  4. I believe that Cyclops and sons was trying to eliminate error in calculations, as not all people are good at, or have been in a class where they are exposed to this type of math. We don't want a thread about how a cache hider forgot to carry the two, so my perfectly calculated coordinates were off and I want my two hours of geocaching time back now do we?
  5. Where's Sparky's claymore pic when you need it?
  6. It can be hard to see them in grass, let alone leaves and brush. We always try too, but you can't always get them all.
  7. I dont think i need to mod my Jeep anymore either, well for caching that is.
  8. Hide it under a sockpuppet account! seriously though, there are supersoakers that will keep pressure for months. The only catch is that they are huge!
  9. Fake or not those quakers are pretty cute!
  10. I get a piece of cloth about the size of dishtowel, maybe a little bigger, wet and put it on my head, and my hat over it. If done right, it should cover the back of your neck, cheeks, and everything imbetween. Even if the towel is dry, it still keeps you remarkably cool.
  11. I spent a few hours laying down in a thick bush do some muggles wouldnt see me coming out of it.
  12. How much ground clearance do you get on that thing? It looks pretty low. (Or is it just the picture that does it?)
  13. When you shoot bottle rockets at it and it doesn't explode
  14. Notion seconded, the committe will now vote....
  15. Jeremy, if you want to send me one of those doohickeys, I'll be more than happy to see if RINO locationsend works on it.
  16. What method would you recommend for setting the stuff on fire......from a distance? Isn't the burning of this stuff one of the jobs that we pay the DEA cops to do? Depends on how far you can throw.
  17. Dont report it, burn it from a distance. Those things are often boobytrapped.
  18. With the raft idea, a person could pole across the river. Or paddle in upstream, and get on shore again downstream?
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