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  1. What will most likely happen is that when you send your selected maps to your GPSr, if one of the map segments is out of the "East" section your computer will just ask you to put in the disc. As opposed to getting the data off your C drive
  2. It sounds like that between you and Garmin you have switched out everything except the usb cable. Maybe the usb ports on the mother board are delivering just a little bit more power making the connection somewhat stable. I dont use the one that came with mine, I already had one on my PC.
  3. i have a hp ipaq rx3115 "mobile media companion" running 2003 SE, everything seems to be working as it should except that when i enter a field note the only way to close the window is to click the X in the corner. this saves the text but it doesn not get marked as found. according to the gpxsonar website i have all the necessary folders (config, docs, export, logs, defaultgpxfile, and gpxsonar) it would be greatly appreciated if anyone with information on how to fix this helped me out
  4. When you go into setup on the GPSr make sure that your vehicle type is set to car/morotcycle. I accidently left mine set to bycicle one time and i got some weird stuff. like taking backroads on a couple hundred mile trip.
  5. I dont have a V but my 60CS did the same thing one day. To get it to turn off i had to pull the power and take out the batteries. When i got home that day i reloaded the latest firmware and have had no problems since.
  6. Garmin Topo is not stored on your hard drive, only newer programs such as megroguide 5, city select 6, fishing hotspots and such are stored on the hard drive. If you want to avoid that message every time you open the program turn you map detail to lower/lowest or just zoom way out before you close it
  7. it does not expire until july 2 i tried sending them to an alternate email (my moms) and still got nothing
  8. I dont know if im putting this in the right section but i guess its software related. About a month ago my PQs stopped comming. I have no idea why. When i go to the "Run PQ" page it says that they have ran today but im not getting them. I still get all my watchlist emails. I am using Yahoo mail and have spamguard turned off and i have 920 MB of free space left. I dont knwo if this is revelant but i happened right abou the time i got my "you membership is about to expire" email Anyone have any ideas????? I havent updated in well over a month and the data is getting stale
  9. i also broke my bike mout bracked when my bike tipped over. i called garmin and explained what happened and they sent me a whole new bike mount no questions asked. i got it in less than two days. if i were you i would call them again
  10. one thing that i do when i know that i will not be able to hear the alarms is to set the unit to the highway page and make one of the data fields distance to next, that way i can "see" a head and i just check the distance every once in a while
  11. So far ive been able to get my 60cs to do eveything i want except one thing and its really begining to bug me. When i select a destination and goto FOLLOW ROAD it makes a route and the gps switches to the map screen. is there a way to change this to the highway screen or any other screen for that matter. its not too hard to switch it once but everytime it recaculates a route it switches again. when you disobey the calculated route as much as i do it really gets to be a pain
  12. I have been using my 60cs for qute some time now for driving and autorouting but the one thing that is slowly gettin more and more frustrating is that whenever i choose the follow road option the gps automatically switches over the the map screen. It will also automatically switch to the map screen after a route recalculation. In a perfect world i would like it to go to the highway page because that is what i prefer for driving. does anyone know if this is possible?? i couldnent find it in the manual or in any menus
  13. well id say either your screen is crapping out or you need to adjust your contrast. I dont have the exact same one but on mine there is a little circle thats half black half grey on the very bottom left corner of the grafitti area, more like to the bottom left of the menu button actually. thats the only thing i could think of
  14. i dont have mine with me but you could try changin the level of displayed detal in the map setup. at certain zoom ranges it would filter out all the restroom icons
  15. I have a 60cs and cant seem to find it on mine. is it a firmware upgrade that i missed or is it just not available
  16. ok i went outside and tried it but i dont get it. why would i navagate to a waypoint that im already at???
  17. This is a really neat thread and i like to see it keep going. I have a question for all you 60c/s owners out there. when you hold the find button you get a screen MAN OVERBOARD do you want to store and begin navigation to the MOB waypoint YES OR NO what does this do i hit it accidently the other day
  18. ok ive tried guessing and its really not working at all. anyone have any suggestions on what to do, id hate for this to not work
  19. But how do i know where the pins connct on the visor. i cant find a diagram of a cable anywhere, just advertisements. i know there are 8 pins on the visor, number 4 being ground but i dont know where to connect serial data IN and serial data OUT.
  20. i have a 60cs and just got it to work. go to the waypoint - menu - set proximiny - enter distance in miles then view the waypoint, my circle around the waypoint came out red
  21. i am beginning to understand what the problem is, but i have no idea how to fix it. i guess the first step would be to figure out which wires go to which pins on the visor. i know that pin 4 is ground, but am unsure of the other 2. and then after that how do i solve the voltage problem, is this actually possible
  22. does anyone know the schematics of the cables that are available for purchase. i have everything to make my own, bare wire data, spare hotsync cradle, TIME!!! any ideas on what to do? i really wanna make this work
  23. the 60c and 60cs support both mini usb and serial interfaces, the only way to get it to talk to a palm is serial but i could be wrong
  24. I have a 3 or 4 year old visor platinum that i use for caching. I use cache mate and have a 60cs with a serial bare wire data cable. I would really like to put the two togather for my spring break trip to florida but i cat seem to make cachemate talk to the 60cs. i looked at cables online for visors and on one particular site they mentioned that it would work on all visors except the platinum. Does that make sense?? can anyone tell me how to set this up??
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