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An unsettling mystery


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I came back from visiting the local college today to find a black envelope in my mailbox. I was puzzled as I was not expecting anything of note to arrive this week. Upon further inspection I noticed that the return address was from the world renowned Miskatonic University. A deep foreboding came over me just looking at the missive as there have been many unexplained stories associated with the University. Stories chronicling events that science cannot explain. Carefully opening the envelope showed some strange tokens inside with a brief note from a mysterious "J~." The note explains that it was too late for "J~" but that the tokens may be the anchor to which to stop the mind from slipping slowly into madness in the days to come. While I don't recognize the symbols on one side of the token, its power is evident in the soft glow it produces in the dark. The other side has a picture that to look upon is to court insanity as it is one of the things "Man Was Not Meant to Know" and I can only whisper the word "Chthulu". Beware the coming days!!




I wish to thank the mystery giver as I am sure the warding stone will help preserve my sanity in the days to come.

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anne.and.eli posted as well stating the following:

"Today I received a package and this missive from Miskatonic University, in Arkham, MA.

This is troubling indeed, and I fear I must consider my next step carefully."


My response was:

"WOW--sounds rather ominous!!!

I think the "tokens" are really cool-- but, that's the sort of stuff that intrigues me!!!

I wouldn't mind if they showed up in my mailbox!!!

Wonder if they are a new Mystery Coin---huuummm???"


Maybe these threads will merge to protect us further!!!

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WOW!!! fantastic coin and message!


slipping into madness... huh...have you been to Greece during the crisis? :ph34r: we are fighting madness of the politicians etc.. with the taxes.. every day! the taxes are really crazy! you have to pay more than the money you earn! and of course...we have losses too! the number of the ones who commited suiside because they couldn't stand the situation is so big from 2009 till now that can easily be compared with the losses in a war!! statistic organization here is talking about 1245 suicides from 2009 until June 29th of 2013. on the other hand... Police says that the number is 3124 suicides!!! See the madness?? see the horror? we have seen things that we have never seen! maybe only back in WWII... but we are still fighting! So.. mystery giver... never give up!!! it's never too late...!!!! keep fighting! ;)


bright days will come! we have to fight for them... so our children will have a place to live and a reason to smile!


it doesn't matter how many times you will fall down... what matters is how many times you will stand up again!!!


BTW... isn;t the last part taken from the "The Call of Cthulhu" writen by Howard Phillips Lovecraft? :ph34r:

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When I got home today I found an black envelope on my stairway. I was taken by surprise, as I did not expect anything these days.


I was shocked to read the message poor "J" was sending me and lucky to receive such a marvellous anchor to keep me from slipping into madness. :) I will make sure to fullfill his task to pass on the 4 of 5 coins to keep others from the same destiny "J" is faceing at the time present. I will give some to fellow and worthy cachers of the region. One will be passed on through snailmail and another will be placed in a geocache for one lucky soul to be saved by it.


Thank you so much "J"! :D



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I was also surprised to find a black package on my mailbox today :D

Of course I rushed to unveil the mystery. Inside the package I found this letter and the tokens.


Dear "J", I feel honored to have been chosen as a recipient of these anchors for an healthy mind (I'm sure they will eventually become handy ;)). Be assured that your desire will be granted and the tokens will be spread in this little corner of Europe :)



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It was with great excitement I opened this mysterious package today :blink: Seriously if you look closely you can see teeth marks where I was in such a rush to open it :bad:

Most generous J~ You can count on me to deliver these tokens entrusted to me to some insane cachers out here in the West, trouble is most I know need some help as like attracts like, but some are further gone than others :wacko: :wacko: so it should not be that hard.


Thanks for saving 5 of us out here.



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Wow, unbelievable, a important coin with wise words has found me.

I am happy that J~ will help preserve my sanity in the days who are here and to come.


Speechless i am ............................


I wish to thank the mystery giver for his kindness and for taking care for me so i would not be a lost soul wandering in madness around the world.


A big thank you.................

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I think I met J~ this weekend at the Maritime Mega. Or perhaps it was someone else who has been entrusted to distribute these tokens. He didn't look like a man on the verge of slipping into madness -- or no more so than any other geocoin addict. I received my Elder Sign coin in exchange for some information on a mutual acquaintance. I can only hope I did the right thing in revealing his whereabouts...


In any case I now have my own coin, and it glows! :D

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A little sanity slipped under my hotel room door, while in the Maritimes doing a whirl wind tour with the wife and some of her “family” there I was starring like a moose caught in the headlights, when I noticed a small round object on the floor. Instantly I began to realize that my sanity was returning to a normal level (if there’s such a thing), who was the mystery giver? I’ll never know but I’d buy them a drink when and if I ever meet them :)

All I have to offer right now is a "Thank You" to the mystery giver :D

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i found this coin waiting patiently for myself and the dogs on the step into my rv yesterday while attending the MWGB...




as far as saving my sanity, most that frequent the geocoin forum know that ship sailed a long time ago...




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