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  1. Each year you post and each year I think to myself, "I Wish... Maybe next year" Have a great time guys as I know you will.
  2. We never met, but traded a couple of times. My deepest condolences to all her friends and family.
  3. I forget I'm not logging caches, lol :laughing: Congrats to all recipients.
  4. No debate required when they are put up for a good cause Let the bidding being +1
  5. I BIG thank you to both of my mission buddys, the coins are a welcome addition to my collection, as I rarely purchase anything these days unless it is a yearly series I have been getting for a while (compass Rose). So I'm extremely happy to have some new metal and appreciate the extras as well. Thanks once again! Yes the pictures are big, but generosity needs to be shown off
  6. I lifted a picture from a previous thread so you can see these coins. I like them, but they have a bit of a shaky history, so it soured a lot of people against them
  7. Sorry I have been extra busy and forgot to update. Xmas morning here right now at 4:45 am, just finished work and saw an e-mail reminder from Laval K-9! sorry!! Pics when I open them after about an hours sleep!!
  8. I have you covered Fredrik, despite me missing you out on your initial e-mail (you get one of my two I kept ) Unfortunately for those others asking, the event was a roaring success and I could have sold another 20 at least, I'm sorry to those who are collecting I just do not have any left.
  9. The coloring on this is beautiful! If you have extras, after your event, will you sell them? I would love one! I have added you to the list of those to contact after the event steben6, cheers.
  10. After purchasing the set of 5 with the less than ideal Australian exchange rate...
  11. I gave it a quick crack this afternoon, not there just yet... But heaps better than I have got before. Practice makes perfect they say Thanks for letting us all in on your method Christian, it is a cracker
  12. Our event coins arrived today, Nice job Oakcoins and a BIG thanks for the extra little goodies, they shall be given as prizes at the event with full credit going to your company
  13. Happy to be in for this years Mission thanks Claire. Down for two servings of egg nog EMAIL SENT: 10/09/14 NAME RECEIVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED: EMAIL SENT: 10/09/14 NAME RECEIVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED: MISSION RECEIVED:
  14. Dang that is sexy! :wub: Glad I decided to join in despite the date thing not really working here in AU.
  15. There are some nice looking coins on the sample page, well done fellow event holders
  16. I did not go in for it, without a running total of how many coins/events were participating it was too hit and miss, who knows I may have had 20+ coins traded on an order of 100.
  17. The deadline of the 10th has been and gone, but the store still has the coins for sale, has there been an extension and if so will this effect the timeline at all? A one or two day delay always makes us OS participants a bit twitchy
  18. Wow!!! A Beautiful coin. Congrats and great picts from F&H! Where did you learn to do that Agreed an amazing coin! Congrats to all who have been touched by the green Not wishing to hijack the thread, but since it has been bought up a quick ask and we'll move it elsewhere if it gets a response Like JoenSue I'm interested in your photographing technique fox-and-the-hound, I remember you describing it once in a thread here or on FB. Any chance of a quick tutorial with pictures, nothing to elaborate, just something for us dim ones to follow Maybe posted to your FB to keep this thread focused on the coin. Talk about being put on the spot eh, sorry. Cheers
  19. Thanks heaps As you know I do love your work and died a little inside when I decided to not press the checkout button.
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