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  1. I been thinkin' bout this fer along time!
  2. That is just SO wrong!! I'm sure that my two buddies were embarrassed. I hope that Mom doesn't see that picture and get any ideas! but I am at least half weiner dog! I may be a Hot Dog but I am not a weiner
  3. Me coin ain't trackable but it is only found by human cachers
  4. Maybe I'll see some of ya'll in Europe when I come a visitin with the Cache Reaper, might make it ta another Woodstock.
  5. You may see one of em at Cacheapalooza next year LionsLair. These coin is a Suthern delicacy unless me an the Reaper visit the ole country, so ya'll come on down an pay us a visit sometime.
  6. Would ya'll like to find this un coin in yer cache?
  7. Me and ta Reaper wish ya'll a merry Christmas!
  8. Thankya Tennessee Jed fer commin up with this idea, so please send me yer address so I can mail you a coin in a coupla week. Happy Holydays!
  9. Thankya steel city babes fer gettin tis thread startin. please send me yer address so I can mail you a coin in a coupla week. Happy Holydays!
  10. Heres what my Reaper got me fer xmas! After dark look fer a glowin eye near yer caches when I find one. There me coin might be found.
  11. my offers cut off in this thread since the holydays are here, but dont quit giftin each other. after the holydays whydontcha go over to that otherr adoption thread? be kind ta one another.
  12. hey daveindeal, why dontcha go up ta Scotland an look fer me mystery frend the Highland Geofairy?
  13. ya'll com in tha holiday adoption thread an maybee I'll send ya one of me new mysteries. coins made to travel , cept mine
  14. Happy Holydays to everone an its nice some of ya'll cachers participate in tis misson. Well I aint got a trakin coin to give someun, but maybe two or three of you particates will find me coin in a mailbox someday. Everone else have to find them in a cache. Kate
  15. tis coin 'SinterKlass' is the mystry coin of Goede Sint. Both names translate to Santa...
  16. thanks fer the merge Eartha! now how many mystry coiners have GC accounts? Kate
  17. how many diffrent mystry coins out ther? and which mystry coiners have GC accounts?
  18. here tis mine wit the glowin moon and the blue box. i dont think too many will find tis one in America unless they are lucky and they pick up and go to GC1VNMW
  19. tis coin a freind left in the cache fer me today. Anoter nice mystry coin! thankya mister shadow!!!
  20. Well I aint got no mailbox but take a gander at what my friend put in a cache fer me today! Kate
  21. Here it is: This is the '06 version. The '07 has a blue present with yellow ribbon. Tha moon glows in ta dark also, cooooooooooooolll!!!!!
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