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  1. Today I received a package and this missive from Miskatonic University, in Arkham, MA. This is troubling indeed, and I fear I must consider my next step carefully.
  2. Wow, it's been a while since I've found my way onto the forums! Mystery Coin Gifter - thank you so much for a sweet gesture! I love the idea behind this one and that it comes with a proxy tag (especially given the text on the note)! So sweet! Thank you so much for thinking of us! It definitely brightened my day to see a coin in the mail. I think it may have been over a year since that's happened.
  3. I'm glad everyone is enjoying them! Logan: Very happy to hear they arrived okay!
  4. The coin flip insert...the coins ended up the same size I expected.
  5. Heeee, thank you! They ended up a bit bigger than I expected. o.O
  6. Next round of coins shipped and going out in the morning.
  7. I actually exclaimed out loud "ohhh, now that's pretty!" when I opened this thread.
  8. Spent the evening packing up coins for everyone who has paid so far. They'll all go out tomorrow morning!
  9. Neal, I posted on your facebook, but I had to post here as well. Immediately when I saw the coin, I started crying. Reading the story, I could gather much of it just from the thought, care and obvious love that went into the coin, but there were details I missed that made me cry even more. This coin is so beautiful, and thoughtful, and I never thought there would be a "tear-jerker" coin, but you have managed to do just that. This isn't just a geocoin, it is a touching piece of art, and is the most beautiful coin I have ever seen. I hope I can find something you would be willing to trade for, because I would love to have one of these coins as a reminder of what I hope lies ahead.
  10. I'm planning to get all the packages ready for shipment tmw evening, so they'll go out first thing on Monday. Thanks everyone!
  11. Also, the icon has already been loaded:
  12. Invoices are sent. Please let me know if you didn't receive an invoice and you expected one.
  13. Annnd they're in! I need to count them still, but I did a spot check and everything seems to look okay! YAY. I'll send out invoices tonight. (Man, do I know how to party on a Friday night or WHAT?)
  14. I will send out invoices when I have them in hand and have checked them out to make sure they're okay.
  15. I just received notice from the mint that these have shipped. Yay!
  16. I use stamps.com which has it's own (slightly cheaper) insurance (which I purchase for shipments over $50) and I've had to use it once and it was totally painless. I also ship game tokens. Coins/collectible coins generally refers to currency. Also, I do a small internal cringe whenever I see I need to ship something to Germany. I've had quite a few things lost/severely delayed when shipping there, and no problems anywhere else. I don't know what's going on, but it's really too bad.
  17. That's really cute. What's the back look like?
  18. It is looking likely that I will still be in the Santa Cruz area for this date, so I am interested in hosting.
  19. Last chance for reservations! I will only be getting a few extras (to cover shipping issues) so this is your chance to get them. Thanks everyone!
  20. And you can reserve here! I think I'm done forgetting things and therefore done posting now.
  21. And as a reminder, reservations end on Monday, 2/27!
  22. Thanks everyone! I'm so pleased you like them! Also, here is a picture of what the glow looks like on the back of the warm and cold water coins. (Asian Pacific doesn't have any glow)
  23. Wow. I hadn't even noticed the Pisces reference. The series is elemental, and I've been working on the air coin.
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