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  1. Hi all, Sadly, I need to sell some of my unactivated geocoins on Ebay to fund some necessary house repairs. In particular, I have just listed my very rare Stargate Anubis geocoin here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132588775271?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 I've listed another 8 coins or so with plans to list a few more this week so go check them out!
  2. We'd definitely be interested in a moose coin after having several great encounters with these beasties in Montana and Wyoming. Would prefer the brown moose color, but a glittery moose color would be fun!
  3. Very cool - hope we see some more of these 'out west'!
  4. Happy Birthday, Canada! My grandmother was born in British Columbia. I guess that makes me 1/4 Canadian, eh?
  5. Really great mystery coin and love seeing the joy these coins bring . . .
  6. Congrats - what a cool looking mystery coin!
  7. We're making up some popcorn here too! I definitely remember Jiffy Pop around the campfire. In fact, when we take our junior cacher camping each summer, I try to locate at least 2 jiffy pops (since 1/2 of the popcorn always seems to get burned on the campfire!!).
  8. 1. Participating - Feb 18th 2. Received Name - Feb 25th 3. Mission Sent - March 4th 4. Mission Received - March 5th We received our mission today from drneal - thanks! Our little geocacher was very excited to open the envelope. Inside, we found a fun Easter coin (a yellow chicken, I think) laying some eggs, some glittery Easter shapes that we'll use on an art project, and a cute bunny card. Here's a pic:
  9. 1. Participating - Feb 18th 2. Received Name - Feb 25th 3. Mission Sent - March 4th 4. Mission Received And my package is off to its recipient - what fun to see the packages 'hopping' to other cachers!
  10. That pic of Wyatt Earp is great! I'll have to see if I can get my geodog to pose with bunny ears!! 1. Participating Feb 18th 2. Received Name 3. Mission Sent 4. Mission Received
  11. I think everyone who signed up for this exchange has now received their coin and card. I always look forward to these exchanges and hope that you enjoyed it this year! Thanks again for participating and helping to make our first hosted mission a success! Best regards! team_romeo (who will hopefully get to take the geodog out for a caching adventure soon)
  12. We came home from a short walk with the geodog and geokid to find a mysterious silver envelope with a hand-canceled stamp awaiting in our mailbox. Started to get excited as we've never received or found a mystery coin before. Geokid helped me to open it and just image the surprised delight in all of our eyes! Thanks to the Mystery Coin giver for not only the cool Kwanzaa coin, but also for including the fun No L coin! Your kindness is much appreciated and really touched us. And geodog says, "Woof!"
  13. I love hearing about these mystery coins! Hope to get one someday for our growing collection.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm hoping that the last few coin missions will trickle in over the next week. If you don't receive your mission by December 31st, please let me know and I'll see if we can track it down. Happy Holidays and hope that this coin mission brought a little extra holiday cheer to all! ~Jennifer (team_romeo)
  15. Hi CCWelch, Yes, I did get an email from the cachers that you sent your package to. They did receive the card and coins, but were having problems posting to this discussion. Thanks for the reminder since I had forgotten to pass that along to you. Happy Holidays! ~Jennifer
  16. Hi everyone! Hope you had a chance to get your missions out in the mail. I did hear from several people who are mailing within the same country who need a couple more days for coins to arrive in order to send them out. No problem as the missions should still arrive before the holiday. 1. Participating - Nov 10th 2. Received Name - Nov 16th 3. Mission Sent - Nov 30th 4. Mission Received - Dec 3rd I want to thank Log Dawgs so much for the mission they sent to me! It was waiting for me yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. My junior cacher helped to open it and, to his delight, found some candy surprises. To my complete delight, I found a Star Gate Sutech coin inside. I've been really wanting one of these spectacular coins! There was also a great decoder coin and 2 pathtags. Here's a pic (sorry for the blurriness of my phone camera): Thanks again, and I hope to see more mission pictures as the coins start arriving!
  17. I got my mission off in the mail today as well. I can't wait to see pictures of arriving missions! 1. Participating - Nov 10th 2. Received Name - Nov 16th 3. Mission Sent - Nov 30th 4. Mission Received
  18. Polkajen and Capt Biggins - I just sent an email to each of you! Let me know if my idea sounds good and we'll add you to the exchange. Happy Thanksgiving!
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