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  1. Have my Hummer in Bartlesville, OK. Engine is humming.
  2. Happy to be on the driver's list also. Can't wait to get my Hummer moving!
  3. I hadn't even checked. Great idea.
  4. I think I see one with my name on it.
  5. +1 ... happy that over 50% are still travelling !! Unless you're in the wrong 50.
  6. Bartians

    Pi Day?

    Got my coin from Afghanistan too. Looks great!
  7. Cool! Thanks for the cointest. It's a great prelude to getting people excited about your upcoming race. I don't have any Mardi Gras coins, so this one will be a treasured coin.
  8. 1) You can find whole threads on activating vs not activating. Personally, I don't activate. If you ever want to sell or trade, you'll find a wider audience and potentially more value. But you won't be able to collect all the really cool icons. That's one downside that I can live with, errrrr. 2) Doubling up? I used to think that was cuckoo. 2 or 3 years into it, now I occasionally double up or triple up (ugh) on a coin I perceive as "valuable" for trading or selling or missions. Remember my earlier post? Delete this forum address from your browser. NOW!! 3) There are plenty of older non trackable coins that are pretty neat and valuable. This Mauison PADI diver nontrackables is one of my favorites, especially since I'm a diver! Geocoin collecting options are endless. You will morph from year to year as your tastes and desires change. I've found it to be quite a journey to be enjoyed. There's something for everyone. Most importantly is the community and kind-hearted people you'll interact with on the forums, Facebook, and in person.
  9. Such an easy question. Let me consult my trusty crystal ball. No. I think my lovely palm reader can give me the answer you're looking for. Wait. Let me throw darts at a couple of answers. Or, I could just pull a number out of my.... head. 500,000!
  10. Add me to the list of lucky receivers. This coin is SuperAwesome! Thanks mystery coin giver.
  11. Fantastic coin. I remember having a Superman album that had cartoons with words that were read aloud. I used to sit by the console at least once a week when I was 7 listening to the Superman story. Oh the memories.
  12. One of my missions is still on its way. Hope it will arrive there soon ! So glad it made it. Was keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
  13. Well I received a wonderful package from Hai&Ko a couple of days ago. I couldn't wait again and tore right into it. My son and I really enjoyed the Haribo sour and sweet candy. For days we were saying suss and sauer! Thanks for the great patchworks dragon coin. That is one I hadn't collected yet but love. Thanks also for the other trackable and logbook. Bartians #1 and #2 received. Not sure if arrived to their destinations yet.
  14. Received a great coin this week from N0Hope. Love the Nordic Reviewer coin and pathtag. Thanks N0Hope! Couldn't wait. Mission 1 Status: Sent Not Yet Arrived I have received as above Mission 2 Status: Sent Not Yet Arrived Not Yet Received
  15. Great set of coins produced by Strombus.
  16. Mission accepted. Bartlesville, OK USA is in times 2.
  17. Was sifting through a recent purchase of a large group of coins and ran across this unexpected and unactivated treasure. Merry Christmas!
  18. Desperately seeking Cache Wars black nickel with yellow glitter + 1 tag
  19. Received my 2nd and last mission on Christmas Eve just in the "Nick" of time. What a spread that Yanagi sent from the other side of the world. Our family has about decided to move to Germany just for the chocolate. Thanks so much for the great Cache Wars Ulm edition coin and many many goodies! My 2 missions are complete. Thanks Claire for once again hosting a fun mission.
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