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  1. werde ich auch an diesem auction. teilnehmen, ich freue mich besonders weil ich auch in Scotland viele Freunde habe. Item #250781983038
  2. Kate and I like this coin! Maybe she will get one.
  3. Kate just shown me her two limited versions of her mystery coin. She has been keeping them secret.
  4. Fact: John Bell, Jr. and Jesse Bell fought under General Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans, and had developed a good rapport with him. In 1819, Jackson got word of the disturbances at the Bell home and decided to pay a personal visit. Jackson and his entourage, consisting of several men and a large wagon, journeyed from Nashville to the Bell home. As the entourage approached the Bell property, the wagon suddenly stopped. The horses tried pulling but to no avail--the wagon simply would not move. After several minutes of cursing and trying to get the wagon to move, Jackson exclaimed that it must have been the "witch." As soon as Jackson uttered these words, an unidentified female voice spoke, telling Jackson and his men that they could proceed, and that "she would see them again later that evening. The men were finally allowed to continue. Jackson and John Bell had a long discussion about the Indians and other topics while Jackson's men patiently waited to see if the "spirit" was going to manifest itself. One of the men in Jackson's entourage claimed to be a "witch tamer." After several uneventful hours, this man decided to "call" the "spirit." He pulled out a shiny pistol and made his intent to kill the "spirit" known to all that were present. Almost immediately, the man began screaming and moving his body in many different directions. He said he was being stuck with pins and being severely beaten. The man quickly ran out the door, and the "spirit" announced that there was yet one more "fraud" in Jackson's party, and that he would be identified on the following evening. Terrified, Jackson's men begged to leave the Bell farm. Jackson insisted on staying so that he could find out who the other "fraud" was. Jackson and his men eventually went out to the field to sleep in their tents, and the men continued to beg and plead with Jackson to leave. Jackson maintained the position that he wanted to know who the other "fraud" in his party was. However, by mid-day the next day, Jackson and his men had already left the Bell farm and were seen going through Springfield. Jackson, a hero in the Battle of New Orleans four years earlier, was quoted as later having said, "I'd rather fight the entire British Army than to deal with the Bell Witch."
  5. trade up, trade even, or don't trade at all is the rule many of us use... most coins are around the $10 range, but untimately it is what you feel comfortable with, I generally trade a coin for a coin in cases like this, but it is extremely rare to run across personal or mystery coins in a cache anymore... congrats on such a great find... It is good to trade a coin for a coin if you have one. But most cachers do not have coins, much less carry them around to place in caches. Just put something nice in the next cache, maybe something you no longer want to keep. Slash On!
  6. Today I received 4 Geocoin Fairy's and 2 Geocoin Devil's. The others within the past month (except mine and Sasquatch). Most of these mystery coiners and several mystery pathtaggers have posted will attend notes at GC2C575. If they cannot attend I have most their coins (and others) to donate to the event.
  9. During my Cache and Slash Tour of the northwest last week Kate along with a friend decided to do some "spookin" on some unknowing geocachers at Woodstock. BEWARE of her spells as she, the Count and I cache and slash across the country and throughout world.
  10. Kate, I and Sasquatch were doing some "spookin" at the coin event. After this event he handed me one of his unactivated coins. Thank you friend.
  11. The Bell Witch would love to get one of these coins, and so would I. Maybe the mystery coiner can email one of us? Slash On! The Cache Reaper (and Kate)
  12. That is a very nice coin! I hope to see one in my bony hand sometime.
  13. Kate is already posting notes. Slash On! The Cache Reaper
  14. The Bell Witch and I will be hiding some coins for a few lucky people attending the Midnight Geocoin Madness GC1Y7F7. On the page we will post coordinates and instructions on how to find the coins. We do NOT place our coins in caches, no other cachers will find them. So if you want to find a coin put GC1Y7F7 on your watch list. Slash On! The Cache Reaper
  15. The Bell Witch and I will be there with one or two of our coins
  16. g’day gardengorilla, Kate has been lamenting for two months following her positive response to your request for two coins for the OZ event and one for yourself. She and another mystery friend sent four coins each, one pair for you, two pair for the OZ event and one pair for Liz. One month ago Kate contacted the OZ committee they were overwhelmed to know Kate donated coins for their event but they had not received the coins nor did they know who you are and why you choose to represent them. Do you not respond to correspondence or acknowledge gifts from mystery coiners, including myself? I warned them that I had sent you a coin many months ago and you did the same with me, but they hoped their gift would be for the benefit of all involved.
  17. Here is my take on the subject. If someone post their desire in my coin thread I may send them a coin. If that person sells the coin without asking, I made a mistake. If someone finds my coin in a cache and does not want to keep it and considers selling it, leave it in the cache for someone who would enjoy it. My partner (The Bell Witch) and I made our coins for people to keep! Slash On!
  18. When Kate and I were visiting her old victims in Adams TN we stopped by one of our favorite caches. If anyone wants to find one of her coins go to GCTGFO. This is a very EVIL cache so take every word in the description literally. Slash On! The Cache Reaper
  19. What I did was start a sock puppet account and adopt them over.
  20. Hallo Friends, Here are pictures of my partners Christmas gift. I hope you like.
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