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  1. I am limiting the scope of my geocoin collection, and I may be selling some old, sought-after geocoins. Is anyone aware of any selling-restrictions on the following? Is it eventually more polite to sell through this forum than at an auction house...? Tranquility, Compass Rose Yemon Yime edition, Caleidoscope, Circle of Four, Birka.
  2. Is anyone interested in buying my last trader of the Oslofjord edition from batch 1?
  3. Since our family expansion this winter, I haven't had the chance to visit this forum... I do miss it, I still like beautiful geocoins, both as keepers and out traveling... BUT it will receive less attention from me. This means that many geocoins from my KEEPER list may be available. There are some gems there, which should perhaps go on ebay, but I'd prefer to sell to forum members. My list: http://coord.info/TB3WX49 If you see anything you are interested in, feel free to write me a private message with an offer.
  4. Still looking to trade for or buy one or more Li'l Dreamer geocoins...
  5. Bringing back an old thread... Does anyone have any version of the Li'l Dreamer geocoin for sale or trade, please?
  6. I just noticed that the mission tag is still in my possession. jpbarr, do you think that you will be able to grab it and log it into a local geocache before it goes travelling again?
  7. Phew! That took a VERY long time! I was getting really nervous here, but didn't want to reveal anything... Glad that you liked the Omni Animalia! I love the idea and the artistry of that coin - I still have 3 or 4 editions in my collection.
  8. The search list mission should arrive at its recipient any day now...
  9. Hi from Norway at 4 am... After PayPal login, I get this error: 10736 Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal Code - A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed. The webstore did give me a cost of shipping to Norway, but it seems unable to accept a Norwegian postal code... Any advice?
  10. Phew - I can fulfill several wishes from these lists. Hmmmm, what to choose......?
  11. I have received my set of these coins, they are indeed great! I have got one antique gold and one antique silver available for trade, if anyone is interested. Trade list in signature.
  12. The deadline that I set is technically passed... I have found these signups: Nevadanick Jpbarr Longtomsilver Yanagi TwoFingersDown Did I miss anyone? Any late registrations? I'll give you ... six hours.
  13. Wooooow! Can't wait to see more colour combinations!
  14. There are many interesting geocaches in the Oslo area. Favourite points might guide you. I can probably update my list from 4 years ago (above), but it would be easier to give you suggestions if you mention your preferences. Like, do you have access to a car, will you rely on public transportation, or do you prefer walking distance from the city centre? How much time will you have for geocaching, e.g. are you willing to spend time on traveling to the right locations or spend a half/full day on complex but spectacular multis/letterboxes? Do you prefer creative hides in the city centre or would you like to experience nature around the city?
  15. Sooooo... Picture time!! Some of the contents of the package is the same as Toojin posted a little while ago, so I'll only show some new/added contents. Very neatly packed mission: Travellers - my search list item is, under the category "symmetric coins with pretty color schemes" - the neat quilt coin! But Toojin, how could you NOT keep all that chocolate to yourself??? I am sure I will... As well as the mysterious other edibles that you added. I haven't heard of any of it before, but I sure will try it! Last but not least, the search list tag with the very pretty postcard that Toojin picked for me! THANK YOU, TOOJIN! How long should sign-up for the next round last? I will not be much at home the next two weeks, so I would suggest that we accept entries until July 14th, after which I prepare to send the mission to .... somewhere else.
  16. No strike in Norway! An amazing package arrived the other day. THANK YOU Toojin! I will spend the weekend on a moving project and the next three days on work travel, but will be back with photos 2nd half next week. In the meantime... Should we start signups for the next round?? Who would like to join?
  17. May I join too? Search list in signature!
  18. At the bottom, next to Superman, is the Stressed mystery geocoin, the Zebra one. I hope that's what you were asking. It's so nice to be back here!
  19. I'm very grateful to the mystery coin giver, who sent me this geocoin last month, despite my absence from this forum lately. I'll definitely keep geocoins travelling - as will this proxy coin. I'm looking forward to days with more spare time to reconnect with the geocoining community - you are amazing!
  20. I'm very grateful to the mystery coin giver, who sent me this geocoin a couple of months ago, despite my absence from this forum lately. I'm looking forward to days with more spare time to reconnect with the geocoining community - you are amazing!
  21. I can't believe how long it has been since I posted here... Makes me sad! But other parts of life have required most of my time. I have checked the development in geocoins every now and then, bought a few, and even been fortunate to receive two mystery coins the last couple of month. THANK YOU, mystery coin givers! These are the coins that have visited my inbox so far this year - loving every single one of them!
  22. Congratulations, that's a beautiful coin. Very elegant. I'm happy that I was able to order some Skybirds.
  23. mamoreb

    Pi Day?

    I might be interested in a pi day coin project. Two-piece not necessary for me, but I might accept if that's what is offered. I hope more information will be available here.
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