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  1. +1 Love this one I agree geoart is not a power trail, and they are too easy to exclude as they are puzzle caches, and are for the most part solved at home and then found.
  2. Just goes to show that this something that is really wanted by many.
  3. That rabbit hole needs to be gone down until TPTB listen. I think you meant to say deactivate... that too would be easy to avoid with a locked attribute. But why would one deactivate when the attribute could be used to include only power trails. Let people decide what caches they want to see, it's also kinda the reason for a pocket query right.
  4. Am I wrong in thinking that the whole idea of an attribute is to exclude or include caches? So why is anyone worried about me using a power trail attribute to exclude caches? Maybe we should just get rid of attributes all together then. You wouldn't want someone using an attribute to exclude caches based on my included picture would you? Then there are those that say it relies on cache owners to use the attribute, well that is to easy to fix, I'm sure there are many who would volunteer their time to send in lists of GC codes that could easily be reviewed by the proper people and attributes added in one click.
  5. Wow thanks Atlas Cached, That worked like a charm! That's the first time I saw that suggested. What exactly did that do anyway? I'm guessing I can now delete the SQL-old file now.
  6. My GPSr has stopped showing any geocaches, so I have searched about this many times now, and most comment on the filter settings. I can't seem to even get to any filter settings to change them, I just get a screen that states "no geocaches found". So today (trying once again) I loaded one geocache, then looked in The file explorer and can see it in the device's files. I then unplug the device and start it, only to be shown the "no geocaches found" so I look at the map and notice that this cache has a child waypoint that is showing just fine that came from that GPX file. Grrrrr!!! Please someone help me out here.
  7. I saw this used as a hint on a cache page: NKOTB Any ideas?
  8. From Canada: http://www.gpscentral.ca/geocaching/geocoin-geotriad.html
  9. I live in Canada, and it let me sign up too. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. You don't really want to keep that eartha coin.
  11. It gets cut off by distance. If you look at the list of caches that gets generated, and go to the last cache on that list, it will show how far from the center point your query reaches. Looking at one of my queries I have it set to 100 mile radius, but the farthest cache in the query is only 9.7 miles.
  12. Sure would be nice to see this thing is still alive.
  13. Have you tried the Retrieve an activation code page?
  14. Found it 09/04/2008 Not found just wanted to change to happy face on my map.
  15. I found that you have made made duplicate logs on two caches (GCPHD2 & GC3EPYM). My guess is that you may have made others that a cache owner deleted the duplicates on.
  16. I've seen a bunch of caches published lately that have this picture right on the description, when you click on the image it takes you to this page that explains how to go about you're throw down. I don't mind helping out and fixing up a cache I've found, but will not throw down.
  17. I would like to see power trails have a dedicated attribute so I can ignore them in a pocket query. Or maybe a way to add the whole power trail to my ignore list in a couple of clicks.
  18. Please save me from slipping into madness!
  19. Congrats Stormgren-X! I can't wait to see the pictures and more video. I've been pulled away from the computer for a few days, so I just now got the Google Map updated.
  20. Not sure on the limit but as I understand it the latest build of GSAK will if you select the Oregon 600 or 650 as your GPS when you send your caches to the unit send them as GGZ waypoints. Andrew I'm running the latest GSAK ( and it's not giving me the option to select Oregon 600 or 650 as my GPSr. So it probably isn't sending as a GGZ either. Edit to add that I found GSAK ( so I'll see what that does.
  21. So I finally got my 650 a couple of days ago and want to start loading as many caches into it as I can. I know this has been posted already but I can't seem to find it. What is the most that I can fit on my GPSr with GPX, and is there a way to start using the GGZ so I can load a lot more? Thanks and Happy Caching
  22. I own a spot device too, the way the buttons work are as follows: 1. Check in/OK <-- Can set a custom message. 2. Custom Message <-- Can set a custom message. 3. Help <-- Can set a custom message. So you can ask for non emergency help (flat tire, out of gas, stuck in a ditch, etc.) 4. SOS <-- Can not set a custom message. S and R just comes to save your butt. If you look at the message type when he sends (Hi, All is well but experiencing poor weather or high winds. May be little or no progress today.) It shows as a "Custom Message". If you look at the message type when he sends (Hi everyone, trip is going well and we will be on the move today, good weather & having fun.) It shows as a "Check in/OK". So he still has two more buttons to use for the two levels of help needed, although I can't see using the non emergency help button all the way out there.
  23. After 2 hours and 45 minutes they are finally back on the river. Some major scouting on that stop. Google Map Link
  24. They're on the move again, and I thought they were stopped for the night.
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