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names of geocaching organizations

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Hello, All!


I know that many groups of people out there have formed geocaching clubs of one form or another, where they meet in real life. There are LOTS of group names and probably a website or two for those groups.


I thought I might start this thread so we can keep track of them. Well, not really "keep track" - that sounds too sinister. icon_smile.gif I was just curious, really. I sure hope other people think it's a good idea.



  • what is the name of your geocaching organization?
  • what is your website? (if you have one)
  • where are you?
  • when did the group form?



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Maryland Geocaching Society, (MD)

Founded in April of 2002


Open membership to all interested in Geocaching.


Website: www.mdgps.net

Forums: forums.mdgps.net


Maryland Geocaching Society also has several webrings dedicated to Geocaching. These rings are hosted directly on our site. For information on joining one of our webrings visit our homepage.


Randall J. Berry




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well, we've never really organized anything here in NorthEast Ohio (any interest in forming a nominal group?), but if we ever do, I have an idea for a possible acronym for it (i am an award-winning amateur acronym writer icon_smile.gif)


GONER (Geo-Cachers of Ohio's NorthEast Region)


well good caching to all, and see you GONERs at the Metroparks Picnic... icon_smile.gif


"You will kneel before her in her altar in the trees" - Tara MacLean, Let Her Feel The Rain

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We began forming about a year ago and have had one large event, the Cache Bash in June 2001, a picnic in August and several small treks. We hope to provide services and support to smaller clubs in the Great Plains areas, for building more local clubs and developing new games in yet uninhabited areas. You can find us at www.gpgeocaching.com.

Our big 2003 event will be centered around the Lewis and Clark expedition and provide more educational opportunities than last year's event. Everyone is invited to join us in Omaha, date is yet to be determined.



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what is the name of your geocaching organization?

St. Louis Area Geocachers Association (SLAGA - pronounced: "Slaw'-guh")


what is your website? (if you have one)



where are you?

St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas. We have arbitrarily designated 'SLAGA territory' as 100 mile radius from a point southwest of the city of St. Louis (skewed based on the general caching area of our members)


when did the group form?

We credit our start with a geocaching picnic that took place in Sept. of 2001. Just two days ago, we held our 2nd annual geocaching picnic (see details at these two URLs:




We also have a list of other geocaching groups at:


(look in upper right corner)

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Originally posted by MissJenn:


So: + what is the name of your geocaching organization? + what is your website? (if you have one) + where are you? + when did the group form?


The Wisconsin Geocaching Association (WGA) website is http://www.wi-geocaching.com

We represent geocachers all over the state as we support the sport to state and local land management officials, and plan events throughout the year. The group formed officially in early 2002, but our first event in August 2001 pre-dated the official founding. Our website includes discussion forums, an automatically updated list of the latest "finds" in Wisconsin, a voting place for Cache of the Month, a monthly article related to geocaching, photo gallery, and links to members' personal web sites.



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Here in Minnesota we started a group last May of 2002, called "Geocachers Exploring Minnesota." We have had some great people get it up and going. Our web site is,




We had a picnic last July and had about 50 people attend. We have another picnic organized for the last Sunday in October.

Our State Parks system has made Geocaching illegal, and we formed to try and figure out a way to do this activity safely in our State Parks with Park involvement. We are still working on this however. Hopefully this winter they will work with us to develop guidelines for this activity in our State Parks.

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from the NE forum:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I started a group over at Yahoo Groups for geocachers in Central Pa. I started it to give us an area to share information that would be important to area cachers, and to also give others (like Keystone) a quick and easy way to inform us of upcoming changes/park policies/etc.


Central PA Geocachers

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Great Smoky Mountains Geocaching Club - GSMGC - http://www.gsmgc.org



GSMGC Club Profile


what is the name of your geocaching organization?

Great Smoky Mountains Geocaching Club - GSMGC


what is your website? (if you have one)



where are you?

East Tennessee:

Alcoa, Athens, Clinton, Farragut, Gatlinburg, Harriman, Jefferson City, Kingston, Knoxville, La Follette, Lenoir City, Loudon, Madisonville, Maryville, Morristown, Newport, Pigeon Forge, Powell, Sevierville, Seymour, Sweetwater, and others.


when did the group form?

January 2004

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Colorado Association of Cache Hunting Enthusiast (C.A.C.H.E.)


Http://coloradogeocaching.com web site and from there you can link to our forums.


State level Group.


Started by Me because there wasn't any local group in the state at the time.

First meeting August 2002.


We are currently working with of the San Juan National Forest office regarding their recent ban on caches. The City of Colorado Springs regarding their long time ban on caching on city parks and open spaces. and the Colorado State Park system and their newly adopted cache friendly permit system.


At the moment we have:


A president (me) and 3 Vice presidents one for each major region of the state.


A CITO Person who's job it is to plan and run CITO events.


We meet every 2 month average between 40-60 people at a meeting. Our last outdoor event had 150 in attendance.

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In the Sacramento, CA area, we are the River City Geocaching and Dining Society, aka RCGDS. Website at www.rcgds.com or .net. Although based in the greater Sacramento area we draw attendees from throughout Northern California to our monthly meetings, which almost always include a meal. We've been around for a couple of years.

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Since nobody has added Tri-Go (or Trigo) to the list, here goes. Tri-go is a disorganization based around but not limited to the Southwesterrn Pennsylvania area, especially around Pittsburgh. We're a Yahoo group at the moment that may or may not move to an official site depending on whom you ask. Here's the link:


Tri-Go stands for a number of things, including "Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization". Members actually range from all over, and banter ranges from witty to inane. At the very least you can try your hand at QuestMaster's Lonely Cache Challenge. We've been around since sometime last year. Maybe.

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GEOCKY (pronounced "Jockey"): GeoCachers of Kentucky


When? Formed in 2003.


Where? Began in Lexington area, has gradually spread throughout Kentucky.


What and why?

Mission Statement: "The GeoCachers of Kentucky (GEOCKY) is a group of individuals who are committed to promoting responsible and enjoyable GeoCaching in the state of Kentucky. We encourage cooperation with land managers. GEOCKY also provides the means for people to organize regional activities and events that will promote the credibility of the sport."


Website link: Geocky Home Page



--CITOs in Lexington and Louisville (already two in Louisville area in 2004)

--Meet-and-Greets: to celebrate 1K and 2K achievements; to say farewell to moving cachers; to welcome/train new cachers


Logo: geockylogo.jpg


Miscellaneous: 2004 KY Geocoins

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oops this was before it was up yet.

Arkansas Geocachers Org.

Actually we came before either one of those, :blink: but we weren't well known, and at that time our site was www.ArkGeo.us and we mostly used the yahoo group (ArkGeo).


Same group, :blink: just a new, improved website and address. We mostly use the forums on the new site now. The old site address now points to the new site, so either works, but we decided ArkGeocaching.org was more descriptive and appropriate.

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I need to correct myself. I got to thinking about it and looked to check. The OzMtnGeocachers group first post was about three months before the ArkGeo first post, so they came first. :blink:


ArkMo, however, came about 8 and a half months later, so I right there. :blink:


Anyway, we've been around since January 2003. :D

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