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  1. I've lost faith in travel bugs. It's a great idea and seemed like allot of fun but unfortunatly the fun wears off after 5 of the 8 travel bugs you own dissapear. Some never even took a first hop. They just fell off the face of the earth. Be it theft, missplaced, forgotten to log, who knows.. But it's really a shame to have lost that many bugs over the past year. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  2. I recently went on a weekend cache adventure to New England and covered RI, CT, NH, MA, ME, VT. on a cache marathon.. I also often Cache in PA. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  3. I'm sorry, say what you like about Mac's.. But you could'nt pay me enough to even use one let alone buy one.. Windowz may have it's quirks but it's 100% better for my personal use than Mac will ever be. Besides.. I know how to use *nix too so if need be I can operate a computer 10x better than both Mac or PC.. PS don't give me the OSX crap about it being FreeBSD 'Darwin' as they call it is a sorry ripoff if I've ever seen one! Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  4. That is FatBoy He has recently changed his picture in his profile.. I am sure it's intent was for humor and not to obscure his face. His last profle pic plainly showed his face. As far as the Typos.. That's Fatboy.. Nothing new. Acidental, intentional, who knows.. All his caches are riddled with typos I just assumed they are meant to be part of his humor. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  5. Be sure you don't have a trojen that siphons your address book then sends you virus's that appear to be from your own friends.. There are many of them that do just that.. The names elude me right now but I'll remember them soon enough.. In the meantime Don't open anything attached to Yahoo or Hotmail.. In fact they are banned from my domain.. Any mail from them or any resemblence there of is sent to the trash the instant it arives. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  6. Cute Iggy Avatar Trusty.. It's funny to see baby iggies.. When I brought mine home he fit in the palm of may hand. Now 7 years later he's 5ft long and about 10lbs and strong as an ox.. Unfortunaly he's not a very good caching buddy.. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  7. Why does everyone gripe about smokers? I don't ever hear anyone telling someone to leave, or forbidding them to enter an establishment because of thier toe curling foul body odor or exactly the opposite when someone wears so much perfume or cologne that it singes your nose hairs.. Of course not. That would be a violation of civil rights.. I'm sure a multi million dollar lawsuit would soon follow.. (and probably win!) Someone can pollute themselves with alcohol on a regular basis yet still get decent insurance rates, yet a Smoker has to jump through hoops. When chances are that Alcohol will rot your gut and kill you before cigarettes will.. Just remember.. When you step on someone else's freedom you have no right to complain when someone else steps on yours! Another thing to remember.. Nobody has ever smoked a few cigarettes then got in thier car and killed someone as a result, or lost thier rational thought and killed someone over a stupid argument.. Which of the two vices has a darker side? Back off slamming smokers.. Most of us are courteous enough to leave or put out our cigarette if asked politely, yet will return fire for rudeness.. You expect courtesy, then show some yourself! Let's not forget it was Tobacco that put this country on the map! For hundreds of years the only indusrtial resource this country had to offer the world was it's tobacco farms.. Who's the most popular for tobacco farms? Hmm.. Maybe that's Virginia home to the largest Tobacco Co. in the world! Yes.. I smoke by my own free choice. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  8. The Maryland Geocaching Society has been featured in the Baltimore Sun representing Geocaching.. A reasonable article a few missed quotes but I guess thats a given in the press.. The published article can be found online at: The SunSpot Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  9. I have only noticed this at night. I used my GPS the other day and things worked prefectly. Later that night I tired to test my theroy and wella.. Signal problems. I dunno.. I would think that the signal propagation would be better at night. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  10. Has anyone in the mid atlantic area noticed dropouts since the war began? I have been noticing that I get a great lock. Then everything drops. No signals at all. Then they come back again full strap just as the were. All this while standing still. I'm wondering if it's because they are either jamming or dropping the signals to prevent any nasty's.. Or if it's truely time to send my Vista out to the farm. It may have found a few to many caches.. I am also getting signals from birds I never noticed before. It seems all 12 channels will appear. Usually no more then 7 birds at once but some seem to appear and disapear at random. When I have signal.. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  11. Even though it's on my profile.. Trade of choice: Radio / TV Production Specialist. I've spent 20+ years in the Broadcast industry in both Radio and Television. I've worn the many hats of a DJ, Voice Talent, copywriter, Asst. Program Director, Program Director, Operations Engineer and Production Engineer. I tried sales too but hated it. Apperently Eskimos don't need Ice.. Currently working for a large newspaper on a pressroom team. Also currently suffering serious withdrawl from radio. Geocaching is a way of keeping myself sane. Although lately I'm beginning to wonder.. T&R available on request. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  12. I think the problem is Morty, several of your caches that were archived were toilet caches. (Literally) I don't think that the geocaching community has an unhealthy obsession with toilets and bodily fucntions like you do. Yes, there are many words in the english language that are not 'dirty' words that is true. But when someone tries to play with them that makes them dirty. Most of the caches archived recently and I see that most you own have some sort of euphemism attached to them. As well as a link to your filthy website, which I see you have at least removed that. But I still see you have a vulgar picture for your avatar, and on your profile page. I guess 2 stick figures one with long hair, the other with short hair. Is that not enough to define the differences between sexes? You must take it a step further and add more just to be vulgar. Even a long haired freak like me was able to tell the difference between boy and girl without your additional graphics added. The other problem is you have a habbit of dropping caches everywhere but your own state. Who's going to maintain these caches? Who will verify that these caches are missing if they cannot be found? Will they just be assumed missing then archived and left for Geo-liter if they are indeed still there? What's your goal a cache in all 50 states? Ain't gonna happen.. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  13. I'm for the suspension of locationless caches. Let's face it there are over 300 of them active now. I can almost guarantee that none of you has found every one of them. So, until they are made available again on the new system what have you got to loose? You've still got a few hundred to pad your stats between now and then. Heck, I'd even archive mine (one) if they were to be axed all together. Won't hurt me a bit. I've seen some very creative ones, and some that I've actually learned something from but unfortunately the majority are too lame for me to bother finding. I have on occasions logged a few because I happened to pass it by, but I'd never go out of my way for one. And as for the ones that do get posted, Which I might add recently is mostly Jeremy's doing.. I'm sure if most of the approvers had thier way we'd archive them all. They take up too much time to research one cache when you've got 50 traditional waiting in queue. The same goes for most virtual caches.. Just a few weeks ago just to prove my point I found 10 virtual caches in Wash. DC without even leaving my desktop. Of course I did not log them as a find but I found everything I needed to answer the questions and claim a find with the help of a few search engines, and in some instances the cache owner paved the way by providing the links right on the cache page! So you can partially blame me for wanting a break from the lameness, because after seeing some of the complete wastes of time that people try to slip by us has soured my taste for them all. Now I just ignore them and move on to a physical cache. Jeremy's ruling on this issue was to give them a fair chance before archiving them or ignore them and someone else will review them. So, I wouldn't go around blaming Jeremy for 'being negitive' about locationless caches. He's the one who has stood up for you guy's that like them. Instead, you should be thanking him. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  14. You are probably talking about comercial grade GPS's probably your best bet for info on these devices can be found at: Trimble GPS but you'd better take out a second morage if you want one. Thier bottom of the line model only costs about $2000! These types of unit are used by professional surveyors, engineers, and military. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  15. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:That's exactly what LaRouche and his Duck Club would like to have you believe! The truth is that hemp didn't exist until DuPont created it. To avoid massive lawsuits, DuPont and its Secret Chief board of directors have rewritten history books over the past 80 years. I do believe you are confused Mr. Snazz.. I guess you're another one of those hidden conspiracy believers.. Ya know.. reading that sort of stuff makes ya paranoid! Marijuana was invented by GOD (Or whichever creator you believe in) not by Dupont. It is exactly what one of it's common nicknames is "Weed" It's been here since the beginning of time and will continue to grow wherever it's allowed. Hemp is Pot, yes that is true but it is a hybrid. A like family member, but not the same. Like a Poodle and a Doberman. They are both dogs but obviously theres a differece. In fact if you smoke hemp, you're likely to cough your head off but smoke all you want you wont get high on real hemp. The toxins (THC) has been removed in the process of naturally becoming a hybrid. It was not used often for making paper it's fiber is too coarse, and besides it would take an entire crop of plants to make a few sheets. Hemp was however used for making rope, burlap type bags, and other woven textiles that needed a heavy and coarse fiber for strength. Several entrepreneurs through out history tried to ban hemp because it was a threat to their industry. But none of them invented it! Usually hemp is also a lighter green than Marijuana, when it dries it dries brown. Pot is a dark green, almost a color of its own which is why crops are easily spotted from the air amongst other vegetation. It also dries dark green. Not to mention it requires allot of sunlight. Thus, growing it in an area with allot of overhead foliage it will not grow, if it does it will not develop properly. I have never run across a crop of Mary Jane. Chances are if I did I'd start walking the other way and fast. Oh B.T.W. If you own a bird, especialy a Parrot chances are you've got Marijuana seeds in your house right now! Part of a Parrot familys primary diet concists of Pot seeds.. Of course it's probably been baked, thus loosing its ability to germinate but its still there! Take a look at your bird seed.. Notice those bluish/grey ball bearing looking seeds.. Yup.. That's Pot.. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net [This message was edited by Davros on February 11, 2003 at 02:00 AM.]
  16. To report another problem with our previous host which has uncovered itself. It seems they had been counting both accounts as one. So, the account on the server which should have been deactivated since our domain was reloacted to another server on thier network was still indeed active. The files that were located on the old server were not deleted or removed from our disk usage stats. Thus adding to our file quota. So, the 15,000+ files they claimed we had was actually the sum of the two accounts. Being as they so abruptly moved our domain without any advance notice, nor did the simply move the files. Instead they zipped the entire website and copied the zip to the new directory. Which left our site dead until the website files were re-installed. Meanwhile they continued to count a directory on our account which we could not even access. I knew that it was impossible for our site to contain more than 265 Mb as claimed. Since I keep and maintain exact duplicate of the site for backup on my hard drive, and it's entire content is less than 100 Mb. (86.3 Mb including the database to be exact.) Just another tid bit of information to make an example of how poorly thier services are maintained or the lack of communication within. Our new host is Altera Hosting, based in Maryland. So we are very happy to be supporting a local business who agrees with our efforts. We're still waiting for our refund from the other non-service provider. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  17. Well, I'm glad to say we've found a host provider. The site is now being rebuilt on the new server. Once the files are up and the site is tested we'll change our records to point at the new host. Thanks for your recomendations Ben, unfortunatly we eat up a bit too much bandwidth for the provider you recomended. If they're good for you keep them! A good host seems to be getting hard to find these days. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  18. I must apologize for the ongoing battles with the present host provider of mdgps.net. I assure you that we are looking into a more reliable service provider as we speak. I have been fooling around on the internet since 1986 and I must admit, NEVER have I run across such an un reliable service provider of any sort. And believe me I've seen a few.. But PowWeb takes the gold medal on that issue. Come to think of it I've never run across ANY company anywhere who treats thier customers so poorly. Based on this concept I don't think PowWeb has much of a future anyway. So it's best we bail out while we can. All I can say is that if you, or anyone you know wants to set up thier own website steer them clear of PowWeb. They preach miracles but can not provide what they offer. It's too good to be true. Their Tech Support is almost like another well known company who states If you've got questions we've got answers. Yet you're sure to find out if they don't know what they're talking about and they'll make something up instead of admitting it. There are too many hidden loop holes, and too many rules changed in the middle of the game. They don't believe in "If it Aint Broke Don't Fix It". Too many times they have made server upgrades or changes to the operating system without any advanced notice. After a request to relocate our domain to a more reliable server they did so without the advance notice we agreed on. Not only did they fail to notify me when the changes would be made leaving us once again with a dead website, they also failed to transfer the entire domain leaving half of it unreachable on another server. One of the most recent events which caused us to be off the air for nearly 4 days while they took thier time to fix their mistake. It seems they decided to upgrade the PHP Core which creates the dynamic pages you see out of the PHP scripts. When they made the changes, once again a site that was working perfectly was rendered useless. Then at first they tried to blame it on our website, and our source code that had not been changed in months, yet for some reason it stopped working overnight. PowWeb provides very poor service all around. They expect to make changes to thier services without properly letting thier customers know in advance then they try to make you the fool when something goes wrong with your site due to the changes they made. This final episode is the straw that broke the camels back as they say. Once again, they changed the rules in the middle of the game. The site was working, and had been working, until they decided to put a number of files limit on thier servers, here again, a site that was working in a matter of seconds became useless. You can be assured that we will find another host provider ASAP. Once again, I apologize for the downtime and the continuing problems with the website. You can be sure that it is totally out of our control. We appreciate you standing by us throughout this bumpy ride. Now, I've told at least 2 friends.. Pass the word on. "Say No to PowWeb" Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  19. I must admit I can't draw a crooked line straight. And art wizards out there that can come up with a public domain Columbia memorial logo for our websites? Something that combines Geocaching, while showing our respect for the crew. I'm sure there are tons of us who would put it on our webpages. Just a thought.. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  20. While out having fun on Saturday caching with my friends I was unaware of the tragedy overhead. I was shocked to read it when I came home that night. For those of you who believe please don't forget to pray for thier surviving families and friends. You should also be thankful no one on the ground was seriously injured. As a teenager I remember the Challenger tragedy. I was working that day and we had the shuttle launch on the TV. I left to attend a customer and my boss came running out and said "The Shuttle Just Blew Up!" Being the jokester that he was I didn't believe him. I didn't believe him until I watched the replays over and over again. Also think of those still on the ISS (International Space Station). Since they are not sure how they are going to get them home since shuttle missions have been suspended pending investigation. My memories of the Space Shuttle also includes Ham Radio, Shuttle Amatuer Radio Experiment (SAREX). I've talked to the Shuttle Atlantis once using 2 meter Voice, and to Columbia itself using 2 meter Packet (digital) radio. I've also talked to the ISS twice on 2m voice this year. Although my conversations were very brief they zip overhead faster than the speed of sound. even though you have about enough time to exchange callsigns and a greeting before they fade away it still gives one a friendly connection with these heroes of space and earth. I've also been a control operator quite a few times for WA3NAN Greenbelt, Maryland. Which many of you may have heard on many Ham Radio frequencies retransmitting space to ground communications during shuttle missions. Remember without these brave souls exploring space we would probably have no GPS System to play with. It's people like them who launch and maintain the satellites orbiting our earth we use in nearly all of our daily routines in some way or another as well as conducting countless other medical experiments to benefit mankind which may not be possible here on Earth. These people are just as important to mankind as any uniformed service man or woman. It's not just a tragedy to the USA, all have suffered a great loss. Regardless of which flag you wear on your sleeve these men and women are risking thier lives for you. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  21. There's an old saying in the auto racing world... If ya aint cheatin' ya aint tryin'. Or It's only cheatin' if yer the only one doin' it. Honestly I'm not in this game for the numbers. I'm doing it becasue I enjoy it. I've always liked hiking to interesting places. I've never really had an interest in ball sports for recreation. Geocaching is something I can do to impress ond satisfy one person and one person only.. ME! So.. No I don't cheat by double logging, I don't ask for help unless I am REALLY stumped. I don't log a no find because it clutters up my list I usually add the cache to my watch list if there are consecutive others that can't find it I don't feel so bad. I don't post bad clues to throw off other seekers, although I have in the past posted some cryptic clues on my entries that the cache owner would understand and then know I've actually been there. Although I am usually a TNLN type of guy, unless there is no logbook, pen or pencil and I don't have one on hand I always leave a scribble in the log. If there is no log or pencil handy I usually leave an item to prove I was there or email the owner and explain which also applies to codeword caches. Sometimes I leave without taking. (Because I'm sure there are allot that take without leaving!) And I'm really begining to dislike locationless and virtuals they were fun at first but they are getting old fast. Recently I've only logged them if they are of personal, educational or historical value. Bottom line is I'm not in this game to impress anyone.. If I did cheat I'd be the only one cheated. I'm not too concerned about the numbers. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  22. To start with. 'George' If you are going to slander people for making an effort perhaps you should get your facts straight. You made several errors in your last post.. Let me break it down for you. George Wrote: "And in response to those of you who have praised the MGS for all of the wonderful work that they have done. Think again!!! Most of the work they've done was to right thier own wrongs. For your information, the reason the parks were going to ban caches was because of the actions of a couple of thier own members. From what I hear I don't even think the members who saved thier butts by getting the parks to talk and getting an approval process in place are even members anymore. I believe the people who did most of the so called hard work quit the group. That should tell you something!!" --- Well let's clarify this right here and now. I wrote the base draft of the guidelines and the application accepted by the park services before 'the people who did most of the so called hard work' even showed up in the club! Want proof? I have witnesses and dated emails to and from several park officials within the DNR and several other park services across the state. And a saved copy of the original website which included those base guidelines and application word for word. I also have printed documents of which I was circulating to each and every park official I came in contact with. Face to Face not purely by telephone. As far as righting the wrongs yes you are correct. I am one of those members which got into trouble for hiding a cache on forbidden property. In the early days of caching I mistakenly placed a cache on a wildlife reserve. After all it was open to the public. This was wrong, and I found that out. But it was not intentionally breaking any laws. After being confronted by a Police Officer and warned about the consequences I decided it was time to spread the word. Is there anything wrong with that? I've never hidden behind this fact that yes, I was once threatened to be arrested for hiding a cache on restricted property. Is there anything wrong with trying to spread the word while trying to prevent anyone else from having to go through it themselves by thier own innocent intent? George Wrote: "As for the Adopt-A-Cache program, maybe I was a little strong. But you know the old saying, People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Well, I think before you concider [it's spelled 'consider' George] adopting someone elses cache you should be maintaining you own caches that have been damaged, wet, or unattended for far too long. Just look around at some of thier caches and you will see that that [Proper English only requires one adjective] haven't been properly maintained. Maybe someone should adopt your cache!!!!!" --- Perhaps instead of your complaining and slinging your accusations maybe it would help to post which caches are in need of repair. I personally check my caches every couple of months to verify that they are there, and in good condition. If I do receive a notification that a cache needs repair or has been assumed missing I will personally verify it ASAP. With the exception of the Touchdown Micro, which I am well aware of the fact that it may be missing and have scheduled a time to verify and/or replace the cache. Please tell us which of my caches or any members caches that are in need of repair or replacement so that we can properly maintain them. Maybe its that you can't log any finds because you don't have the skills to find anything, or you can't pry yourself away from your WebTV so you assume they are missing or in disrepair. Or perhaps it's just that you've been cornered and looking for 'stones to throw' at nothing but the wind coming out of your own butt.. And to touch base on your first spouting of flatulence.. George Wrote: "And what in the world is it with all of these so-called micro or mini caches that they are saturating the parks with. What? You can't hide real caches like big boys?" --- It's obvious you've never had the opportunity to seek some of the micros hidden. Since you have not logged a single find to date. Some of these micros are indeed very creative, and by all means HARDER than finding a box of goodies. Or perhaps it's because you are not in it for the challenge but more of a 'what's in it for me' attitude. If there is nothing you can take then it's not worth being a game piece. Well you are wrong. Micros are an interesting challenge for many cachers most of which have grown out of the toy's and trinkets stage and concentrate more on the challenge of the find. George Wrote: "Any wonder why most of the caches approved lately is from them..." As you can ask any Admin here on Geocaching.com the Maryland cache hides are very scarce lately. We welcome anyone in Maryland to hide appropriate caches. All Admins on Geocaching.com are also expected to follow the same guidelines of the users. We're not allowed to deny a cache based on our own opinion the decision is made by the admin group. So if you are implying that we're denying others cache hides because they are not members you're terribly wrong. We've got other admins to answer to as well as keep us in check. And quite frankly I'm running out of hides to find. And since I can't log my own hides for a find there seems to be nothing nearby to find without traveling at least an hour. Anyone who wishes to hide a traditional or micro cache in Maryland please do. The only Maryland cache placed most recently is a locationless. I don't mean to insult those who enjoy them but I can flip through a magazine and find an exotic birdhouse and make up some coordinatess and impose my GPS in the picture. And finally, Please George, continue on if you wish. I'm sure your intent was to try to hurt the MGS but I think it's backfired on you and you've shot yourself in the foot. It seems that whenever you pass gas here on the forums our site traffic soars. Thanks! So you may continue if you wish. Your back stabbing only appears to be promoting us instead of disabling us. It's also obvious that the majority of people seem to think you are a flaming idiot. Which in it's self is entertaining because most of them are not even members of the MGS! Oh excuse me that was a little arrogant wasn't it? Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net [This message was edited by Davros on January 06, 2003 at 07:14 PM.]
  23. It's nice to be noticed! Remember.. I'm not the one hiding behind a blank profile with no name, no hides, no finds, no nothing. I'll stand for myself and fight for those who stand with me. The difference between you and me is if I have an opinion, you'll know who said it by name. Who's a big boy now? But rather than start a flame war if anyone has any questions about what the Maryland Geocaching Society, and what it stands for feel free to email me I'll tell you. That's my final say, I won't waste any time fueling this post. Got questions? Ask.. The email in my profile is valid. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  24. Just a reminder that caches on National Park Service (NPS) property are forbidden by the NPS. Recently a few caches were placed on NPS property by mistake. The property was believed to be owned by the state. Maryland DNR, come to find out it was actually NPS property. As I recently found out some NPS parks border or run through state parks. The caches were placed in Fort Frederick, which is run by the DNR and IS an approved area. However, the NPS owns the Potomac shoreline of Fort Frederick. To make things simple the NPS owns park property on most of shores of the Potomac River, C&O Canal, and Western Maryland Rail Trail. To be safe do not place a cache on the Potomac shoreline. For other NPS parks here is a useful map which shows their general areas including state parks. http://www.nps.gov/carto/list_a-z.html Although the NPS tells me they are constantly acquiring property and they themselves cannot keep thier maps up to date by the day. These maps will give you a good idea where their properties lie. If in doubt ASK! Maryland has plenty of State parks, County parks, and City parks which have accepted Geocaching with a simple courtesy of asking them if you can place a cache there so, there really is no reason to use NPS property. Don't risk getting yourself, or the sport in trouble. The Rangers of the NPS in Maryland have been very polite in removing the caches, and notifying owners when technically they could be arresting them they let them go with a warning. They even give you your cache back! However, this attitude may not last long if the warnings are not taken seriously. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net
  25. Davros

    rinos, anyone?

    FRS is actually GMRS with a reduced power limit 500Mw instead of 5W. You will still get the noise you get on FRS if it were GMRS. That is unfortunatly due to over population, as well as those obnoxious beeps and boops that manufactures insist on putting into FRS radios whenever you transmit. Not to mention when the FCC opened that portion of the band to Part 15 devices of every nature started to pop up on those frequencies not just FRS. Devices such as remote controled cars and planes, garage door openers, UHF appliance remote controls, tons of other wireless devices that also raise the noise floor and limits your range. The differences between the two is FRS uses the original secondary channels on GMRS (5W @12.5 Khz split) These channels were orginaly meant for lowered power point to point and no repeaters. The primary GMRS channels are 25 Khz apart power limited to 50W. ie 462.525-550-575-600. Repeater offset on 467.525-550 (you get the idea) with the 14 secondary frequencies in between. Your GMRS license originally gave you all 14 channels by default. Even if you put a Rino on GMRS primary channels chances are you would still get noise or interferance from repeater traffic. Not to mention operators probably don't want data bursts on the primary channels. 440 ham band would be the best bet. Yes, you would need a license but the bottom half of the 440 band is seldom used for much. There would be less noise. And data packets are an accepted mode of communication. Besides on 440 band I can talk for about 2 miles on 500Mw. If it's a respectable repeater I've used 500Mw for at least 12 miles full quieting. (No extra noise on my signal) Oh.. I forgot to add FRS radios purposely have an inefficient antenna to prevent you from talking too far. Randall J. Berry davros@mdgps.net www.mdgps.net [This message was edited by Davros on November 26, 2002 at 10:56 PM.]
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