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  1. Howdy! Lots of caches and cachers in the area. Check out Texasgeocaching.com That is where most north Texas geocachers hang out.
  2. I would like to add some context to and perhaps an alternative view point to what apparently happened concerning this cache. I will be the first to admit I don't know very much about this situation. I do not intend for this to be a justification for what happened. I also add that I did not log this cache (as you will note in my explanation below), despite the fact that I was at GW4. I also did not log any other caches that had "temporarily" been moved from permanent locations elsewhere. This is the note that H2Nut, the owner of the cache, posted on the GW4 website several weeks ago: --------------- May 12 by H2Nut (628 found) Attention all GeoWoodstock 4 attendees!! In an effort to show support for our fellow cachers (both Military and Civilians) deployed in Iraq, I will be setting up one of my caches from Iraq as a temporary cache during this event. I want to encourage everyone to visit this cache and leave your very own special message in the logbook that will return to Iraq. Also anyone who would like to donate small geocaching specific trade items, Geocoins, or local geocaching association specific items (patches, stickers, coins) to be sent to Iraq may leave them in the cache container during the event. I will check it/dumping the contents frequently during the event so there will room in the container. At the end of the event I forward these items to Iraq to be distributed through local caches and events. I will also be willing to act as a shuttle for any TBs wishing to travel to Iraq (see cache for travel forms and directions). While at the cache you will be able to learn more about caching in Iraq. Caching has become a great past time for personnel deployed because recreation opportunities are limited and personnel travel outside operating bases is not permitted. Specific location of the cache and cache logging information will be posted at the event by late Friday afternoon. Please come out and visit this cache during the event and show support for those in Iraq! _________ I remember remarking to my husband at the time..."Wow, that is cool." I did not know what a 'temporary cache' was, but I wanted to try to find that and leave a geocoin or some other swag to send to Iraq in support of our troops if someone that had been there said that would be a way to show support. Fast forward to the event on Saturday.... Worked registration early in the morning, then roamed around and talked to lots of people. Left in mid-morning to do some caches in the vicinity. Came back to GW4 for dinner and several more hours of enjoyable socializing with old and new friends. When we got home that night (we live about an hour from the GW4 site) I remember thinking..."Oh, I forgot about the Iraq cache. I never saw the coordinates. I wanted to leave some stuff to send to Iraq." It was later today that I stumbled across this thread. It made be feel very sad. Maybe I am just easily taken in, but I think at least some of the people involved were likely good-intentioned and really did want to be supportive of our heroes in Iraq even if some or all of this seems to have had just the opposite effect.
  3. Mine was in the mail today. Really really nice! I am very pleased. Is this trackable on gc.com? If so, how do I activate it? I did not see an activation code. (Not that I cam going to put it in a cache any time soon )
  4. Great article!! I think this is the link for the entire issue, http://www.texas-ec.org/publications/docum.../TCP_July05.pdf The article is on pages 22 and 23.
  5. Nah....not a dunce...but I do think you have to be logged in. Try this....after you go to the main forums at texasgeocaching.com, click on the forum where you want to make your new post, probably "North Texas". In the color bar at the top of the list of topics is the "New Topic" link. If it is not there, it probably means you are not logged in. Good luck
  6. Great info! I second the previous log and suggest you post this on texasgeocaching.com if you have not done so already. I don't know whether Plano has a written policy or not, but they certainly know about geocaching. I think 9key taught a gps and/or geocaching class for the Parks and Recreation Department at Arbor Hills.
  7. I work in Denton, so might be able to help. You might also consider posting your request at texasgeocaching.com You will probably get lots of responses.
  8. Texas State Parks are among our most favorite places to cache. I know that they are for others, as well. That is why I started a Guide to Geocaches in Texas State Parks several years ago. We buy an annual pass each year and feel it is money well spent. Given all the other money we spend on geocaching (gas, cache goodies, ammo boxes, etc.), the annual fee is not a significant additional expense. I can understand your reluctance to some extent if it were a single park. That is the reason we have not hidden caches in some great city run parks near us, because the entrance fee would apply only to that park. However, even then, I think it is a personal choice. We have found caches in such places on occasion and have enjoyed ourselves immensely. Like all caching, it is a personal choice....if you don't like the kind of cache or the location, don't hunt for it.
  9. I contacted Garmin again to see if there was any news about a possible release date for this product. The tech said the product had been delayed and would probably not make it out this summer. However...and this blew my socks off....he offered to install the appropriate maps on my gps V so that I could have it for our trip to Big Bend if I would send it to him . I decided not to take him up on his offer. I didn't want to take the chance that I would not have the gps back in time for the trip. However, I was awestruck that Garmin would offer to do this. I don't know about other companies, but I continue to be impressed by Garmin's wonderful service.
  10. Garmin's US 24K Topo maps for National Parks are only available for National Parks in the eastern and western U.S. That means Big Bend National Park, which is what I want, is not included. I sent an e-mail to their customer support about a month ago and asked about that. They said they were coming out with one for the central part of the U.S., probably this summer. Anyone heard anything about that? I have other topo maps for my computer and also have Garmin's United States topo, but it is only 1: 100,000. I would love to have some 1:24,000 topos for my GPS V, even if they are only for selected locations......just as long as they are for some of my selected locations.
  11. Help welcome Jamie to Texas....PacifiQuest Comes to Texas, GCJAD0, with Tex-Mex and margaritas, Saturday night, May 8, 6 pm. His knee has been giving him problems the past several days, so perhaps we can give him some encouragement to help keep him moving westward. Click here to see e-mail updates and a map of Jamie's progress to date.
  12. With Jamie's permission, I will be posting the e-mail updates of his trip. I have already posted the first one. Check back often. It sounds like his trip will be interesting.
  13. With Jamie's permission, I will be posting the e-mail updates of his trip. I have already posted the first one. Check back often. It sounds like his trip will be interesting.
  14. Jamie, Your biking adventure sounds very exciting, as does your trip down the Yangtze in China!! We would definitely like to show you some Texas hospitality as you pass through north Texas, if we can figure out when you will be here. I posted the idea on texasgeocaching.com, and cachers as far away as Houston have expressed an interest in showing up for such an event. You should already have an e-mail from me. Contact me and let's talk details.
  15. Glad you found the site useful. We also love caching in Texas State Parks. I monitor the caches primarily by keeping watch on all new caches listed for Texas. However, it is not always obvious that some caches are in a state park or I miss them for some other reason. I ask everyone to shoot me an e-mail if you find things that need to be updated (added or subtracted) so the lists can be as accurate as possible.
  16. Thanks, Moun10Bike. I had only looked at the Export and Save As options under File, not Map. That should work well for what I need.
  17. Great. I'll give that a try. I guess I was trying to make it more difficult than it needed to be.
  18. I routinely download the tracks from my GPS V to Mapsource and Expertgps after each day of geocaching and save the resulting maps. Is there a convenient way to make a jpg image of either of these? I want to add linkable hotspots and post on my webpage. I can make a pdf version of the Mapsource map, but I don't currently have a pdf to jpg converter. If I go that way, what converter should I get?
  19. I just got back from vacation and started to log finds we made over the last week and noticed the changes. I apologize if this is included somewhere in this now very long thread, but I will list in anyway. The logs appear on the new My Cache Page with the date of when I logged them, not on the date of the find. For example, all of the logs I made last night (March 19) have the 19th date when they are listed on My Cache Page, even though the caches were found (and correctly entered) on the 13th and 14th. I hope this is not what you intended. They appear ok on the calendar. I agree with some of the other comments that the original page seemed easier to get to the information I needed (list of all my hides and list of all my finds, single line entries for each), but I will defer final judgment until I have more time to play with the new page. I do like the calendar feature, but wish there was a faster way to jump to a particular month. Thanks, as always, for enduring all of our many comments when you roll out changes.
  20. Awesome job with the quick turnaround!! I also really appreciated the detailed updates while the forums were down. Thank you....thank you.....thank you!!
  21. We are too far away to give you a hand, but I have posted a notice in the Austin section of texasgeocacing.com. There are a lot of active cachers in Austin. I feel sure someone will give you a hand and mount a rescue of your marooned travel bug. Good luck. Alchemist2000
  22. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy: quote:Originally posted by Cheval:How about having both links? One that takes you to the cache page (if available) and one that takes you to your log to view/edit it alone on its page? Sounds good. I'll add that Monday. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location THANK YOU!! Alchemist2000
  23. I agree with MarcusArelius and others, the changed My Cache Page is much less useful to me. I don't really care about getting to my post from My Cache Page. I am almost always trying to get to the cache page. It is now also very very cumbersome to update the spreadsheet list of my finds/no finds with caches and their links that I maintain for myself. I like many of the recent changes on the website and thank Jeremy and others for all of their hard work. However, I would prefer this particular change had not been made. I really hope you will consider changing it back or giving us an option to get the list in the previous format. Alchemist2000 [This message was edited by alchemist2000 on September 28, 2003 at 03:11 PM.]
  24. Yes...I enjoy getting their free catalogs. I haven't ordered much from them, but when I did they were extremely professional and prompt. It was one of the few places I found individual use Tecnu packets...bought a box of 50. I carry them in my pack for our use and also use them as trade items. Alchemist2000
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