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  1. Will you be posting a loc or gpx file at some point?
  2. I hope you'll make an effort for Wading for June - it's a nice little area.
  3. Obviously not the same guy we have come to know . . . Or is it . . .
  4. I'll humbly disagree with you on this point. I think your coins are so sought after because they are beautifully designed, and you are somewhat of an icon in the greater community. I personally could care less about the icons on gc.com, because I rarely look at my profile or cache page with the use of pocket queries and a PDA. I only visit the site anymore to log caches, and check the NW forum. Your coins (much like Peppers) are coveted, because they are an exceptional contribution to the game. They show you enjoy the hobby enough to contribute back to it. That said, I say leave the coins as is. I don't want them tracked through gc.com for no other reason than the design is exceptional right now, and the creation of it has demonstrated the ability of an exceptional group of cachers to reach a consensus on something that identifies the state and geocaching here in WA. I vote for sorting out the tracking issues on our own. travelertags.com might be a great option initially, until someone can be found or cajoled into helping create a tracking site. I might play around with it a little, but my knowledge of php is laughable and my time is extremely limited.
  5. DenaliNW


    Actually both were suggested , but Moun10Tyke was the final decision. That's too funny. Early registration. It's not funny - he'll have logged more caches than I in another 6 months or so.
  6. DenaliNW


    What a wonderful blessing! Congrats to both of you!!
  7. Not quite a Portlander - actually live on the better side of the Columbia River, and have been happily watching this thread. I would be in for 5. The most recent design is great. Navdog if you are not in the design business - you should be. You have a knack for hearing what people are saying, and putting it in a design. You also have a real good eye for design - far to many make it more complex and cluttered than it needs to be.
  8. Man that sucks! Hope it all heals swiftly and completely. I hiked 6 miles out of the gorge one year after twisting my ankle real bad. Had to have it casted when I got home.
  9. The pastor and I are one in the same. Pdxmarathon man does the running - I gave that up after high school. There was once a day when I could run a 5 minute mile. Those days are loooonnnnnggg gone.
  10. Take soup's advice - the sites run by a guy who lives in Clark County anyway.
  11. Probably to late, but I would guess most of the Portland peeps are knee deep in Champoeg Planning. Me - I haven't read the forums in a week, hence this late post, and I never make it out much to Tualatin.
  12. CCCooperAgency. My understanding is this is one person - not a team spread out over the US.
  13. Portland Geocaching for cachers in Portland, OR - the general vicinity of where geocaching got its start.
  14. Jeremy, I can help distribute through the Portland, OR area through pdxgeocaching.com. Cool contest! Thanks!
  15. Not an animal encounter, but may as well have been . . . I found it, and I have it! I didn't ever set out to take the cache, and I don't ever do that, but things got a little weird. I was walking along the trail to the final coordinates, and stopped for a second to let the GPSR get a good solid lock. While I was standing there, a drunk guy comes mumbling and stumbling down the trail. He wanders around for a bit, and then disappears. Figuring he is gone, and that it is safe to begin looking, I wander off trail to find the cache. After some searcing, I find it, open it up and do what I've always done - look at the contents, read the log, and write my own log. As I'm doing this, the drunk guy all of a sudden reappears, crashing through the brush with a sickle in his hand, and he says to me, Have you seen my machete lying around - has a red handle? I say no, and quickly gather everything up and retreat to my truck. I didn't want to compromise the cache, and I didn't want to end up on the six o'clock news either (Cachers Dan & Janet find body in Washougal). Anyway, I figure I would read the paper and wait a while for the drunk guy to pass out in a stupor or find his machete. But after a while the parking lot kept getting busy with cars driving in and parking or people hauling dogs out of the back to go for a walk. I didn't think it would look to good to get out of the truck with an ammo box (left backpack at home). So, I headed home, but will return it this afternoon. In addition to taking the cache box , I also took a tennis ball and the key to the Nutria. I left a carabiner, a skateboard, and Tigger.
  16. What's the status on this one? Thanks for all your work!
  17. Once posted - do we need to follow up with Groundspeak ourselves, or can we expect to see a change after a little research on your end. Just wondering in light of my post above. If I can help in any way let me know.
  18. Let me know if I can help in any way prior to the event. I won't be able to come, as I'll be out of town, but will try to help with stuff prior.
  19. I'd be interested in taking over Eddie the 2nd down here the Columbia River Gorge. The owner hasn't been at the site since August last year, and I think he lives in California. I've got an ammo can waiting to be used.
  20. Mt. Defiance will only kill you if you come up the trail described from the gorge. It's about 5000 vertical feet in 5 miles, and is actually a good trail to condition for climbs on Mt. Hood. But you can drive up the back side on forest roads, and get to within a mile or so of the cache on relatively easy trails. I would guess it is there - Trickey Dick is notorious around here for having bad coordinates on many of his caches. Some seem to be spot on, while many are way off. He usually hides them well though - places not likely to be stumbled upon.
  21. I too, think that a cemetary can be an appropriate and interesting place for a cache. We have one here in Portland, that I look forward to finding at some time. In addition to this famous gunfighter that I had no clue ended his days here, the noted cemetary is the final resting place of a bunch of Portland founders and shapers. Sort of a who's who to Portland's history. Respect should be shown, but in my opinion this is primarily done for those the deceased left behind, and for the memory of the passed away individual. The reality is, all that is in the ground is a decaying body that is slowly returning to the dust from whence it came.
  22. The cache page for the original stash is here. It looks like only 4 people ever logged it in online. Makaio is still relatively active in geocaching, and Team Exocet pokes their head into the local scene every now and again. I never saw the original cache personally, but was near the location when I did the the Un-original one. Like Slinger I hit that one before the plaque.
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