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  1. Sorry about the bounce back Binrat, change of email addy a few months ago. Forgot to change on this site, thanks for the info and effort. Off to change email preferance. Hoping things are well at you end, you and GeoGranny have a Merry Christmas with our good thoughts and wishes from our home to yours.
  2. " Are they all in Ontario?" Yes S. E. Ontario Between Napanee and Brighton East to west and Hiway 7 to 401 from north to south.
  3. Due to changes at home in interest and mobilityLegs and feet bad both Cachengrab and Grabette Patricia, I am looking for adopting Cachers for the cahes listed below. I prefer to have them taken over by a cacher so that they will not need to be pulled. If I do not see possible adoptions happening within the next few weeks I will remove so that they do not become geotrash. All you need to do so that the adoptions will take place is notify Cache-tech and point him to this post. He will let you pick some or all to call your own. Thanks it was a blast but time to move on. Name Date Put-N-My-Top-Down Found: 12/14/2005 Micro Campbellford Bayshore Coffee Cache Found: 12/8/2005 Multi Regular Belleville The Old Duck Blind Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Stirling Teeny Tennis Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Springbrook The Miner's Loop Found: 12/4/2005 Micro Marmora Cache4Christmas Found: 12/3/2005 Regular Stirling Madoc Town Line Road Found: 11/13/2005 Regular Madoc LOG IT Found: 11/13/2005 Micro Madoc Cached In Found: 10/16/2005 Regular Brighton Cachengrab Family Cache Found: 9/14/2005 Regular Brighton The Project Found: 9/6/2005 Regular Napanee
  4. http://olofmaps.com/index.htm These people seem to have one listed in thier inventory. You might give them a holler, LISTED ON SITE FOR $11.95 @1-50,000
  5. To the best of my knowledge you will need to purchase a second cachemate. Your best place for this question to be answered might be at Smittyware.com
  6. I would then be in contact with Geocaching .com
  7. Your bank has made the transaction but it has not cleared at the other end. It will clear soon and your membership will be reactivated. You can also go to the links for making your payment and see that there is an explanation for the delay when using a bank account and not a credit card. I would not get in a panic over the transaction unless it has not cleared in a week or so. Also on your subscription page it tells you in large red print that this will take place in 4-6 days after the transaction at you end.
  8. Just thinking about the topic, maybe it should be moved to GPS and Software
  9. Rec.d an email from another cacher about the product, do you know anything about them or thier product? Claims to work with Garmin Products although limited at this time. Here is a link to them Mapwel
  10. Hey BQ, yes Car 37 and Holly are pretty good have met with them a few times in the past. Holly does however has a job and a half keeping Car37 under control........lol..jk..good people both of them. Go to the event and have a blast, you will not regret going. Lots of ideas and great company along with tips on what and how are normally there for the cachers. Have fun and meet the others, by the way danceswithwords & CanadianHummer welcome to the addiction.
  11. My oh my, 9yrs. old grounded by parents and bares the Jamie Z tattoo of unworthiness. I know thier must be a child of worthiness out there somewhere that has never been punished by a parent, but I think you may be hard pressed with a difficulty rating of 5+
  12. Worked fine with my non-colour Legend top pic and my Rino 120 bottom pic.
  13. If you are doing this on your own computer and you have only the one account on your cp it should just load up. If your computer has different setting for different users you will need to log in as admin. by logging off as a user then logging back on as admin. That is if you are the admin. of that computer. At work you will need to get your I.T. admin to set you up, or to give you admin rights for your work computer. Oh yes by the way I am running XP and I am tied in with a Palm111xe
  14. I am glad to see that it worked out well for you, since the rest of us were not so lucky. I do not know where the rest of the posters sent thier unit but mine was sent to Navicache.
  15. Well you can not load a map into the etrex but I think you already know that since you state that you want them on computer and to print them out. Going by that I would consider something cheaper then the Mapsource series. Maybe a topo series from Softmap and Streets and Trips from Microsoft.
  16. Well here is my story. Garmin has a 2 week turn around for service but that does not include Canada Eh! The 2 canadian repair depots are in Quebec. If you have a newer GPS'r the Quebec people do not work on them they send them to Garmin. With that said the Canadian (Quebec) repair people say that there is now a 3-4 week turn around from them to Garmin and back to them. This however is correct only if your GPS'r and or parts are not on back order. I have sent my Garmin Rino 120 in twice for repair and it has taken no less then 6 weeks for a turn around back to me. Just be glad it is warrantee work since the basic bench rate for Garmin is $125. plus tax to open it up. I beleave without looking for my bill that it cost me, oh here it is $143.92 taxes included for my bench charge after warrantee.
  17. You could make up some basic compasses from wood or cardboard with only N, NE,E SE,S,SW,W,NW and make a very simple treasuure hunt. This would have clues like W to the large white tree 50 paces, 70 paces to the picnic table to the south.................... . This will get the kids a little familar with the compass and then you can say how it relates to the GPS'r. You could set up a few hunts one a little harder than the other for the different age groups. Oh and good luck and have fun.
  18. That is a pretty good Map if I say so myself, some users of those forest areas can benefit from them. Thanks for the link.
  19. Yes I do, I just did that as a quick upload through my profile. I think a 1:50,000 fits the forest on 8.5 x 11 PC. of paper or It can be multiplied to a larger image but the larger the hazier. Send me an email with an addy to send back to. You cannot "I think" send images through Groundspeak.
  20. Congrats BQ, and thanks for the extra efforts you put into caching with your involvement in the OGA . Takes time, patients and a whole lot more time.
  21. Would you happen to have a co-ord on it? I have about 50 Copelans in my programs and I need to know which one to see if I have it. Non of them say Copeland or Copeland Forest
  22. If you tried to do the TB info last night I am with you on a TB bug bug in the system. I did a retrieve and drop yesturday as well and it took over 1.5 hrs. to have the system give me the propper options for a retrieve and then later the TB on my page so that I could drop it in the cache. I ended up putting a note on the TB page to let the owner know it had been move and a note on the cache page for the same. Finally the system let me retrieve and about 1/2 hour later it let me place it into the other cache. Do not know why the system would just not co-operate last night.
  23. Oh I know peer-to-peer I have owned a Rino for 2 years now. We use them in them in the bush when we Hunt tupperware and go to the huntcamp where these were purchased for initially.
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