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  1. Went to this event today. Did not see anyone that had complaints about this event there. TomInJax was even prepared to buy their breakfast...
  2. And there is nothing stopping anyone from becoming Premium Members other than personal choice. So it is their personal choice not to attend a PMO event. Therefore, NO ONE is excluded. To some people the fee for premium membership is an issue besides why would some one want to pay for premium membership if they are a new cacher and not sure they are going to enjoy it. The YMCA is open to all people everyday. If I want to go to the YMCA for a day then all I do is pay 5 bucks. IN the same way, people don't have to pay 3 bucks to go to this one event. They can instead go to all the other events in the area for free. I still don't see why this is a big deal. It's only one event... Very good point and I totally agree. Thank you.
  3. Nope. It just means that after all these years the fourms are still the same as they have always been. El Diablo Amen!
  4. I don't think that you will hear anyone in NEFGA complaining about this event...
  5. And there is nothing stopping anyone from becoming Premium Members other than personal choice. So it is their personal choice not to attend a PMO event. Therefore, NO ONE is excluded.
  6. Speaking of reviewers... Why have heard very little from them on this?
  7. That's it... I figured it out... ICM is secretly working for Groundspeak doing a PM drive.... I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out.
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...923fc&log=y Wow, look an event that was PMO way back in 2004. It's been going on for some time, get with the program. Click the box or not, it is the choice of the poster, NOT the forum trolls.
  9. Narrow mindedness comes from hanging out in the forums too long. The ability to post the event as PMO gives him the right to do so. If that's what he wants, then that's how he does it. Nothing stupid about clicking a little check box that is there for us to check. Stupid is sitting on the keyboard B!t$&ing about something that you have absolutely NO control over.
  10. Earned my Eagle June 1986. Our son is now a First Class Scout and has only been in the Troop 11 months. He did earn the Arrow of Light, which I missed out on as a youth. He and I are having so much fun working through the Scout Book and Ranks together. I actually am scheduled to attend Wood Badge this spring. -Steve
  11. Just wondering if anyone thought that maybe the size of the location is the restrictive factor here? NEFGA has over-filled many restaurants in the past, so maybe the thought here is to keep it to a smaller number as to not upset the establishment.... Maybe they will allow more events there if we do not crowd out the regulars... Then again, maybe he did it just to drive y'all crazy here. Who knows...
  12. Both would be cool. If you had caches from all over the world, then maybe one day you could actually go find one of the caches that was on the cards. If we found a trading card with cachers on it, then we could look forward to meeting them at an event. Very cool idea.
  13. Quick, one of the South Eastern regional grocery stores has Peanut Butter on sale. Buy one get one FREE! Get those cache containers before they are all gone!
  14. Yes, we found this out the hard way by placing one on property that is maintained by a National Park, but was unmarked. After about a months worth of meetings with the Park Managers and emails with the reviewer, we archived it and it show up in caches that we owned so we drop our personal stuff in and out of that cache.
  15. Ok, how long does it usually take to get a response from the appeals folks? I submitted an appeal as instructed by the reviewer on Sept 8, one week ago. I have not heard anything back. The GC# is GC15PXY. Thanks.
  16. We have attended a couple... GCZFP3 GCZKD2 and.. GCZKD8 They were all on New Years eve. Haven't seen any around since then, but they were fun.
  17. Maybe we need to ban driving in the sport? If a vehicle is required to get there make it a 6 Difficulty?
  18. On the disk's... My brother uses one with his Quest2 and has had it for over a year and has had no issues. I just ordered 2 for our vehicles. ebay! They are like 6 bucks...
  19. Funny you should ask. We have added warning to ALL our caches, as we tend to cache with a 10lb bag of roasted peanuts in the vehicle and them shells get everywhere.
  20. There is one big difference with what you have said here. Student are REQUIRED to goto school. There is no way around it. Caching is VOLUNTARY, you don't have to find every cache out there. You can choose which caches to avoid.
  21. We use nRoute that uses the Mapsource maps we already had loaded into the computer. GSAK will exprot to mapsource, nRoute can import them and the arrow stays centered on our location and the navigator can call out distance as we move. We have never used streets and trips, so I can't help there.
  22. He has! His containers at one time contained boiled eggs. One of the larger supermarkets here in Florida uses these plastic 1 quart clear containers to send hard boiled eggs to their stores. It just so happens that a member of his family works there and gets these containers for free and they actually work quite well here in our neck of the woods.
  23. Believe it or not a Fishing Vest works Great. LOTS of pockets and lightweight. Mine even has metal loop that my GPS clips to.
  24. So, what you are saying is that because caches are archived, he does not maintain them? I don't get it. If they were not maintained, then the page would still be active. Archiving a cache is not poor maintenance. If the spot is taken over by construction (which happens a lot here in Florida) then the cache needs to be archived. If you move from one area to another and you can not maintain it, then archive it. If another cacher finds a really cool spot, but your cache is in the way and out of the kindness of your heart you archive yours to make room for a new one. This kind of cacher does maintain their caches. I fail to see your point here.
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