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No L


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What does that mean, NO L? No love? Not a loser? Not a lover? No legs???? Please help me. :blink::(

Took me a minute too...No L = Noel


This was a big surprise to me, since I haven't done very much in Coining for quite a while, and I've really dropped the ball on a few things too. I was delighted to get this surprise in the mail. It has a special place unted the desktop tree that my roomates gave me!! Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas!!



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I decided not to put up a tree this year -- just not in the holiday spirit I guess. BUT I received No L in the mail!! I took that as a sign that there needs to be a tree in this house. Then I was given a small tree. I am now looking for all my geocoin and caching ornaments to decorate it. No L will hold a place of honor for giving me the impetus to decorate this year.


I admitted earlier in this thread that I didn't get the coin until I read more of the thread. It was a DUH moment for me also. I love the mystery coiner's droll sense of humor. :laughing: :laughing:


Thank you mystery coiner for all the smiles and giggles that you have provided to all the recipients!


Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your holiday be happy!

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I too was a lucky recipient of a very clever mystery coin giver!! Thank you so much kind smart witted person! Toojin was telling me about this thread at lunch and I got a kick out it. I was happy to later find out she got one. Boy was I suprised to find that my boys had placed our mail in a different place this weekend (they bring it in the house when they get off the bus) and low and behold it was a great mail day for me :D Thank you so very much :D It will be going on my coinament geocoin tree :D



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Oh!!!! today I had the noel mystery coin in my mailbox!!! thank you so much my mystery friend!!!


it is such a cute coin!!! I love it!!! :D Oh... what is the 2 letters under the Seasons Greetings??? hH?? happy Holidays??


These Christmas and new year's eve will be quite... strange and difficult for us (not because of the crisis....only..) so your mystery gift brought a warm smile in our face!


thank you my mystery friend for honoring me and I am wishing you Mery Christmaw and a happy New Year!!! :D

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I also received one of these cute little coins in the mail on Fri. as I was headed out caching for the weekend. A card to me from me, I figured that it was a mystery holiday coin but I have to admit I didn't figure out the No L until today when I was able to get to the forums. I must be getting old. Thanks to the sender and Happy Holidays to all.

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Ohh my, I must have been really nice this year. The other day I got a shiny nickel No L coin in the mail, from me to me. Yestrerday there were another package from me to me,(hmm my memory seems to have just gone) I open it up and find another No Lcoin but...shiny gold this time! I didn´t even know there were to different metals. They are so beautiful and I will do my best to live up to this kindness I have been shown.

Thought I knew who to thank after the first one but now I am totally confused again.


Thank you very much!!!!

grodan Karin

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Thank You mystery giver, I went to the mail after work and there was a larger envelope to me from me. Now I knew what was in it or hoping I knew was in it but as always when these do arrive I check to see if I can make out the signature on the customs form. This time I got a good laugh :lol: cause it was me who filled it out, it had my signature, oh not like how I sign but the T was crossed and all the letters spelled my name correctly (good one love it).


So now I frequent, some my say stock the forums many times through the day but Ki doesn’t so I waited for her to come home. She barely got in the door when I said "Look what we got" showing her the envelope, she said “Oh you got a special coin” and we started to open it. She made the cut, I pulled out the smaller envelope, she made another cut and I pulled out the coin.


Now I love my wife and would never make fun of her but I knew this was going to be good :rolleyes: . Giving her the coin she read the back “Season Greetings HH” “But what is it?” So I say “What’s the universal sign of a O & \ make?” her reply was “Don’t” Okay she got me there .... I’m the one having a blond moment :ph34r: . “Okay if you have a cigarette with the O & \?”.. “Don’t smoke” I’m losing aren’t I cause she’s right :blink: . “Another way of putting it is?”


Finally :huh: “No Smoking” she says “Now add the L instead of the smoking” “No ...L”


Now if you could have seen the look when it finally hit her, it was priceless, so thank you from Ki n I; Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


"No L" with our "Patient Angel"



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I sent my hubby out for the mail this weekend and lo and behold an envelope to myself!

How delighted I was to get a No L.


Thank you so much, Mystery Sender, for brightening my day.

My week, actually, as I had spent much of it sick on the couch with a head and chest cold.

So that was really nice. First Christmas surprise of the season for me.


Congrats all you other coiners who got lucky too!

Happy holidays everyone!

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I had a really big surprise this morning in my mailbox. When I saw that the envelope was sent to us by ourselves, something we rarely do :P I was pretty excited. By then, I had a pretty good idea what was inside ;)


Since I speak French, I never had any difficulty understanding No L :anibad:




Thank you very much mystery giver!!! Have a Happy Holidays season!!! :santa:

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After reading about all the lucky people to have received this great coin I too have joined this honored group. I knew exactly what this strange mailer was as soon as i saw it in my post box this morning. :) Thank you so much to the mystery sender for this gift. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits and boy did I need tham lifted. After a hard year Christmas is going to be great but it is still a stressful time for the one paying the bills :P So, receiving not only a great coin but my very first mystery coin has given me the boost I needed. Who ever the mystery sender is, a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. And to everyone else on the forum.

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Very happy to say that I joined the lucky group yesterday! Thank you, secret santa!


I'll post a christmassy picture later, after I've come to the end of my 14 days exam. Needless to say, the coin cheered me up! I am not sure I could have figured out the meaning myself, if I hadn't seen it here. Now, let's see if my family understands it!

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It is realy great to see you all so happy about this great mystery.

Today i also found one of this great looking coins in my mailbox.


So dear Mystery Coin Sender, i thank you so much for the time and money you spend at this time

to make us all so happy.


My the luck be with you and all the other great mystery coin givers.


Best regards and a happy holiday René

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Dear Mystery Noel Coin Sender,


Thank you so much!!! What a joy and a treat to be the recipient of one of these fun coins.


It was amazing how fast my brain processed what I had in my hands. First I saw the package and KNEW it was a mystery package - but what?! Then I opened it and saw the No-L and thought OMG, it's a No Landsharkz coin! LOL! Then my son and daughter (teens) saw it and said No Mom, it's No-Losers! Then I opened my mouth and said "I wonder what No-L is all about"... as soon as I heard myself say it, I grinned from ear to ear at the play on words. How brilliant!!


Thank you once again and congrats to the folks who got to say that they got the 'First No-L' coin!




(for Chris and Helen - Landsharkz)

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The wonderful, terrific No L mystery coiner donated a coin to sell on eBay for *River Cacher* family Christmas.


The envelope it was sent in said

"Please add this coin to your e-bay auctions for the RC family...it's sort of the LE version."


It is beautiful shiny polished nickel.



It is non-trackable, so I can't post a link, but you can search.... :ph34r:

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I walked down to the postbox in the snow, not expecting anything but some junk mail - and was surprised to find a package to me, from me.

As soon as I saw that I had an idea of what it could be and ripped it open to find one of the No-L coins - my first mystery coin :D :D :D

A big thankyou to the mystery coin sender :D



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just when I thought I made the naughty list and all I was going to get was a lump of coal in my stocking, I recieved a letter from myself with this lovely coin in it yesterday.

Thank you "No L" for the wonderful gift!

May your holidays be filled with the smiles you have shared with all of us this season....

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The wonderful, terrific No L mystery coiner donated a coin to sell on eBay for *River Cacher* family Christmas.


The envelope it was sent in said

"Please add this coin to your e-bay auctions for the RC family...it's sort of the LE version."


It is non-trackable, so I can't post a link, but you can search.... :ph34r:


ebay auction ends in 4 ish hours 5:55 p.m. pacific time... 8:55 eastern time... I apologize but if you are out of the U.S. you need to calculate your own times... I am no good at that...

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The wonderful, terrific No L mystery coiner donated a coin to sell on eBay for *River Cacher* family Christmas.


The envelope it was sent in said

"Please add this coin to your e-bay auctions for the RC family...it's sort of the LE version."


It is non-trackable, so I can't post a link, but you can search.... :ph34r:


ebay auction ends in 4 ish hours 5:55 p.m. pacific time... 8:55 eastern time... I apologize but if you are out of the U.S. you need to calculate your own times... I am no good at that...


that would be stardate -311033.00038051745 for us geekie folk!


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As I was leaving out the door to do my very last (fingers crossed!) Christmas shopping trip my son handed me the mail. I got into the car and threw the mail on the front seat beside me and left. It wasn't until I was stopped waiting for a light that I looked down and saw the envelope on top with my very own return address...OH BOY!! I totally knew what that meant:lol: BUT due to our new distracted driving law I let it sit there and only opened it when I got home. Let me tell you it sure helped me brave those shopping crowds knowing I had something special waiting for me in the car!


:santa: Merry Christmas Mystery Sender! Thank you ever so much for adding me to your list of "no-L's"! :santa:


That reminds me, even though we decorated the tree last night I forgot to put on all my Christmas coins!


Edited to add a picture of the height of my craftiness:laughing:. We had a xmas wreath competition at our "Cachers' Christmas" event this past weekend and this was my entry:

2011-12-20174609-1.jpg You can't read the little sign in the middle but it says 'Merry Cachemas'. There are also four geocache containers on the wreath not including the mini ammo can tb hanging in the middle.

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Whoot!!! I found a wonderful surprise when a plastic bag containing a mangled card showed up addressed to me from me. Santa's helpers must have had a hand in this coin's final destination - lol - because the envelope was in rough shape and torn wide open. Despite the rough handling the coin was still in there! What a great surprise for the week of Christmas :D Thank you so much to the mysterious elf behind these coins for such generosity in spreading the good cheer to cachers everywhere. Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the New Year! :grin:

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It is truly amazing what you might find in your mail-IF YOU CHECK IT! I have been so busy this past week that I have not had time to check any of my mail. The mail carrier rubber bands my mail and puts it into my mailbox. My son would check the mail and stack it on my desk. Well, I finally spent last night going through all of the cards, bills, and advertisements and as I neared the end of the piles, there was a little card, which I thought was a Christmas card. I opened it and saw a little brown envelope inside; I quickly flipped it over to see who it was from. An envelope addressed to me from me . . . A MYSTERY COIN? . . . no way . . . yes-way! WOW! GOLLY GEE! THANK YOU! It is a mystery Geocoin . . . way better than a Christmas card. I was so excited; I couldn’t wait to see what this was all about. Yep, there is a thread in the forums and I am way behind in finding out about it-but as they say, better late, than never.


Thank you for this gift. Your generosity during this season has brought joy to many hearts-mine included. May you have a wonderful holiday season and revel in the thought that you have brought much elation to those of us who love a good mystery coin.


Many congratulations to all of you who were also lucky enough to receive this lovely and humorous mystery coin.


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My wife woke me up in the morning with 3 envelopes that the postmen brought. One of them was from myself

so I opened it immediately. Inside was the great No L Mystery coin!!!!! I feel so honored to receive these saisons greetings and the timing was obviously perfect :santa: :santa: :santa: !! Thank you soooo much mystery coiner! I can't say the coin made my day because having a wonderful family Christams Eve is of course always something very very special (in Germany the presents will be given on Christmas Eve!) but it is definitely cherry on the cake!




Merry Christmas to everybody!!(you are the best internet community in the world!!!)

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