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  1. That's a wooden nickel/signature item - basically a non trackable wooden coin created by someone (in this case it looks like a cacher called Ferys, to show they've visited the cache). The coin logged into the cache I guess has either been taken and not logged yet, or maybe unfortunately just been taken. It's normally treated as a normal trade item, which you can either keep (some people also collect these) or place in another cache.
  2. My newest design is now available to buy from my online store. This design was inspired after a trip to Rome, and these 3D coins measure 2 inches tall and 10mm thick at the thickest point (they have a nice 3D edge - not a thick flat edge like a few of my previous 3D designs). All coins are trackable and have a unique icon. This design will be limited to just 300 coins - and only 10 versions have been made. Annoyingly though a lot of the satin finish coins arrived with some minor marks on most coins, due to it being a softer finish and not enough care was taken by the factory during production. As a result - a lot of those versions are being sold at a discount. 10 x Black Nickel/Glow (AE) 20 x Satin Gold/Black (XXLE) 20 x Satin Gold/Purple (XXLE) 25 x Satin Silver/Orange (XLE) 35 x Antique Copper/Green 35 x Antique Silver/Blue 35 x Antique Gold/Purple 40 x Antique Copper/Orange 40 x Antique Silver/Red 40 x Antique Gold/Red I've attached pictures of a few versions, but larger photos can be found either on the listings on my shop, or on my CW88's Geocoins page on Facebook.
  3. There were 25 made of each, so there's no real AE version (it was going to be the black/turquoise version though which is my favourite one). I'm not doing any trades on these just now, but there are still some available on my store.
  4. Some people might have already seen on my facebook page - but my new Seahorse Pendant coins have finally arrived and are now available from my webstore. For one week I'm also doing a deal where orders over £50 get a free pin/badge, and orders over £100 get a free coin. This design was inspired by some street art I saw while travelling in South America. The coins measure 2 inches tall, 3mm thick and have a detailed 3D paisley style design under the translucent enamels. There is also a hole at the top so it can be turned into a pendant or attached to a key chain... 12 versions were made - each limited to just 25 coins (and I wont be doing a remint of this design). All versions are trackable and have their own icon - and a couple of versions have some glow in the dark enamels too . It's not letting me post photos of all the versions here (I guess there is a limit) but here are most of the versions available:
  5. The samples arrived today and came out well. I need to make some small changes to a few versions, and will make 1-2 additional versions for the final coins. And the final coins will be available from mid-November on my webstore. I'm travelling a lot until then so will post more information about the sale in November, but they'll likely go on sale either the weekend of Nov. 14/15 or 21/22. And to Crowesfeat30's comment - I had tried out a few different options for the tracking number. But the space was a little small and an awkward shape for most things I tried. Something like the feather was one thing I didn't try though and probably would have looked a bit better than the plain rectangle, but maybe not worked properly with this coin. I'll make sure to keep that sort of idea in mind for some future designs though Anyway here are a couple of the samples. This isn't all the versions (a few of the others that will probably change I'll leave on Facebook). A couple of these might have some small changes, but they should mostly look like these for the final coins. And again they're 2 inches tall, 10mm thick with hard translucent enamels.
  6. The samples of my next design - the 'Dragon Egg' coins, are currently in production and hopefully I'll have some samples to show in the next few weeks. I posted a preview of these on my Facebook group the other day, but didn't give all the details about them. So these will be another 3D coin - 2 inches wide and 10mm thick. And likely 300 coins will be made. The top side is the 3D egg and will just be bare metal (with no enamels). The bottom side will be 2D with a hard enamel finish, and a 3D baby dragon under translucent enamels. All will be trackable and will have a custom icon too. There are currently 7 versions being sampled - to try out the different colours/metals. Depending on how they come out there may be a few more limited versions too. Here's a look at the artwork so far - and once samples arrive I'll post proper photos of them too. Front/Back/Side view More detailed image of the Dragon without any colours
  7. I've reduced the price of the remaining coins on my webstore to hopefully help cover some of my next design. The Sword/Shield pairs are now £30 each (including postage) - and again this is for 2 trackable coins. The LE Swords have also been reduced to £15 including postage.
  8. Glad you like them And I just use regular parcel tape for most of them, but probably overdo the tape a little just to make sure the envelopes don't break (I don't quite trust the envelopes completely after a couple of them split in a row a few years ago and coins went missing). Hopefully the majority of coins arrive ok - I've had about 5 people find the top part of the coin has separated during shipping. I was told they were meant to be soldered on, but it actually looks like it was glued on which I'm a bit annoyed about. But I've found a bit of superglue fixes it fine (and probably stronger than whatever glue was originally used). Hopefully the rest of the coins that were sent out will get to everyone soon.
  9. Now I have problems counting. So there are 50*7=350 Shields total and 65*5=325 Swords total... Ups! Something is wrong here... I guess that copper and silver hilt Swords have higher mintages as there are two Shields for each of them to fit into. You're right - I only counted one each of the 50 copper and silver swords. There were 350 swords with the pairs and 120 extras including the LE's. The correct numbers of the swords should be: Antique Gold: 50 + 15 Antique Bronze: 50 + 15 Antique Silver: 100 + 15 Antique Copper: 100 + 15 Shiny Gold: 50 + 15 LE: 45
  10. All the final coins have arrived, and will go on sale from my webstore on Sunday, June 21st at 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time). They are mostly the same as the photos I posted before, with a few additional versions (larger photos can be seen on my Facebook Group). There are 40 made of the first 6 versions, which will be £12 each. And 35 made of the other 8 versions, which will be £13 each. And to confirm the final sizes/finishes: they are 2 inches wide, 3mm thick with soft enamels (but an epoxy coating - giving it a hard enamel feel. And a few versions with no enamels at all. They also have 1 small gem in the middle on the front. There will probably also be a remint of this coin later in the year, but with new versions.
  11. It took a while, but all the final coins have arrived, and they will be going on sale from my webstore on Sunday, June 21st at 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time). For final numbers, there are 50 of each Shield (7 versions), 65 of each Sword (5 versions) plus and additional 45 LE Swords (only available on their own, with Shiny Gold/Antique Silver finish). As they were designed to fit the swords, the Shields will be sold as pairs with their matching Sword (as shown below). Each coin has their own individual tracking number, but will share an icon. And there will be a small number of single swords available on their own. The pairs will come in the custom velvet bags, but the single swords will come in small plastic bags. And just to confirm the sizes: The Shields measure 2.25 inches wide and 13mm thick, with imitation hard enamels. The Swords are 3.5 inches long, around 3mm thick and are 3D, made of stamped copper and all have two tone finishes. Together the Sword & Shield weigh around 115g. The coins did end up being expensive to produce, so these might be the only ones made unless there is enough interest for a remint. Then maybe a few new versions might be made. But for pricing, all the pairs will be £35 each (that's for 2 trackable coins), and the single 'RE' swords will be £15 each and the LE's £17. All the pairs can be seen below.
  12. I made the first Mehndi Mandala coin a few years ago. At the time I was trying to decide between a 2D or 3D coin, and went with 3D as I hadn't made a 3D coin yet at that time. But now I've decided to make the 2D version. This one has the same basic design, but with a few small changes. These measure 2 inches wide, 3mm thick and had to use soft enamels (due to the small size of parts of the design), but with an epoxy coating giving them a nice smooth feel (similar to hard enamel). They will all be trackable with an icon and will be available in June (and will be around £12 a coin). I will be away for most of April/May, so will post more details on the sale and any reservations in early June. Larger photos can be seen on my Facebook Group, where I'll also post more details: CW88's Geocoins Here are some of the versions that will be made. There will be a few additional versions available too which weren't sampled. And depending on their popularity, there will likely be more new versions in future (with possible custom/personal versions for people to make).
  13. After a few months of designing/sampling, I'm going to have a large 2 part, 3D design coming out in June. The 'Celtic Sword & Shield Geocoins'. Being half Scottish, the theme of this coin is something I've wanted to do for a while (so it's sort of a personal coin), but it took a while to come up with a design I liked to go with the idea. The Shield part of the coin measures 2.25 inches wide, is 13mm thick at it's thickest point and weighs around 100g. The front side is 3D, and is based on a Scottish 'Targe' shield design. The raised/3D part of this coin also contains a slot through it which will hold the Sword coin. The back side is 2D and features the Waddell family coat of arms (my surname) and has the Waddell family motto 'Orna Verum' meaning 'Adorn the Truth'. The shields will have imitation hard enamels (with textured metal and designs under the translucent enamels), and some with two tone finishes. The Sword coin is based on a Scottish Claymore sword and is made of stamped copper. It measures 3.5 inches long and 3mm thick with two tone finishes. It has nice 3D details, and the base of the handle has a lions head symbolizing my connection to Africa where I was born and grew up. These coins will be sold as pairs (A trackable Shield with matching trackable Sword), and will come in a custom velvet bag (as shown above). Then there will also be some extra swords available on their own. They will all be trackable, and will share an icon. Right now I've ordered 50 pairs of each sword/shield, with a small number of extra matching swords. There will also be one additonal sword version (Shiny Gold/Antique Silver - shown above) which is the only version that won't be paired with a sword. Due to their size and how they are made, these will be more expensive than previous coins. Pricing is still to be finalized but the single swords will probably be around £15, and the Sword/Shield Pairs around £35. I'm going to be away for most of April/May, so I will only have the final coins in early June. So will post more details on pricing, the sale and any reservations in June. So for now here is a picture showing the size (compared to my 2 inch Global Nomad coin) as it's hard to tell the actual size from the above photos. And here are all the versions that are being made (though the bottom Black/Gold version is being changed, from the Black Nickel base to a Shiny Gold base). - Antique Silver Shield with Antique Silver/Shiny Nickel Sword - Antique Gold Shield with Antique Gold/Shiny Nickel Sword - Antique Copper Shield with Antique Copper/Shiny Nickel Sword - Two Tone Antique Silver/Gold Shield with Antique Silver/Shiny Nickel Sword - Two Tone Antique Gold/Silver Shield with Antique Bronze/Shiny Nickel Sword - Two Tone Antique Copper/Gold Shield with Antique Copper/Shiny Nickel Sword - (for final version) Shiny Gold/Shiny Gold/Black Wipe Shield with Shiny Gold/ Shiny Nickel Sword Larger photos of all the versions can be seen on my Facebook Group, where I'll also post more updates: CW88's Geocoins
  14. I forgot to post on here before - but I still have a couple of the LE, XLE and my AE coins remaining on my new webstore, if anyone is still looking for certain versions. All the prices shown include postage: http://geocoinsbycw88.tictail.com And here are some more photos of all the versions that were made:
  15. **ON SALE NOVEMBER 1st, 7pm CET HERE.** I'd thought I'd posted something about these coins already, but looks like I forgot. These are my new Sand Dollar Geocoins - using the same 3D sand dollar design from my Aphrodite coins. There are 9 versions made, each measuring 2 inches wide and 3mm thick. With an inverted 3D Sand Dollar design on the front, and a tribal design on the back. All of them are trackable with a unique icon and come in protective sleeves. The majority of them have hard translucent enamels and shiny finishes. 2 versions have no enamels on the front with hard enamels on the back and Satin finishes. And the Artist Edition has a Satin Gold finish and black and white glow enamels on the back. The current versions are: Blue x40 Turquoise x40 Green x25 Red x25 Orange x25 Purple x25 Satin Gold x50 Satin Silver x50 Artist Edition x20 All versions could be reminted if there is enough interest though. There are also smaller pendant versions available (though not trackable) - so if anyone is interested in those please contact me or check my webstore. And sorry for the late notice, but these will be going on sale today from my new webstore(Saturday, November 1st) at 7pm CET (GMT+1) - slightly over an hour from when this is being posted. All prices will include the postage costs (due to issues with giving the correct postage costs during checkout) - so the postage during checkout should be £0. Photos of all versions can be seen below, and they will be on sale here.
  16. Replied to your email - but for other people, this new webstore doesn't look like it has accounts you can create. But from a test sale I did, it appeared to remove the coins from the shop when it's added to your basket, and nobody mentioned any issues with it. So there hopefully shouldn't be the problem the other store had where coins can keep being added to people's baskets until you check out, and people ending up with nothing. I'm sure more people will be trying to buy at once today so hopefully it works the same way. And just before the sale I will take the store offline for a few minutes, as I can only add new stock individually. Then will make it live again with all the coins at 7pm.
  17. Sorry I didn't get this up on here sooner - There are 3 new LE shiny versions available, and the 3 reminted LE Antique versions. They will be going on sale tomorrow (Saturday 25th) at 7pm CEST (Swiss Time). They will be going on sale with the King Tuts and new Backpacker coins. I've been trying out a new webstore which hopefully works out better for people - it hopefully keeps all items in your cart until you check out and hopefully also wont oversell coins. Though I have found it has issues with postage (only charging one flat rate no matter how many coins are ordered), so the coins all have the postage costs included in their price, and during checkout the postage costs should be £0. http://geocoinsbycw88.tictail.com/
  18. CW88

    King Tut Geocoins

    Sorry I didn't get this up on here sooner - There are 4 new RE versions available, and the 2 reminted shiny gold/red or blue versions. They will be going on sale tomorrow (Saturday 25th) at 7pm CEST (Swiss Time). I've been trying out a new webstore which hopefully works out better for people. I have found some issues with the postage costs being correct during checkout though (only charging one flat cost no matter how many coins are ordered), so I have put the postage costs into the prices of the coins instead and it should show £0 postage during checkout: http://geocoinsbycw88.tictail.com/
  19. CW88

    King Tut Geocoins

    These coins arrived today along with my Global Nomad coins, and think they came out well. I'm still to finish checking all the coins, but they will go on sale next Saturday (14th) at 7pm Swiss time from my webstore. There are 2 RE's - Shiny Gold with Blue or Red back (£15 - and will probably be reminted), 3 LE's - Antique Gold/Silver/Copper (£17 - same versions wont be reminted), 2 XLE's - Black Nickel/Glow + Satin Silver (£20) and one Artist Edition (Satin Gold/ Black enamel on back). Most of the AE's are already taken so the remaining few will probably only be auctioned on ebay. Here are all the final versions:
  20. The final coins all arrived today (about 40kg's worth) and came out well . I've just finished photographing them but am still to go through and check them all individually, which which will probably take me another day or so. So the coins will go on sale from my webstore next Saturday (14th) at 7pm Swiss time. There will be 8 RE/LE/XLE versions to go on sale from my webstore. RE: £15 - Antique Plating (might be reminted in small numbers in future), LE: £17 -Satin Plating (same versions wont be reminted) and XLE: £20 - Black Nickel/Glow (also wont be reminted). There are also a few 'One of a Kind' versions (only 1 made of each) which I'll auction on ebay over the next couple of weeks, the first will go up this weekend. And instead of an 'Artist Edition' this time, there are also 2 special limited Black/Gold versions (shiny gold/black and two tone shiny gold/black nickel/glow) which are fundraiser versions for a trip I'm doing in a few months, and will only be available by backing the trip on our Trevolta page. Those are limited to 25 coins each and also wont be reminted. Here are all the current versions (sort of in order of RE/LE/XLE/Fundraisers/One of a Kind). The pictures on here are quite small, but bigger ones can be seen on my Facebook Group. Text on the side of the coins
  21. After my Scarab geocoins I wanted to make another Egyptian themed coin, and King Tutankhamun's sarcophagus/death mask was one I've wanted to make for a while. After visiting the Tutankhamun exhibition in Geneva earlier this year, where replicas of everything in his tomb were displayed exactly as they had been found, I was able to get some detailed photos of the death mask, as well as other objects that I could use to turn into a coin. I know a few coins have been made before on this theme, but none that I know of were just of the mask in 3D. My coins are 2 inches tall (at its widest point) and 10mm thick, with the top side being detailed 3D. The front side is King Tut's death mask, and the back features hieroglyphics found on one of the burial vaults found in the tomb (seen in the photo above), with soft enamels and a variety of finishes. These are the current samples that will probably all be made - though will all have some slight changes. I also sampled in black nickel but it didn't come out looking right. I'll be making changes over the next few days and hope to have the final order in by the end of next week. I'll also be selling a few of the samples on ebay over the next 1-2 weeks to help cover that. By then I should know the final versions, number of each version and approximate price, so will try and post that information when I know and would hope to have the final coins by early May. And will post more about the sale closer to when I'll have the coins.
  22. Got some new samples today - will create a new thread on them soon.
  23. I received samples of my new Global Nomad coins the other day, and plan on ordering the final coins soon to have in early May. As I've grown up always moving to a new country every few years and never really had a permanent hometown, I wanted to make a coin inspired by that. These coins measure 2 inches wide, and 10mm thick with a 3D dome shape on the top side with detailed 3D continents, featuring the part of the world I've mainly lived in. The bottom side again shows that part of the world, with a small compass rose design, quote and common travel icons/modes of transport, with soft enamels and some glow in the dark areas. I'm still finalizing the versions, numbers of each version and need to figure out the final pricing, and there will be some small changes to these but expect to have them in around a month. I'll post more information on when they should go on sale, as well as photos of all the final versions around the end of April/early May here and on my Facebook Group. Here are a few of the samples so far.
  24. Just in case anyone is still looking for one of these, I have my very last one on ebay just now - finishing tomorrow. And although I really like these coins and know they've been popular, I probably wont remint them again as I know people liked the versions of these being quite limited, and there are already 24 versions so it's hard to come up with new versions that would still look good as I'm limited to only using soft enamels. I might make another coin similar to this later on though. And right now I am working on another Egyptian themed coin - based on the King Tut golden death mask which will also be a 2 inch, 10mm thick 3D coin. I'll post more information on those in about a month when I should hopefully have samples.
  25. There's just around an hour until these go on sale from my webstore. And I know this coin is probably a little large/expensive for most people, which is why they were made in quite small numbers and limited to 25 of each version. Here are a few more photos showing the glow in the dark areas and the size (compared to a 1.75 inch coin). I am starting to work on another coin with the same 3D sand dollar design though. I just need to finish the design on the back, but they will be smaller and more affordable and probably made in slightly larger numbers.
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