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  1. I come from the Czech Republic and the use of a word GEOCOIN is definitely inadequate. A vast majority of these wooden tokens are not trackable and are predominantly meant as swag items. There is no way to track them and there is no need to contact the owner. If you want you can have these tokens made in several Czech geoshops, too.
  2. Hi, how BIG is this BIG coin? What is the diameter and are the regular versions still available?
  3. Mine have arrived, too. They look great. Great job, thanks.
  4. It seems my worries were appropriate.
  5. I am looking for MOGA 2011 Award Geocoin that used to be on sale at www.geocoinstore.com - Geocoin Page. I am only interested in the award coin and I accept and activated version, too.
  6. I am a little afraid to pay someone with one-day history in Geocaching but I have sent my offer, too.
  7. I am looking for a Mayan Calendar Spinner (either Geoswag (sold out) version or the Groundspeak (still available) version - I suppose they are the same size). Right now, the Groundspeak version is not available in any shop in my country so if somebody is willing to sell or trade (or just help), I would be more than happy. EDIT: solved, thanks.
  8. Just a question. It is a two-inch coin, but the diameter is measured with or without the "tops"?
  9. For me 1 x Orange/Blue 1 x Pink/Purple please.
  10. Hi again, and thanks for the info and mail. I am really looking forward to see the whole (not really, I know) series together.
  11. Hi Chuck,I have just seen the winter version on e-place. Does that mean that orders have already been shipped?Greetings.
  12. Try www.crakeproductions.com. I think they are still available.
  13. AE means Artist Edition (usually very limited numbers)
  14. And ... it is WOTY 08 Geocoin (Wheel of the Year).
  15. "Kolo Roku" in Czech means "Circle of the Year". However, I do not think this is the official name of the coin.
  16. Very nice, indeed. What is the coin almost in the middle above the camera on the left?
  17. I do not think we will get some extra replies once the same forum on Czech pages disappeared from the frontpage. It(disappearing) does not happen here and this fact was another reason to have the Czech forum here.
  18. Really nice. I am looking forward to see the coins in hand.
  19. OK, I first contacted Groundspeak by mail and I got a reply from Sara to write that reqeust in the forums, too. She herself suggested the Bug forum.
  20. I would like to ask for a new Czech speaking forum although I know there is a strong tradition of www.geocaching.cz forum. I had a few positive reactions to this proposal but I cannot assure anyone that people will start using the new forum in great numbers. I really like the Dutch speaking forum divided into sections and I think it would be a good reason for Czech geocachers to use a structured forum, too. However, for the start, a single forum would be nice. So if there is a chance for a new Czech forum I would appreciate it very much. Zdenek aka geoquino
  21. Sorry for my mistake. I should have written Jim. The rest of the sentence is correct, though.
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