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  1. As I am sorting through my coins I have found some more that are not listed anywhere. UFO 2 tone black and silver 1 set of Cache Wars coins Earth Turtle Petroglyph 2010 #37 All coins are inactivated unless otherwise stated.
  2. Due to some financial issues I am putting some of my coins up for sale. Ancient culture- King Tut Earth Turtle Oceania New Zealand Earth Turtle 2008 green Earth Turtle Bora Bora 2008 Halloween compass rose gold and nickel Compass rose 2010 Terceiva Tranquility AN -activated Yemon yime AG I also have many of the coin club coins from the last 6 months and check out my coin tracking page. I will consider offers on any coin except mystery and coins that are Indiana Anthony's. Just email me I will be taking offers till Sunday 18th.
  3. Wow, I haven't been on the boards in forever but this weekend I went to get the mail and found a card to me from me. Thank you so much mystery sender!!! I need this little bit of Christmas cheer.
  4. I am glad you like it!! I have not had a lot of extra time to check out the forums, cub scouts and work are keeping me very busy, but I wanted to check and make sure you finally got your coin. I am glad you like your little extra I haven't sent any of them out yet.
  5. Wow Mooncat, I can't believe that mine coin hasn't gotten to you yet??! It has been over two weeks!! I hope all is well with it.
  6. Got my Jeep coin in today! Love it-just empty every pocket lol Thanks
  7. Got mine sent to Mooncat this morning while on an outta town trip. The postal guy said today was the first day he has been able to mail to Canada. Edit-cuz I can't spell
  8. I will be getting my trade in the mail tomorrow. Thanks so much for running this and for everyone that participated
  9. I got a mailbox full of beautiful kittens today! Thank you so much Anne and Eli. I'll try to post pics later but I'm running out the door to help with cub scout camp this week. Love the coins! Esp the tiger.
  10. Even if I did "design" the ice cat, I love the tiger!!!! I can't wait to see them. Great job as always!
  11. I might be interested but like most people I could not afford to buy a huge lot at one time. I will keep an eye on this thread to see what you do.
  12. I'm so excited, I got the silver version for Indiana Anthony since he will be getting his carving merit badge this year. What a great way to remember his achievement and help a good cause.
  13. Got my coins in yesterday and Indiana Anthony loved them!!!! And I found a little extra surprise inside Thanks!!!! OMG what a great coin & tag set. Thanks so much!
  14. Lots of great coins in the last few days!!! Masters of the Cache II (both finishes), the GCC of the month for this month-a great dragon coin that Anthony tried to run off with and 2 sets of Cache Wars and tags.....And last but not least....wait for it.....A JEDI MICKEY!!!!!!!! :surprise: :surprise: WOW!!!! Thanks So much!!! I know Indian Anthony want this one but I think it is going in my collection since he got a Masters of the Cache II and a Cache Wars set that he fell in love with, so he was ok with it. Also I love the Walpurgis that DrNeal got this week. What a great coin!
  15. Email sent! Keeping my fingers crossed
  16. Thanks for the cointest! My dark story- Indiana Anthony & I decided it was time to hide our first cache. It was around Halloween and we had been at the costume store and spotted some rubber rats....hummm wheels started turning. I hollowed out the belly and hid a micro in there and and hid it in the crook of a tree. Some of the logs have cracked me up! Including the FTF couple that had scared me to death at a new cache a few weeks prior, acting like utility workers wanting to know What I was doing....turn about is fair play! Anyway that poor rat has been thrown so many times & scared so many people, evil I know.
  17. Got my 2 in today. Stunning! My son & his stepsister where amazed at it. He said it was going to school for show and tell.....glad I got 2. Great job again!
  18. I showed Indiana Anthony this coin & like quite a few coins out right now (the warrior, jedi mickey) he fell in love! We took him 2 years ago to Dallas to see the king Tut show & he has loved Egyptian stuff every since. So.....being the good momma I am I whipped out the credit card and got us both one! I don't usually buy coins on my card cuz if I don't have the money, I just don't have the money but this coin is so great!! I can't wait to get it in person & really examine all the great details.
  19. Email sent- my first math trade!
  20. I some how missed the trade list, so if anyone wants to trade let me know
  21. Wow that is an amazing coin!!! I haven't been buy any coins lately cuz of tough times, but I might have to get this one.
  22. I still keep an eye on it because its my favorite thread, but haven't had time to search or draw lately. If someone doesn't post in the next few hours I will try to.
  23. I wish I had some extra money because I want to get this coin for my son so bad!! I know he would love it, but as with most people money is very very tight right now.
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