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  1. Moun10bike, Rock Chalk, I'm going to be very simple in explaining my hideous displeasure with this new search. 1. It's not intuitive. If you have to start defining variables in your filters WITH NO EXAMPLES GIVEN... that's a problem, especially if you are unfamiliar with the system. 2. When we searched, we could easily search from a location, our home location, by region, by geocachier, by...well, a lot of things, FROM THE SAME MENU. We are now faced with nested slide downs that may or may not give us what we want based on the combination of variables that we may or may not know that we have to do. 3. Region searches were by date. You got the newest first. Unless you go click on a 'Placed On' heading to reorganize them (wait, a second click, doesn't that put more stress on the database?) You don't see the new caches...which are first and foremost, the events in the future. 4. And here is where I think that many, many people have gotten upset with you for many times, and honestly guys, this is not a good way to keep people happy and wanting to spend money here....and that is your response to feedback. There are legitimate concerns that people have brought up. Your response has been "but modern webpage. you love it!" in some form or fashion. I honestly don't understand why when you release a new feature that you allow a trial period, say 2-3 weeks where both options are available as a choice on your profile. And see, here's the thing...YOU PUT A BANNER that allows people to go straight to the option. I'll try something, but if I don't like it, I can switch it back. That way you'd have hard data as to what features people want, and what features you want that almost no one else does. I'm sorry, but the search kind of ticked me off. Some caches I don't want to hide found caches while searching the database....there are caches that have you find the top X favorite points caches in a state. Before it was REALLY EASY to see if you found it or not. The whole bar turned color. Now it's an itty bitty smiley on a cache logo. with no color change on a row. Awesome removal of a feature that helped with visual searches quickly. And let me also be clear. This website's main draw is that geocache database. Not how flashy, or modern, or spiffy the design of the icons are. I STILL hate this generation of smileys. By all means allow for better, stronger, faster ways to access that database, but if people can't understand how to access the main draw of your website, they will not come back.
  2. I own the Arkansas version. There are a bunch. Most of the time, searching the phrase "Busy Day" will get you what you need. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm really late to this thread, but thanks to the mystery coiner. I haven't done many geocoin items this last year as I've been swamped with work and scheduling....and a hard drive crash, and well, a bunch of things. Thanks for letting me know I'm not forgotten around here.
  4. Looks like a servers down or something has broken the call command. yikes.
  5. For those of us that weren't at the Blockl Party, could someone give a GC number of a lab cache so we can see what a lab cache looks like?
  6. My question is.... Where moose? I mean, you see squirrel, you see moose. They are inseparable. Natasha...find moose for me.
  7. so while it works, I now have two entry boxes which the second one wraps down to the next line and messes up the look of everything else. How do I get rid of the first box (the one that shows up before the patch?) *Edit* Never mind. The other box was coming from the little helper script. these two used to coexist. *sigh* gotta now go through and make my linklist not need both on there.
  8. Moun10Bike, I've gotten one of the new formatted newsletters. I don't like it. This consistent shift to minimalist colors continues to make the webpage and now newsletter more and more bland. There's a reason I constantly get greasemonkey to add old icons and colors back to the page.
  9. Good grief, this is the second time that I missed this coin. I even went to go look today. I give up.
  10. Would LOVE to see if you coulg get LIVE integration with Geocaching.com for logs and reading of the GC logs and things. That'd be nice.
  11. I'll pull it down and see if it's better than FindAControl. If it is, then unless a iphone version of taht really nice looking android app that someone on here did pops up for iphone, I may have found a new BM hunter program. *edit* I did play with it. I found me a new app.
  12. I did a swamp EC in kentucky just after Christmas.
  13. I had one sent to my place of work, where I wasn't at over Christmas break, so no idea when it was sent, but thanks a lot. and I recognize the HH, and I remembered thinking that I was surprised that he sent a Kwanzaa coin, didn't quite fit with the name, but I will say it was very appreciated. I pretty much fell off the face of the earth with coins, mainly because my supply of traders has gone to junk and well, I've not the extra funds to buy new ones that are pretty. I keep forgetting to send coins to avoior on a trade I did back in December (this week, I promise!) and yeah, the mystery coin was a very nice gift. Thanks.
  14. Need GM for these. BUT SERIOUSLY.... grey on white is not good for colorblind or contrast deficient vision. R/G of the same icon is a bad thing because of R/G colorblindness. Obviously GS did not think about cache accessibility with these icons.
  15. real simple. have the 13-13-13 event on Jan. 13th, 2014.
  16. I hate the new icons. Seriously, give us a pull down menu that lets us pick which set we want to use.
  17. I am hoping that someone can tell me since I asked earlier and didn't get a reply. I of course asked during one of the panic weekends when things were going wierd. Who's getting the AE version? Because i really, really want to get one of those.
  18. and yet I wish you could find a iOS coder to help you. *sniff* that being said, FAC, works ok for now when I am looking on the fly unexpectedly with time to kill.
  19. Quick question. Who gets the AE Christmas version? Can't wait to see all the pictures.
  20. So I won't be able to make it to any event this year, but I do want like one coin.. I really don't care from which event. Would love one that is mostly blues and silvers (anyone do one like that?) or mostly red, which I've seen a few events. PLEASE if you have an extra and would be nice to a coiner who has had his schedule go completely crazy since last summer, please let me know. Ash
  21. http://www.geosociety.org/earthcache/ecEDA.html
  22. I might...actually play this time. Not that I have much of anything. My level of traders is pitiful.
  23. well, when you come up this way, send me or secondgunman a note. we might come visit. We're just over in Fort Smith.
  24. That cache seems to be unpublished. I wanted to see what the challenge was.
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