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  1. congrats to our winner this is always fun see you next year
  2. congrats..... getting a mystery coin is always special
  3. Thank you for the wonderful coin. I will add it to my growing collection. it is fun and one i have not seen before. The chocolate is great too. Something told me i might get a gift from LadyBee4t. just a feeling i had. maybe it was the spirit of the easter bunny. thank you for the fun easter mission. i hope everyone has a great holiday.
  4. signed up--yes received name-- yes letter sent-- yes 3/15/13 received a letter--- not yet, i am sure it will be great
  5. participating: yes name received: yes Mission sent: no, thinking about a coin......
  6. email sent 2/21/13 can't wait for the fun. thanks for hosting this.....
  7. received my very pretty coin today. thank you again......
  8. thank you for the wonderful coin. it will have a home next to my other shadow coin. you are so very generous and know how to spread the love. i hope you had a great valentine's day and maybe shared some cheesecake.
  9. since i only lurk here now and again. i am happy to see that this is still a giving and caring place. congrats to the receivers of the coin and thank you mystery giver.
  10. what a cute coin. shadow sure is missed #4 ok, so here is my story. It is about 2 groups of people who did not like each other very. they were fighting over who could sell alcohol in the city of chicago. this was during the time when alcohol was illegal. what was our country thinking during that time? i can't believe such a law ever passed in this country. so one group lured part of the other group into a garage. this was possible because they were wearing police uniforms. now the next thing that happened was not very nice. the people dressed as police officers killed everyone. as i said, not very nice. the people who did this never were identified. there are many rumors and speculations on what happened and who did, but never any proof. this became known in history as the St Valentine's Day Massacre. that is the end of my story for you. i wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day, hope it goes better than the above story.
  11. there is one from the florida that is a pirate them. it is black and red.
  12. i can't wait to see it either.. just love those turtles.. i have some garden gnomes i can sell or maybea kidney...
  13. just look at them.... they are the most adorable animals... there are movies about them... cute cute cute
  14. I came home from a busy day of site seeing in washington dc to find a letter to myself in my mailbox. it was wonderful to see a shiney noel coin. thank you so very much mystery giver. you are what makes this community great. happy holidays to everyone near and far.
  15. nice coin...have a great holiday i am glad someone explained the no-L part... i was a little lost
  16. so sorry to hear about everthing.... my thoughts and pryers are with you.. the sun will shine again
  17. I still have a few coins traveling. I love getting notes when people find them... they are definately still making a difference.
  18. Signed up.....check Name received....check Mission sent....check Mission received....check I received a lovely gift from New Zealand. It is from KEEWEE. Thank you very much. It arrived earlier in the week. Since today is Easter I have not opened it yet. I will post pictures in the next few days. thank you for the mission.....I can't wait to try all of the chocolates.....
  19. I am so glad it got there before Easter. I am happy you enjoyed it. It was lots of fun to put together. Happy Easter!!! It is still Easter in my part of the US.
  20. I got my package in the mail on Tuesday. It is going overseas so I hope it makes it there by Easter. i love seeing what everyone is getting.
  21. This a beautiful coin. Congrats to the lucky receivers. I hope it doesn't cause any trouble for people. coins should just bring joy.
  22. hamster and mickey caching are both great... since they are about the same size maybe they are caching pals. lovely coins... you are always filled with "good luck" avroair
  23. email sent- yep name received- yep now to get collecting...
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