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  1. Coins will be shipped tomorrow from mint to me, so probably available within next 2 weeks
  2. Häärbert - Rambo - Schleimi - Winnie Zombie - Samba - Klecksi - Lucy - Pfefferminz MaRio - Pluto - Rosi Blacky - Camo - Frosty
  3. Why not? Pictures posted public, so no need to create a FB account to see them
  4. No personal editions, sorry ---- Samples of 2 editions should be ready at beginning of August. Monday is "Day of the Moster", I reveal 2 new editions each monday at my FB-page: https://www.facebook.com/WBcoins 6 editions already added
  5. This is an idea for a new coin. 15 editions (different colors, some with glitter, some with glow...) 1.5" (38mm) tall 2.5mm thick What do you think about it?
  6. After a long time I made a trade and this is what i got
  7. Just to let you know, sample coin is minted
  8. Just a bit to late: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151001886360?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  9. Hey, take a look at this database: www.mygeodb.de Unfortunatelly it's not in English, but maybe u can find some insprirations. After registration, you can add your coins by entering trackingcode and the database will receive name of coin and icon from Groundspeak-Database. You can mark coins as trade or buyable or hide it from view of others. Entering a coin (by official coin name) as "Request" will show everyone in database who is willing to sell or trade this coin. Maybe you both can combine your projects to make a real big thing
  10. Today I want to introduce a crazy idea which came up in a German facebook group and developed into a real geocoin. It all started when someone offered to equip some old pretzels with tracking codes and sell them on ebay. Inspired by the discussion the first „Brezen Geocoin“ Design occured as a joke and then was improved by increasing community of Pretzel Addicted. So finally we decided to put wood behind the arrow and find enough people so the coin can be produced. For those of you are able to understand German, all informations could be found here: http://mietzecacher.de/brezen And here is a translation with main facts: Some details: - trackable and own icon: - each edition has quantity of 20, 25 or 30 coins (neither less nor more) - 1.75" - 3mm thick - all editions are LE - NO remints, NO 2nd batch... Molds will be destroyed or sent to me (belongs to shipping costs) timetable: - choose your own edition till 19th Feb. 2013 - mint will check each edition and send me final quote - payment - production - mathtrade (further details later) - shipment (end of April/early May) Prices (in bracket without 19% VAT): Price per coin is 8.00€ (6.72€) and includes 10 gems + 2 colours (pantone or transparent) for front and one colour (pantone or transparent) for back. 20 Coins: 160€ (134,45€) 25 Coins: 200€ (168,07€) 30 Coins: 240€ (201,68€) Additional options have to be paid extra: glow: 0.35€ (0.30€) per coin glitter: 0.35€ (0.30€) per coin pearl: 0.55€ (0.65€) per coin antique finish: 0.85€ (0.72€) per coin two tone: 1.10€ (0.93€) per coin Example: 20 Coins (160€) with 2 glitter colours (2*20*0.35€) and antique finish (20*0,85€) is: 160€ + 14€ + 17€ = 191€ (~160.50€ w/o VAT) Shipping: Germany: 4.50€ EU: 9.50€ NON-EU: 8.00€ (For payment via paypal you have to add 3.00€ for paypal fee, sorry!) And how to get your own edition? To make sure not to have an edition made twice all already created editions could be seen here: Prezel Editions Overview 1. Choose plating: plating 2. Choose colours: pantone transparent transparent (different angle) glitter #1 glitter #2 glow pearl We recommend to use transparent color for area 3, otherwise recessed text will get lost! 3. Choose colour for gems: Gems 4. Send an email with these informations to: geocoins@mietzecacher.de Your name and delivery address (will not be published!): Quantity (20/25/30): Name of your edition: Plating: Colour for Area 1: Colour for Area 2: Colour of Gems: Colour for Area 3 (back): Attention: Mint has to check all editions and will give me feedback. If any edition is not possible to colour, we will contact you to find a solution! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or post them here. We will try to reply as soon as possible
  11. It has been over a year since my last post .... so I was really surprised to get a bubble mailer ..... with another envelope ... and YES I GOT THIS COIN :D THANKS SO MUCH !!!!
  12. Show God your coins and he will love them like we do! RIP
  13. LOL the 20-digit code is what you get from Groundspeak when ordering trackingcodes LLNNLN = trackingcode LLLNLL = activationcode NNNN NNNN = reference number for icon and coin, you can find number looking at filename of the custom icon. If you order an icon later, filename will be "NNNN.gif", otherwise generic icon is "23.gif" For example my Platons Atlantis has #4755 Usually all 4 blocks divided by a separator (";" or "," ... not sure) when getting codes from Groundspeak. Do not know why you get the reference number 2 times, maybe first one is reference for coin design and second for icon. Like one design but two icons (because of two different versions) it would be 12341234 and 12341235
  14. No reply to my mails Still waiting for the refund for 5 coins I returned to him to replace, but he wasn't able because mint reminted the wrong ones.
  15. Hmmmmm, no reply from scovak to me for over a month.. Still waiting for a refund of 55 EUR for 5 TOL with real errors (at the Error version) I've returned to him to replace but mint made wrong versions Hope to see money some days.....
  16. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH :D :D :D Found the envelope a few minutes ago and it took only a few seconds to open ..... Mystery coin giver, thank you! thank you! thank you!
  17. Only for a short time: All Platons Atlantis reduced to EUR 6.30 (excl. VAT) = less than 8.50 USD www.WBcoins.de Other coins reduced too!
  18. About 4 weeks till Xmas and time to light first candle on Advent wreath, so here is a special offer: Price of almost all Thurus reduced to EUR 4.20 (excl. VAT) = less than 5.50 USD www.WBcoins.de Other coins reduced too!
  19. About 4 weeks till Xmas and time to light first candle on Advent wreath, so here is a special offer: Price of all Naymlaps reduced to EUR 5.88 (excl. VAT) = less than 8 USD www.WBcoins.de Other coins reduced up to 30% too!
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