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  1. Hi, sorry to all i do not have answer. The Coins are gone. Best regards René
  2. Hi, i have two coins for trade. I´m looking for some mystery coins or other specials ;-) I would love to offer 1 x Bloody Snow White AE 1 x Gold Mystery Devil If any on is interessted in please send me an mail with your offer. Best regards René
  3. Woooohoooow. Yesterday i look in to my mail and what i see was a letter from me to me? :-) Thanks so much for let add me this great one into my collection. I love the Coin. Thank you dear mystery coin sender. My best wishes to you. René
  4. Congrates to all you lucky receivers. This coin is an realy great one. Hope sometimes one of this coins found his way to me. ;-) Many thanks to the great mysterycoingivers. Best regards René
  5. It is so Great to hear about so many lucky Coincollectors. who have received this awsome mystery coin. Many thanks to the mystery sender who let us all be happy. Hope sometimes i also have the luck to received one of this great Myst. Best regards René
  6. Many thanks. The last coin of this set arrives me save. It was the xle version. Nickel on cooper. What a great looking coin. Best regards René
  7. Hi, i would love to renew my most wanted Coinlist. 1. Mr. Gray mystery 2. Mr. Gray mystery 3. Het Gele Bussie 4. Het Gele Bussie 5. Colonel Cachington´s Unicorn I know about that this is realy rare. But i have to try it ;-) I crossed my fingers. Best regards René
  8. Congrate to all you lucky recipients. Thank you to the great mystery coin givers, who spend time and money to make other mystery coiners happy. Hope to get the chance to receive sometimes one of this great gifts ;-) Thanks so much. Best regards René
  9. Hi, have you checked the outer edge? Some time ago i have had one of this numberd Coins in my hands. Best regards René
  10. Congrate to this great coin. I´m also looking since a long time for one of this rare coins. I hope sometimes i get a chance to received one. Best regards René
  11. Yeaha, today i also received one of this great coins. This is a realy nice looking coin, which is a great addition to my collection. Thank you so much, Mystery Coin Sender :-). René
  12. Congrate to all who have get or found one of this great Mystery Coin. Many thanks to the mystery coiner who send out this great coins. I hope sometime i could also add one to my collection. Best Regards René
  13. Congrates to this great Coins. I hope that sometime Mr. Gray will visit me ;-) I belive in Mr. Gray. Best regards René
  14. Hi, since a long time im looking for this coins: Mr. Gray Mystery Het Gele Bussie Mystery Moun10Bike (i collect since more than 6 years and now its time to try to get one of this famous Coins for my collection) Colonel Cachington's Unicorn - Mystery Coin! Gratitude Mystery coin I hope that i finde some of my most favorite coins. Best regards René
  15. Hi, i have some coins up for trade: Mickey Jey Mystery Mickey Diver Mystery V2 Creepy Crawly Cachers Mystery Nickel Bitten by the Bug Gold Christmas Mystery Coin 2005 Geosasquatch Mystery Angel Mystery Digitel Hell XXLE (Number one of only 5 made) Unactivated I´m looking for Mr. Gray Mystery Colonel Cachington's Unicorn Het Gele Bussie Wizard Mystery (white) Wizard Mystery (yellow) Up & Down Pink Tree (AE) Windis Königlich-Bayrische Stammtisch Geocoin Gratitude Mystery coin Mystery - CreepyCrawlyCachers (Gold) I hope i could found some traders ;-) Best regards René
  16. Hi, my top 5 coins are: 1. Mr. Gray mystery 2. Mr. Gray mystery 3. Het Gele Bussie 4. Het Gele Bussie 5. Colonel Cachington´s Unicorn I know about that this is realy rare. But i have to try it ;-) Best regards René
  17. Hi, i have an 'Number 42' - Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy coin (round) up for sale or trade. I would love to trade for an Mr. Gray Mystery or an Wizard Mystery Orange or White Coin. Best regards René
  18. Hi, i have up for sale two Tranquility Coins. Both Coins are UNACTIVATED. Tranquility Geocoin "Dark Gold" Edition:: Enamels: purple(t) / red(t) / yellow (t) / blue(t); Metals: Gold Tranquility Geocoin "Purple Haze" Edition:: Enamels: purple(t) / lilac(t) / purple(t) / lilac(t); Metals: Gold If you are interessted in to sell one of them, please send me your offer. Best regards René
  19. Which coin is the Tower, second left from the bottom row? The Tower is the Leipzig Event Geocoin. Best regards René
  20. Today i received a mystery L Coins (the LE silver Version.) Many thanks and best regards René
  21. Hi All, since a long time i have an old seeker ;-) I´m looking for an Mr. Gray Mystery Coin. It would be so great to have the chance to add one of this great mystery coins to my collection. So please tell me what i have to do, to get one of them. Many thanks and best regards René
  22. It is realy great to see you all so happy about this great mystery. Today i also found one of this great looking coins in my mailbox. So dear Mystery Coin Sender, i thank you so much for the time and money you spend at this time to make us all so happy. My the luck be with you and all the other great mystery coin givers. Best regards and a happy holiday René
  23. Congrate to this great coins. I hope that sometimes i could also found one of them in my mailbox. I crossed my fingers and hope ;-) Best regards René
  24. Congrates to this great traders. Love to see the coins. Many thanks for let us know. Best regards René
  25. Hi All, I want to specialize and reduce my collection. So the most of the Coins i offer you can sell. My Seekers: Mr. Gray Mystery The Warrior Mystery Coin Geosasquatsch (not the silver version) Creepy Crawly Mystery Gold Coy Coin round (micro) I have the following coins for trade or sell: Fear no Cache AS Fear No Cache SE Antique Gold Fear no Cache Cooper with blue Good Karma/Bad Karma RE Good Karma/Bad Karma Glitter Version Good Karma/Bad Karma Pink Version Beer Fairy Green Glitter Beer Fairy Lila Glitter Caching Under The Stars Gun Caching Under The Stars Antique Nickel Groundspeak Volunteer 2008 Garmin GPS Map 62 Version (Geowoodstock) Compass Rose 5th Anniversary - Black Sea LE Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Antarctic Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Mediterranean Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Spice Island Templar LE Two-Tone Slow Tracker Pirate Sword Silver Pirate Sword Gold Mystik Naga Set Geo Sasquatch Angel Mystery Coin Christmas 2005 Mystery Micky Jedi Mystery Creepy Crawly Mystery Silver Please send me a Mail with your trade offer or your price. Best regards René
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