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  1. I agree (and I saw the website that you emailed me) but they want more specific details about the changes inside the geological feature. I have given three answers and they still say they are wrong but are willing to give a hint.
  2. Probably not the answer they are looking for.
  3. Correct cache, but no it is question 2 that is causing the problem. I haven given three of my theories but to the answer but still am getting it wrong. There is no answer to the question at the cache or online.
  4. Sorry, I can't think of a way to share more about the cache without divulging the identity of the cache. I am waiting to see if they delete my cache after trying to answer the question (in question) multiple times.
  5. I have a issue with one of my recent EC finds with regards to the lesson. This EC owner says in on the cache page (I am paraphrasing) that you 24 hours from logging to submit answers (which I don't have a problem with) and you have 2 weeks to submit corrections to the answers if you get any of the questions wrong (again no problem) BUT the issue I have is that at GZ there is no information sign that helps with or gives you the answers, the cache description does NOT give you any help or the answers, and online research on this specific EC again does not give you any answers. In my opinion the question that I have not answered to their liking is an opinion because I can not find a specific answer that they are looking for. I have responded multiple times and they still say I am incorrect and so now I am just waiting to see if they delete my find. I really like EC's and I don't mind doing some research but I am not a geologist and I don't think EC's are supposed to be a test but a fun way to learn a little more about our wonderful planet and science.
  6. I agree. Log the cache send in the answers and enjoy. If you are wrong the CO should contact you and help you to understand what they are looking for but in my opinion if you were there and did all you could then that should be enough for the "find". I don't always respond to my earchcache finders but I will not delete a log unless I think they did not visit the site our it was a drive by that did not even attempt to answer the questions.
  7. I am sure there are already threads about this but I couldn't find any some I am venting here. I am a semi active cacher but not a newby by any means and it seams like I have been finding more and more throw down replacement caches recently. The other day way finding a cache that is part of a geoart power trail in a fairly remote are I found the "new" cache in a pile of rocks and while rehiding it I found the original cache under the same rocks. (Fyi I drive by this geoart often for work and have been periodically stopping for one or two caches at a time) This is not the first time I have found both the original and the "new" container. The only good thing is I take the "new" container and rehide them as new caches. It is OK to want to help a cache owner but please do some due diligence and remember it is OK to log a DNF.
  8. Here are some of my scout themed geocoins- http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// For sale?? Sorry, no these are in my personal collection.
  9. Here are some of my scout themed geocoins- http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  10. I was going to share photos of the scout coins I own and have discovered but my hard drive where I have the photos saved has died and I can't access the photos. I will try this next week to get new photos done. I would do it this weekend but I am off to a winter campout with my scouts.
  11. Just wanted to share some good geocoin news. I found a cache that hadn't been found since July 2010 and inside were two geocoins and Jeep TB. All three had been listed as missing since 2010 and were not in the cache inventory. Unfortunately I didn't realize the cache hadn't been found in awhile so I left the coins and two additional TB's in it. I will go get all of them out today and move them along to other caches.
  12. I have had a change of address. How do I go about changing it on the address book?
  13. The railroad issue has been discussed a few times in the forum, but in my experience if you can show that the cache is not on railroad property and that there is access to the cache location without having to crossing the tracks (except at official crossings) then it should be published. One of my caches is right at some railroad tracks BUT they are not owned by the railroad AND they are no longer in service. I also put a way point for the parking area so that people would not cross the nearby active railroad tracks to get to the site.
  14. I am sure there are some more exotic earthcathes I would like to visit but for right now I am try to plan a earthcache trip through Yellowstone NP / Grand Teton NP. It doesn't have the highest concentration of earthcaches around but it does have quite a few.
  15. Except if every one in the group didn't even find every cache then 15 shouldn't be able to claim the find at all let alone the FTF. The problem the CO has is not knowing who's log to delete because you can't tell who really did find the cache. I think the first to find game is taken to seriously by some but I really do not like when someone claims a find when they were not there just because they are part of a caching group.
  16. Maybe this has been discussed before, but what are some of the most popular earth caches, both in favorite points and most finds? Least amount of finds? I really like all the stats, keep them coming.
  17. Thank you mystery coiner. I received mine a couple of days ago. It brightened my day on during a crummy stressful week. Thanks.
  18. I cache a little during the winter here in Wyoming. I even started a local bookmark list of winter friendly caches in our area. My definition of winter friendly was if I could find the cache in my work clothes (office attire) with out any special equipment other then a hat and gloves. My problem is I have found almost all the caches in the near vicinity to home so I am getting out less often.
  19. It published yesterday! I am working on a couple of others but I wanted to get one done first before I did the others.
  20. I am still waiting to hear back from my reviewer on the changes that were made after the initial review comments were sent to me. It has now been over two weeks since I submitted the changes for approval.
  21. The Wyoming State Parks that I have contacted about hiding caches in have been great. I don't think they have an official policy (I couldn't find one online) but both times when I have contact the superintendent they have said no problem and just to let them know where we are placing them. I have also contacted the Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and they have been very easy to work with. They have not only set up very easy policies to follow but they also have a series of caches throughout the state promoting using public lands. http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/prog/recreation/what_do_you_want_to/Geocaching.html I guess things are a little easier out here in the west.
  22. I heard back from the reviewer today with some minor suggestions on changes they would like to see. I have made them already and hopefully they will be happy and publish it.
  23. I just submitted my first EarthCache for review last week. I have been wanting to do one for awhile but was trying to find the right place. I was very surprised this area didn't have one so I am pretty excited about having an EarthCache at it. In fact I am think about another one near by. What is the typical time frame for having one reviewed? I sent mine in last week and have not heard back anything. I would have expected at least an email saying they were starting to review it. O-well I hope the review process goes smooth.
  24. Besides watching my daughter participate in the state cross country meet we found a couple of caches to help fulfill a personal caching goal. We also spent some of our caching time working on a couple information for some new earth caches we want to get published. I spent more time on the earth cache stuff then I did on looking for regular caches.
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