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NEW COIN: Water Otter


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I've been working on my next coin, Water Otter! (That is really fun to say!)


It is two inches tall, and features a gem on one side.


I grew up on the central coast of California, and I always think of sea otters when I think of this area. They are adorable, playful animals, and just a joy to watch. They are endangered, but it is still possible to see them floating on their backs, munching on their lunch near the kelp beds in the Monterey Bay. I wanted to capture their graceful water acrobatics in this coin, but with a playful style to the artwork.


The back features the kelp forests that they call home, along with a Garibaldi fish (not to be confused with the Babylon 5 character </geek>), another native to this area. If you look closely, you will also see a shark in the background.


The coin is trackable and will have a unique icon.


Here are the three sample versions (the samples should get to me on Monday, and I will try to take better pictures):



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You store them in water of course! ;)


The cost will likely be $10/each.

I need to get the samples in hand to see if I want to make any changes, but other than tweaking gem colors, I'm pretty happy with them from the photos, so it will likely be about 3-4 weeks for them to arrive after I put in the order.


They will be available for sale on my website:


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What a pretty coin!!!!! :D


Lovely animal and now a lovely coin for them!!! :D


I like the silver one a lot I also like the green in the 3rd! nice!!!


The shark is beautiful! Just like when you can see him from.... above the water.... in some movies or documentaries they show that.... they are flying with a helicopter or something and they can see a shark shadow close to the beach... in the sandy sea bottom....


I love the detail of the otter holding the gem stone! :D That's her food or the rock she uses to break the oysters! :D


Lovely coins anne!!! :D

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I received the sample coins this evening! I will take better pictures this weekend or if I manage to get home before the sun sets. :)


For now, here is the black nickel version, front and back.




And of course, what would a coin post from me be without a gratuitous "flourescing under black light" shot?! (Please note, this is not glow-in-the-dark, some of the translucent enamels just happen to light up under UV light)


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Thanks everyone for the nice remarks!

I got home early enough to snap some photos with actual sunlight *gasp* so you can see the colors better. :) I've also tried capturing the pearlescent finish on the white one.


I think I'm going to alter the color on the front of the black nickel one quite a bit as I'm not sure it makes sense to have two brown versions. The back will stay the same.





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WOW!!! The more I see the copper one... the more I like it!!! All 3 are amazing!!!!

it is so difficult to choose one that you like more... now I think I like the copper more! :laughing: Not that I do not like the others.... each one has its own beauty!!! :D


All look so playfull... just like otters! :lol:


I didn't know that about some of the Trans colours!!! so some look bright under UV light?? WOW!!! that's amazing!

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