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  1. I've updated the race standings -- looks like there's been a bit of an upset, with Team kizb's Spot jumping up to take 2nd place, and some mooovers lower down on the list too. Moozer, you're not alone in this; from a rough guess, at least half of the cows are currently "in the hands of..." cachers. Which struck me as interesting; I know that with coins, we often say "well, they're probably in the hands of new cachers who don't know what to do with them", but in this case, most of the stalled cows are in the hands of cachers who obviously know how to log trackables out of caches. I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting a response to your queries. : (
  2. Less than a day to go on these last three Artist Edition coins!
  3. Mine arrived safely and the whole family really likes it. Though I wish I'd gotten in on one of the green orb-ed ones, the one I got (silverish with lots of oxide sub-coloration) is really arresting. Awesome work!
  4. VERY nice! I'll definitely be lusting over these coins, even if I have trouble getting to 5-star caches. : )
  5. Thank you! Bit of a delay on shipment on the previous eBay batch - I got stuck at work all day and wasn't out until after the PO closed. But I'm making up for that today. : )
  6. Really? The style is dead-on her. It's a very clever appropriation of her style, then. Huh! Learn something new every day.
  7. Well, I was thinking I was sorry to have missed out on the presale. The art didn't thrill me, but the actual coin is pretty handsome and they seem to be good value...for those who actually get them. But it's frustrating to see this again, especially after Jim went through (reportedly) what he did to make up for the last time. The killer here is lack of regular communication with clients -- and outright refusing to communicate with clients -- and putting coins up for sale on eBay before every last customer gets his or her shipping notice. It's a crying shame, because the designs that Paula comes up with are so nice: the business practices associated with them just kills it for the regulars. It's a lesson to the rest of us who want to get into this business: don't do this. Of course, as has been pointed out before, as long as Jim waits until the furor dies down, there will always be new customers who aren't aware of his modus operandi, and of course due to the magic of eBay these beautiful coins will always have buyers (as we've seen). However, Groundspeak would be well within their rights, given the amount of work this creates for them in terms of dealing with angry emails, to simply refuse to approve another design proposed by Jim in the future. Hopefully Paula will move to some other vendor. So, all in all, I guess I'm not sorry I missed the presale after all. But the coins are still handsome. If there's anyone out there who's actually received theirs and has some extra to trade, please drop me a note and let me know what you'd consider a fair trade for the coin or coins you've got. Edited to add: make sure you're using this thread to report problems with this (or any) vendor.
  8. I've actually got three more to sell, but that's all I've got: after these three, there are no more. : ( Also, the time on these listings is a bit shorter: I've got a big inspection at work next week, so I need to be able to get these packaged up on Sunday: the listings are for five days instead of the usual seven. Ocean Kami AE #6 Ocean Kami AE #7 Ocean Kami AE #8 I'll be heading out the to the post office today to drop off the first paid package - thanks for your interest! : )
  9. +1 on the reservations excitement!
  10. Congratulations to all the winners! I'll be packing up paid orders tonight and will have them out tomorrow. Thank you so much!
  11. Bwah hah hah hah hah! Wonderful artwork, o sister in evilness! > : )
  12. Less than an hour left on these auctions -- get 'em while they're hot!
  13. Thanks -- I'm glad you enjoy the design! : )
  14. Less than a day left on these auctions -- thanks for looking!
  15. And y'all are calling me mean! ; )
  16. But it's only you newsletter subscribers who even know what it's called yet. Muah hah hah hah hah! In a few more days or so (maybe after we get a response from the mint) I'll post the original artwork here and reveal the coin to everyone.
  17. They'll be 1.75" in diameter (at least, that's the current plan). Thanks! : ) Edited to add: I probably will be open to some trades, but I don't know yet. I don't want to make any promises when we haven't heard back from the mint yet.
  18. I sent a newsletter out to my newsletter subscribers regarding this coin -- if you are a newsletter subscriber and did NOT just recently get a message, please log into the store and check your email address. I got five bounces and one "mailbox full" indication -- if you check your email and it isn't correct, you may need to resubscribe -- just look at your account settings and make sure the email is correct and you're subscribed (if you want to be). Cheers!
  19. Howdy everyone, Due to reasons as stated in the above message (i.e., I am a total dorkberg), I had to end the auctions prematurely and relist them. A thousand apologies! : ( I've edited the original list of auctions to reflect the new auctions, but just to recap: o Ocean Kami AE o Ocean Kami AE o Ocean Kami AE o Ocean Kami AE o Ocean Kami AE Again, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you for having patience with me!
  20. Got it. I am a total dorkberg this weekend!
  21. Ack, yes indeed! Total brain fart! Edited to add: fixed. Thanks bunches! : )
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