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  1. Something rings a bell about a mission into Scandinavia involving a source of heavy water, I think it was something to do with preventing Germany using it in the development of nuclear weapons. I also recently read a book about the search for superheavy element, and there was a dismantling of Japanese research facilities in the aftermath of World War 2 I am going with deuterium or tritium oxide aka Heavy Water
  2. A ding to you MartyBartFast It was John Harrison, The prize was £20000, quite a lot of money today, let alone in the mid 1700s This is memorialised by the Show of Hands tune, here played at Abbotsbury in Dorset Over to you
  3. Timing is everything! On that subject timing is essential for navigation, we use it on our GPS receivers to accuracy of feet. In the past there were many shipwrecks due to the inability to calculate longitude. Who was the man who designed/invented the first seaworthy clock that could accurately keep time in the varying temperature and sea condition? Bonus points if you can tell me the value of the prize he won
  4. Is it adoption of the same time across the network, rather than using local time from sundials? I'm sure there will be a formal name for it, but I hope I have the gist of it
  5. Well at one time Britain ruled a large chunk of the world, so I am going to guess the UK. I think it was one of the factors that led to the Falkland War - Access to Antartica And its resources.
  6. A quick response, back to you with a BOOM of schoolboy chemistry delight.
  7. Sticking with chemistry, there are two elements that are liquid at room temperature (20°C) and standard atmospheric pressure. What are they?
  8. I want to say H, at the top of the first column in the periodic table, however as oddity consisting of a single proton (if you ignore deuterium and tritium) and electron it does not strictly behave as an group 1 metal, so I might be missing something Anyway I will go with hydrogen
  9. It is the most ridiculous quiz ever, I am not sure you would ever be able to pitch successfully nowadays. Before Jack Dee took over the chairmanship, who was the long term host?
  10. You will have to help me on that one, as I am sorry I haven’t a clue. ????
  11. Spot on hal-an-tow a ding to you More people die playing bowls than any other sport.
  12. Still carried out by a large number, quite a sedate pastime....
  13. BASE jumping is clearly quite a dangerous occupation, however there are sports with a higher number of fatalities each year. Which sport accounts for the highest number of deaths? As my little boys who play rugby are always told, The ref is always right, even when he is wrong, so I will be the final arbiter.
  14. It is amazing to think how much influence a children's program had in those days. Other than the letter 'P' What meaning does the Blue Peter flag have when it is flown from a ship?
  15. A festive ding-a-ling to Searcherdog for their horns not working Elephant trunks are grey because they all belong to the same swimming club
  16. Sat around the table on Christmas day I was asked two questions by my two boys. I shall repeated them below, in order to avoid favouritism you shall only need to get one of them right, Why did the cow have a bell? Why are elephant's trunks grey?
  17. The only other thick skinned animal in africa I can think of is the elephant ?. The trunk would make a good snorkel!
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