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  1. All the packs are gone and have been shipped. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi Jay, I did sent you a response - maybe it went to your spam folder(?) Anyway, I sent another email and will also send you a message here. Thanks again.
  3. I always like the surprise packages....if there isnt enough interest, then I will break down the packs and list them individually. Here is just a small sampling of some of the coins that I have packaged. Circle of Four (there are 2 of these) Isolated Beauty (there are several of these) Tap Tap Geocoin (2 of these) Home is where the cache is EyeD10T proof Maine 10th Anniversary Geocoin The Great Outdoors Geocoin West Tennessee Geocoin Dawning Hope 2010 Geocoin CVC Cachers Geocoin A Nation of Outcasts Geocoin Tiahuanaco - Gateway of the Sun Geocoin Atlanta Gal Anniversary Geocoin Heddal Stavkirke Geocoin The Waldgeist is Watching Geocoin w/proxy United Kingdom Geocoin Geocaching Across the Atlantic Geocoin Stitch in Time Geocoin Idylwood Pirates Geocoin (Spinner) 2010 Geocaching Donnersberg Geocoin Moon Mushroom Geocoin Travel Case Geocoin Shooting Star Geocoin July GCC Spy Geocoin (w/pathtag) Dandelion Geocoin GW Sacramento '08 Geocoin Sunshine. Freedom. Flower,
  4. I have several Geocoin 5-packs available. Each pack has 5 regular sized Geocoins (1 1/2" or larger - all packs have at least 2 coins that are 1 3/4" or larger), unactivated and trackable, plus a bonus, which might be a non-trackable coin, bison tube, p****g, etc. I have pre-packaged these, so whats included is a surprise. Many of the packs retail value will exceed my asking price. I am asking $55.00 for each 5-pack, domestic shipping is included. If you would like this shipped internationally, I can work out the shipping with you. Insurance/tracking are optional. Paypal, check, money order all accepted. Please send me an e-mail via my Geocaching.com profile me if you are interested, or reply below. Thanks all!
  5. Thats a good thought. I am going to request that this thread be closed. I do have a few other things going on right now, so I am not going to start a new mission at this time, but this is one to keep in mind - possibly for the future. Thanks to all that participated - I am sorry that it fizzled out.
  6. Thanks for the offer. I have not heard back from any of the other folks that were part of the original pass. As it stands, there would be only 3 in the pass...I think that we would want more participants. What do you all think?
  7. Its been a while since I have updated this thread. I still have not heard back from sheltie, and seeing that she hasn't logged onto Geocaching.com in almost a year I don't have a lot of hope that I will be hearing back (although I will keep trying) [] I have a couple of things to ask of the participants of this pass. 1. If anyone is willing to help me try to run the coins down, that would be appreciated. I was thinking that if enough of us were to try to contact her, she may be more motivated to get the coins back to me (or back into the game). 2. Someone had suggested that I see if the rest of the participants would be willing to send me a coin or 2 to start up a new pass. I would take the coins that are sent to me and box them up with a new gift and the continue the pass from where we left off. This would get the mission back on track, and would cover the coins that I lost in the original pass. Any additional thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be appreciated. I think the mission was fun and would hate for one bad apple to ruin it for the rest of us. Happy Caching and Coining!
  8. For those that were curious, I still have not received the coins. I have communicated with the last person that held them and was told, on 4 different occassions, that they would ship them to me the next day. I even offered to pay the postage, but have not seen them yet. I keep hoping they will be shipped, but at this point I have a feeling they may not ever resurface.
  9. Well...its been a while since I have heard anything back from the person that last had the pass. I am hoping that I will get the pass back, but at this point I dont know that I ever will. Its a bit expensive to put the package together, so I dont want to put another one out at this time. I will be requesting that this thread be closed by the end of the week (no sense keeping it open). If I ever receive the pass back, then I will send the pass out again to those that were expecting to be part of this pass, but whos turn had not occurred yet. I do appreciate all of the interest and thank those that had participated. I am sorry that it wasnt able to continue.
  10. I would like to thank you all for your generosity. The coins are very beautiful and I got to see a couple in person that I have seen online before + a couple I never have seen - I am confident that the winners of these coins will be thrilled. Have a wonderful day!
  11. I received a donation from TeamEccs21 this afternoon. Thank you so very much!
  12. My mailbox was full of event donations today I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the Geocachers that sent them in. I received a package from Drneal, Pastor B, and Kini_ont. Thank you so very much - this really will help make the event a success Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  13. Very nice - Great job! Got my reservations in
  14. I am co-hosting a day of Geocaching events on August 18, 2012. We will be playing a game during the day and will have a final event where prizes will be awarded and door prizes will be drawn for. Here are the links to the days events: A Fortunate Event #1 – GC3JJE6- Greeley Park Cache Mob event A Fortunate Event #2 – GC3JJTR- Mine Falls Cache Mob event A Fortunate Event #3 – GC3JJV3- Yudicky Farm Cache Mob event A Fortunate Event #4 – GC3JJDF- Benson Park event I am donating coins to the events and am I am reaching out to see if anyone would be interested in donating a coin for our event. We expect 80+ Geocachers and their families will attend the event. Have a great day!
  15. I seem to have some kind of a "mission gremlin" on my shoulders (both in participating in and holding) - there seems to be always something that goes "kaput" I am certain that the pass will eventually make it to me, but I am ready to close out this chapter. Once I get it back, I will be contacting those that were signed up to receive it to see if they are still interested. I am not adding any new participants.
  16. Just a quick update...I mailed a letter to see if I can get the coins shipped back to me. I will post an update when I find something out.
  17. EyeD10T


    Thanks for the heads up - I wasnt aware. I will ask that this thread be closed until I seek the appropriate permissions.
  18. EyeD10T


    A little over a month ago, I posted a draft of a coin that I was thinking of doing. I didnt get a lot of feedback, but from the feedback I did get half of the responders liked the coin and half didn't care for it. I also had some mixed feelings about the art...something about it just wasn't right. I started brainstorming, trying to figure out what it was that I needed to change, and along the way I decided what I wanted to do. I wanted to ensure this coin was more geared toward Geocaching than some of my others have been. Since the "1st International Earthcaching mega event" will be held this year, I decided on picking Earthcaching as the theme. "Earthcaching - A whole new way to see your world" - This phrase not only speaks for the wonderful things you can see and learn when you are out Earthcaching, but also is a reference to the new way you can view the world when you view the world through the coin. The design is basically the same as the original design, but I did make changes in the colors. Also in the middle of the front of the coin there is a representation of the globe covered by a single leaf. The meaning of the art is open to interpretation, but what I was trying to convey was that it is important to remember that the preservation of nature is essential for the earths survival. The cost for the samples were pretty expensive, so I only had 2 made (the ones represented in the art). I had to get 2 of each version so I will have a total of 4 samples. At this point I am really up in the air on what I will be doing with these. I may change the colors and if there is enough interest, I may have other versions made. To help me decide what to do, I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, constructive criticisms, etc.; that you may have. Have a great day all!
  19. What a nice idea. Happy 50th. I am celebrating a half century this year myself and would love to trade if you have any left.
  20. Mine has made it to the Netherlands (8100 miles traveled). http://www.geocachin...tracker=TB40DH4
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