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  1. Hi, I'm planning a trip to NZ from the USA and will be doing some caching. I use a DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 and am wondering about maps. DeLorme has been taken over by Garmin and I can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know if there are/were maps for NZ and where I might get them? What I've got now doesn't show anything in NZ if I zoom in closer than about 8 mi per 5/16" (~4.8 km/mm) and then only shows the biggest roads, no terrain. I'm planning to get a SIM card with data for my iPhone but coverage is limited so I'd like to be able to use a GPSr. Any tips appreciated. I could probably borrow a Garmin Oregon 550t if necessary. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the response. No joy for me but I appreciate the info.
  3. OK, thanks for your reply. So, do your "other 2/3rds" coins show up in her inventory? I'm specifically interested in the drop down list from which you select trackables to drop or visit at a cache. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, but I didn't find an answer following the link. After all these years, I still have to ask... Collectible vs non-collectible? I think I have to mark a new trackable "collectable" so I can put it in my "collection" so that it doesn't show up in my inventory all the time. Correct? If I mark it as collectable, can't it be grabbed? It's frustrating to me that I have to ask. I own lots of trackables. I have moved/discovered lots and lots of trackables, yet I still don't understand this. IMO, this indicates there is a problem that needs to be addressed... even if I am stupid which, I would venture to say, I am not.
  5. I have a set of these I'm willing to sell. Email me through my profile. Thanks
  6. My mailbox contained bubble wrap for the first time in a long time and it was from me to me! Thank you! mystery sender. My life is hard right now and this powerful little super coin brought me a big smile. May the kindness you freely sow come back to you 100 times.
  7. Thank you mystery sender!!! You are still a lovely mystery to me. This is a very pretty coin. Your generosity is even prettier.
  8. Sorry I forgot to post a pic with my guess. OK, here's a drawing of one of my very favorite coins.
  9. Elemental Water! When I looked at that I thought it was completely impossible - and then it just popped into my head!
  10. Me too, please. It is so nice of you, Maine Family, to manage this. Thank you.
  11. I expect it will be a nice one!
  12. I'm a regular visitor & lurker here although very inconsistent in how often I visit. I do not use facebook. As I alluded to in your other thread, I consider this forum the best place to find historical info on coins. I really hope it will continue to be in the future.
  13. One thread per coin is a really valuable attribute of this forum, IMO. This place is a historical treasure trove. yanagi, I signed in just to cheer you on. It would also be fabulous if each coin thread had pictures of the various versions and whatever minting data (if any) is available. Even (and especially) of old coins. I often find that I need to search this forum, cointracking dot com and the general web to try to piece together the story of a coin. The more that's available right here, the better. (OTOH, I've had people steal my pics from here to use on the e-place to make themselves money and I don't like that one bit. But maybe if the pics are marked, as I've seen some of you do, that would take care of it.) Unfortunately, dealing with a bad situation here, I have little energy for posting these days. But I hope people who are able will have at it.
  14. Nice looking coins. Could you please tell us what the markings are on the wings? And the price? Thanks
  15. 2nd place winnings arrived yesterday! It was a very bad day so excellent timing. Thank you! Thanks again to Mauison and everyone for a great season. If I don't reply to the announcement for next season, I'd appreciate it if someone would send me a heads up. I'd hate to miss it. Enjoy the World Series!
  16. They look great! I'd like to switch my order to 1 each of blue, red and brown. (switching green to brown) Thanks!
  17. Well, frankly, I'm confused about Groundspeak's position on this. At the West Bend Cache Ba$h (Mega) there was an associated trackable event. Folks were encouraged to include their own trackable numbers in their "will attend" log so everyone could discover them. And all trackables dropped off were recorded in a list that was sent out after the event to all attendees. I didn't participate in that aspect of it though I was glad they were offering an event focused on trackables. I recently noticed a thread in the TB forum where owners of trackables that were dropped there were complaining about all the logs they got, suspecting many were virtual. I'm glad none of mine were there. So, it appears Groundspeak is deliberately looking the other way.
  18. Congratulations to TeamEccs21! Thanks for the very amusing cointest, drneal!
  19. It's a fig, it's a fig, it's a fig, fig, fig!!!
  20. Beyond a shadow of a doubt... it's a FIG. There's probably a bit of fungus amongus too but, deep down inside, it's a FIG.
  21. I think I have it figured out. I'll tell you tomorrow.
  22. OK, I think I'd like one each of blue, green, and red. But if still possible, I may change my mind when I see the actual pics... without having the hat on, I'm having trouble making my choices.
  23. They look great! Hope you ordered a few extras. I'll put a watch on the thread - never tried that before.
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