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  1. This is worth a guess maybe... Mississippi Geocacher's Association 2009 geocoin??
  2. What is the purple one, please? Click below!!! Pan314159's Personal Coin
  3. That's so cool!!!! Such a nice surprise!!!!
  4. Try this page : https://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx Thanks!! I did find them eventually.
  5. Where do I find the activation code for the Doubloons?
  6. Where do I get the activation codes for the doubloons?
  8. For sale!! All coins are unactivated. Please EMAIL me through my geocaching profile your BEST OFFER if you are interested in: Colonel Cachington Unicorn 2007 Blue Glitter on Polished Nickel Butterfly Green and Blue Glitter Butterfly. PLEASE DO NOT ask me for a price. I will take offers for a few days or until I hear a price that I like. I would also ask that you pay for shipping. I am in the US. Thank you.
  9. Very nice!!!! The Tiger coin is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!!
  10. REDUCED PRICES!!!!! Please EMAIL me through my Geocaching profile
  11. Times don't seem to be getting better...... So I am opening up more of my collection for sale. Not sure when I can make out a list, but I will try to post one here. I do have pictures though. So if you are interested, please email me your seeking list of coins. Or Email me asking for photos. Thank you
  12. I am pretty positive I gave the duck away.....Sorry I will look at home, but pretty sure it's gone.
  13. I think I have seen the coin before.....but don't remember if I knew the name. HHHmmmm.... thinking.... thinking....
  14. NEW COINS ADDED...... Feel free to make offers, I appreciate any help! Please EMAIL me through my geocaching profile.
  15. Still available...... Some prices have been lowered. Feel free to make offers, I appreciate any help! Please EMAIL me through my geocaching profile.
  16. Update of what is still available!! Make me an offer!!! Please EMAIL me through my geocaching profile! All coins are UNactivated! *Shipping/postage can be discussed* :)Thank you!!!
  17. More.... Please Email me through my geocaching profile!
  18. Email sent! These are the two I have available.
  19. I just emailed You. You can buy one or both of these from me
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