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  1. Never say never. I can provide an example, but it doesn't help this discussion, so I'll leave it at that. You can also unlock to mutiple units but here we go too..... so you are saying if i have a 60csx i can use the card out of that and put it in my oregon 550 and it will work?
  2. Hi Ben,going on Vacation this week, mite not get to a computer please send invoice and i'll pay as soon as i can. thanks
  3. i got one,had it for a few years no trouble,
  4. thats great! congrats good luck with it
  5. just love a surprise,when it comes in the mail,,, nice job!
  6. got it in the mail today! nice thanks
  7. thanks for the update and your time for doing this! can't wait to see the final picture.
  8. my order is in!thanks
  9. i would like one copper/blue,,,,
  10. i will go through the ones i have traded with and make a list, i just started trading so i don't have that many.
  11. I hope your cow just decided to go hang out with the happy cows in california! You need a herding dog like I have though to protect your cow from the evil sheep though.. thats cool!
  12. i have to wait for the next bath to come out.
  13. my cow moved 25miles its on the go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  14. welcome Have Fun! my 5year old grandson loves it
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