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  1. Voted! Your dog definitely is the cuter one. Awesome name too!
  2. Double post... sorry! Happy New Year!
  3. Very nice coin. Thanks for the cointest!
  4. What's your guy's opinion on "taking a picture of yourself with the log or cache because you actually don't have a pen on you". I'm going to be honest and say I've done this a handful of times. I don't carry a pen around with me everywhere. When you're out with your friends and think to yourself, "Hey there might be a cache here," you might not have a pen on you. I want your guys honest opinion here. Don't worry, you wont hurt my feelings haha!
  5. So.... from reading all of this, I still couldn't find a release date. Has this been posted or is it to remain a surprise? Thanks for the explanations Jeremy!
  6. GC2657 and all of the DC area caches are my favorite. I had so much fun in DC, and I will always remember that trip. Thanks for the cool cointest!
  7. Haha, thanks for the cointest, it's been a lot of fun!
  8. OMG... perfect funny story for "The Blew Out my Flip Flop Cointest" So two 4th of July's ago I was riding my bike with my sisters and aunt down to... of course... check out the fireworks. I threw on my flip flops and got on my bike to see the spectacular show. We sat on a grassy hill and enjoyed the show for a good 45 minutes. As we are riding back, I turn to my sister next to me and challenge her to a race back down the hill. Of course you can't turn down a good sibling rivalry so we start peddling as fast as we can. We are going at least 30 down this hill and all of a sudden SNAP! Well I guess my flip flops couldn't keep up, and my strap totally snaps. My foot falls to the pavement and drags on the floor a good 20 feet. After slowing down with out losing my balance, I realize that my toes look like they just got ran over by a lawnmower. My sisters and aunt are busting up all the way home, and of course when I get home, my whole family, who have had a few too many by then, started busting up as well. After getting cleaned up and a good icepack strapped to my foot, I enjoyed the rest of the night with my family.... And of course I bought new flip flops
  9. August 26th, 2011? Complete guess, hahah! Thanks for the fun cointest!
  10. "Insert witty "confucious says" quote here" Nice coin! And I love the bag
  11. EDIT: nevermind, can't get it to work
  12. GC1QAVZ "Snorkeling in a Volcano (Molokini)" is my favorite cache I've ever done. You take a boat out a few miles off the coast of Maui and snorkle in an old volcano crater. So much fun. Hope it helped.
  13. Tentative Date: June 1st Actualy: June 4th 2:00
  14. Apricot, Cranberry, Oatmeal!! Let's try again!
  15. Cheerio Alfalfa pellet Pineapple Thanks for the fun cointest!
  16. Anybody wanna trade? I've got the Tampa Bay Lightning and I would like to get the Anaheim Ducks. Let me know!
  17. Happy B-Day Brady and GO ANGELS!!!
  18. I loved this cointest last year! Number 22 please! I hope I get the Ducks! They're goin all the way this year baby! See how excited I am with all the exclamation points!!!!
  19. I live in Orange County, CA. I could list 100 things I love about where I live but I'll pick the best three. First off, it's in the center of everything. I can go ride my bike to an Angel game, the beach, or Disneyland. You can take a daytime drive up to the mountains, chill, and be back in the OC like nothing happened. Then the desert is maybe an hour or two away and you can go dirtbike riding. Maybe take a drive along PCH and go surfing. Second, the weather is amazing. Yesterday was April 5th and it was 90 degrees outside with little clouds. I got to go play 18 holes of golf when some people around the US are in 50 to 60 degree weather. Third, to pull geocaching into this, the amount of caches, and diversity of them, in the area are great. If you want a quick numbers run, go down Imperial Highway, heck you could even drive up to the Route 66 powertrail and finish half of it in a day! Or if you want a beautiful hike and a good amount of well rounded caches, you could go to Griffith Park and see the original Batcave, go to the Observatory, and take a picture with the HOLLYWOOD sign. I don't think I would live in any other place in the world.
  20. As you can tell by my name I'm sort of a USC fan. From what I've read in old topics it sounds like Tommytrojan was a HUGE SC fan. I've also read that he sent out over 1000 trackables. That's pretty cool. I don't really know the story about the coins so if someone could inform me in greater detail that would be awesome. I'm also interested in buying one from someone or trading for one(if anybody would do that). Also, are there any unactivated ones left? Thanks for helpin'!
  21. Do you think you can post a link to it please?
  22. Is there a prize for worst bracket? haha
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