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  1. 718 -- And thanks for the cointest!!!
  2. Wow, great looking coin!! Any chance you'll be caching down in the Jacksonville area anytime soon? I would love to snag one of these beauties
  3. I love the coins (especially the Red Otter one ) and can't wait to get them. Thanks for such wonderful coins!!!
  4. Wow! I would definitely like to buy a set of these!!!
  5. I have a couple of coins that I can send along (and hopefully I can attend this year)!
  6. Oops, I forgot to post that I sent off my mission a few days ago! Thanks so much for organizing this!!
  7. Email sent! Hopefully I'm not too late...
  8. I like them all, but I would vote for B just because it is the easiest to see (the others are clear if you know what you are looking for).
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing this one! My guess is that it'll be an ice skating picture for a winter theme.
  10. Thanks for the cointest! Was it the "Cache the Fever" coin?
  11. I have no real idea, so I will guess: Sport: soccer Team: CBU Capers
  12. Great coin!! And, thanks for the cointest. Here's my answer: Sport: Football (AKA soccer) Team: Blackburn Rovers
  13. I think if you used translucent colors and a granulated texture, it might give it a very football-like look (I may be wrong, I'm not very experienced in the design side of coins). My color choices would be red and blue with silver metal (Patriots colors)!!
  14. I was lucky enough to get one. It's coin #101 and is an awesome little coin!!
  15. Here is my attempt at making one. The metal is antique silver. I went with an otter theme. On the back: translucent blue represents the water light green represents the seaweed and other aquatic plant darker green represents the surrounding trees On the front: brown represents the otter dark blue represents the earth translucent blue represents the water green represents the surrounding trees yellow/orange represent the sun red is for the reddish sky (and Red Otter ) Thanks for the fun cointest and thank-you anne.and.eli for the blank template!!!
  16. Aren't Jeep TB's and Project Ape caches and coins both commercial in nature?
  17. Name: Metro-Gnome Mission: He would like to visit and be photographed in as many major metropolitan areas as possible. A bonus would be to pay a visit to Nome, Alaska!!
  18. I know this isn't the one you are talking about. But, here's a link to an engravable coin at Geocoinshop.de that might work: Link to coin...
  19. I think I finally got it !! What a great puzzle -- very unique. I got lucky to finally figure it out. Thanks for the fun.
  20. Thanx for the cointest!!! I would like to guess 95
  21. First, thanks for the cointest!! Here's my guess:
  22. Is it a Groundspeak Volunteer's Coin?
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