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Cointest: Name a Gnome

Tha Saint

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This is my Gnome. He has a problem... He has no name, and even worse he has no where to go. He is getting ready to go traveling but cannot decide on a mission.


So here's the cointest..


1. Name the Gnome (This will be the name I use on the coins page)

2. Give the Gnome a mission (This will be the mission I use on the coins page)


Simply saying send him to Utah or something like that wont get it done. Im looking for a full mission statement that I can pretty much copy & paste right onto the coin page.


Be as creative or simple as you like with both the name & the mission. There is no exact deadline for the end of this, but it will probably run anywhere from a few days to a week max.


Winner will recieve a trackable coin of my choice.


This is my 1st cointest so if I left out any important details please let me know. Good Luck!


Edited to add: Enter as many times as you like, but each entry must be a new name & new mission.

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Ufta Gnome....Mission...travel to Gnome, Alaska (there's no place like Gnome,) get a picture posted with a moose, a grizzly bear, and a salmon, then return home for the next adventure (no fair using travelocity for getting me to Alaska...that's my Uncle Bernie on the commercial...I don't have much to with that side of the family.)


edited for spelling...I told Logan to let me do the typing!

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Since you put a locker in your gnome (pretty coin!!!!!).....


NAME: Mr. Lampy Lockerman!!! :ph34r:


(Lampy is the only gnome that survived from the 21 that Sir Charles Isham brought in 1847 to UK!)


MISSION: To tavel to Europe and visit my European relatives who live in gardens there!! Take photos with me and my relatives, and log them, so I can put them in my family alboum when I get back!!!


I would also love to visit the Gnome manufacturers in Germany who are actually my fathers, and of course to my cousin Lampy who lives in Lamport Hall in Northamptonshire, England!!


If you do not know any of my relatives there... just take me to beautiful places and beautiful caches in nature! Gnomes love nature!!! :P


***is that too big for a mission??? B)

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NAME = Bilbo

MISSION = To visit & have its photo taken at famous landmarks


The 'travelling gnome prank' is a tradition which was 1st recorded in Austrailia in the 80's. This is a note that was found in place of a missing gnome.

"Dear mum, couldn't stand the solitude any longer. Gone off to see the world. Don't be worried, I'll be back soon. Love Bilbo xxx."'


Good luck to your gnome on whatever its mission may be!

Thanks for the cointest! :ph34r:

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Name: Snearch the Gnome.

Mission: I am off Snearching for a new home to raise a family by a wonderful Geocache with the following qualities:

no blue smurfs around

no gnaughty gnomes around

must have plenty of mushrooms, fruits, & berries to eat.

must have plenty of hollow trees.

must have plenty of single female gnomes around ( you can tell, if they are wearing a green hat they are single )

must have plenty of mountain bike trails around. OK had to throw that one on.

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That is Keeb Ler'elf, a traveling salesmen selling lawn insurance, discount airfare and hotel reservations, and on the side a few cookies. The economy has been hard on his family, with him having 10 kids to care for. Since he lost his job in the McGrader's farmhouse protecting the missus's prize begonias (If he ever catches that dog.....)


Mr. Ler'elf's goal is to make a sale in at least each state in the US, and perhaps find a new better job. One problem, he has no car, so he's relying on geocachers to take him from potential job site to job site.

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name: Timmy the Gnome

mission: My name is timmy I've been told I have many relitives that look like me. plese take me cache to cache so I can try to find my relitives. If you see anybody that you think looks like me please take a picture of them with me and post it with your log.

PS I can't wait to meet my family

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Name: The Key Master


My Mission,


Hello, my name is the Key Master. Well it was until the key to my lock was stolen by Master Lock. Now my name is mud back home in Locksville. Not a Gnome one will talk to me. I need your help traveling the world to find a key to open this lock that was placed on me so that I can return home and regain my good name. I must have pictures of locks from around the world used to secure historic places. From there I can build a data base from which I can craft a new key that will free me.

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Name: Gnummy the Gnome


Mission: My goal in life is to become a Hollywood stuntgnome. I have sent headshots and resumes to all the big studios but they won't even take a look at me until I can show them some of my work. So I need pictures of myself doing the type of stunt work that I dream up. As you help me travel from cache to cache, please help me recreate the many different situations that the Travelocity Gnome has been in on the commericals so they can see that I can hang with the professionals. Also, if you can think of other dangerous situations that would call upon the use of a stuntgnome, put me in them, just be sure to take those pictures!


(please feel free to go to whatever lengths are need to recreate the situations as closely as possible, but remember, I have to come up with enough footage to impress the the Hollywood bigwigs, so please be kind and take good care of me so I can keep traveling.)

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My Name ...


........ Homer Gnome


My Mission ....


There are 266 Gnome Caches around the world and I've got to visit each and every one .


Thanx for the cointest.




Edited because my answer was already used

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Name: Winky Lockinbottom


Mission: To go on the worlds largest lion safari... every town and city in the world has a lion... whether it be a door knocker, a statue or a poster mounted somewhere....of... and REAL lions of course! I'd like pictures taken with these lions

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On a second thought.... In my post (#7), I have as a name the "Mr. Lampy Lockerman".....


Since he is going to be a traveller with many adventures, many places to visit, many cachers to see....


How about name him..... Ullyses LockerGnome????

I believe that's a goooooood name for him!!!!! ;)


The mission... the same I mention in my post #7!!! :anicute:

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On a second thought.... In my post (#7), I have as a name the "Mr. Lampy Lockerman".....


Since he is going to be a traveller with many adventures, many places to visit, many cachers to see....


How about name him..... Ullyses LockerGnome????

I believe that's a goooooood name for him!!!!! ;)


The mission... the same I mention in my post #7!!! :anicute:


I didnt mention this in the first post, but feel free to enter as many times as you want. Each post must have a new name & new mission though..

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1. T-Gnome

2. For each cacher to write 1 line of a geocaching/geocoin rap song. Then after so many lines, you record the geocaching rap on YouTube for us all to laugh at ;)


For example:


Cacher #1: Yo! My name is T-Gnome

Cacher #2: and I'm jus' a movin'

Cacher #3: from cache to cache

Cacher #4: dis' mission is a groovin'.

Cacher #5: I'm king of da coins

Cacher #6: jus' a chillin' in da cache

Cacher #7: please take me out

Cacher #8: to visit Mid- West GeoBash


Dang.... I'm actually kinda good at this :anicute: Hahahahahaha. I betterlay off the kool aid.

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The name I would choose is: Argon Snorgrim


Your coin is a dwarf, dwarfs have their origin in the Germanic Mythology. In the Germanic Mythology, Snor was the "Lady of the keys". As your dwarf wears a lock, I reflected which person of the Germanic Mythology fits to a lock and to keys. And that is Snor. Snor is the "Lady of Keys" in the Germanic Mythology. Using the name "Snor", I built the surname "Snorgrim", because dwarfs typically have their names ending with "grim".


"Argon" is a Germanic sounding name that fits perfectly to a dwarf. Argon is a noble gas of the Periodic Table of the Elements that is indissoluble in the metal melting progress. So that means that the dwarf is very strong, and "indissoluble in the metal melting progress" even fits to the fact that the dwarf is a coin, and means, it is a strong dwarf and a strong coin that will make his way.


As a mission, I think it would be cool if the dwarf travels to Iceland, because that is the country where the dwarfs have their origin. From Iceland they come, they were mentioned in Iceland first. There are to sources in the world that mentioned dwarfs first: two texts called "Edda" and the "Isländersagas". Both are from Iceland. The exact mission you can read below.


As a description and a mission I would choose that (you can copy that):


Hey, my name is Argon Snorgrim. Let me tell you something about me and my mission:




I am a dwarf. Dwarfs have their origin in the Germanic Mythology. As I wear a lock, my surname is Snorgrim. Snor is the "Lady of Keys" in the Germanic Mythology. Dwarfs typically have their names ending with "grim", so my complete surname is "Snorgrim".


"Argon" is a Germanic name that fits perfectly to a dwarf. Argon is a noble gas of the Periodic Table of the Elements that is indissoluble in the metal melting progress. So that means that I am a very strong dwarf, and "indissoluble in the metal melting progress" even fits to the fact that I am a coin, and means, I am a strong dwarf and a strong coin and that I will make my way.


My mission:


I'd like to travel to Iceland, because that is the country where the dwarfs have their origin. From Iceland all the dwarfs come, we dwarfs were mentioned in Iceland first. There are to sources in the world that mentioned dwarfs first: two texts called "Edda" and the "Isländersagas". Both are from Iceland.


So please help me travelling to Iceland, the country where me and all my relatives come from. When I am there, it would be very nice to take some photos of me in Iceland. As dwarfs love nature, you can take photos of me in the wood, on stones, near trees, in caves and everywhere else you like to. Please show Iceland to me and my owner.

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Name: David the Gnome! (from the TV series for children)


Mission: I am a forest gnome! My job (if you remember from the TV series), was to work in various ways to repair the damage inevitably caused by humans. there are many other gnomes and even animals who are helping me do that!


So... please take me in beautiful places of nature, show me places that needs to be cleaned so I can contact with other gnomes who live there and help me clean them! If you help me too, it would be great!


Take me to CITO events and take photos, so I can show to mother Nature that there are some humans who really care!!


Share with other people and geocachers the idea of keeping the Earth clean and the world will be better for all creatures!

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Gnomes remind me of gypsies. Gypsies travel the earth and so do cachers in search of........wish we were small like gnomes; we wouldn't be detected as much. Gypsies are known as Roma and their language is Romani. So this gnome's NAME is ROMA GNOME (get it Roma like roam, what we cachers do?). Gypsies were all over Europe; Hungary, Albania, Serbia. Even the Middle East. Well, you get it. Roma wants to visit all those castles in all those so exotic lands and have his picture taken with other wanderers. So......if you're up for travels across the pond to far away lands I'll never get to, I'd really like Roma to head East!




P.S. not sure why gnomes remind me of gypsies. Thanks for the cointest.

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This was a nice and easy cointest. Thank you!


I think the gnome should be named: Nisse the Gnome and its mission shall be to reach the cache GC1PT04, Santa's Home. It is located outside of SantaWorld in Mora Sweden.


A tomte (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈtɔ`mːtɛ]) or nisse (pronounced [ˈnìsːɛ]) is a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore originating from Norse paganism.[citation needed] Tomte or Nisse were believed to take care of a farmer's home and children and protect them from misfortune, in particular at night, when the housefolk were asleep. The Swedish name tomte is derived from a place of residence and area of influence: the house lot or tomt. The Finnish name is tonttu. Nisse is the common name in Norwegian, Danish and the Scanian dialect in southernmost Sweden; it is a nickname for Nils, and its usage in folklore comes from expressions such as Nisse god dräng (Nisse good lad, cf. Robin Goodfellow).


text is taken from Wikipedia.


Thank you for the cointest.

grodan Karin

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Name: Pockets


Mission: I have been in too many lawns, seen too many of the same old hydrangeas and rose bushes. Take me to caches all over the country, taking my picture in front of exotic flowers I've never seen in Grandma's garden!

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I rarely look at the Cointests but this one caught my eye...


I'm loving all these suggestions - very imaginative stuff - I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens to this gnome in the end! :P




Ya, lotta creative people out there with some good ideas... Ive enjoyed reading all the entry's so far..

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Now I Gnome




I would like to visit EarthCaches Between my "Hotel" Stays , so I can collect answers for my questions about your world.

Please, Take me to some EarthCaches and get a picture with me and you in it, That would be cool. You could use the pics for Logging the EarthCache and I can Log my trip as well.



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Sherlock Gnomes




My dear Watson, I seem to have found myself in quite an embarrassing situation. While helping the yard with their latest case, I seem to have taken a wrong turn and cannot seem to find my way back.


I ask for your help in this matter. Please help me return to the Scotland Yard, and of course I plan to solve the mystery before I return. I must stop at caches along the way so I can conduct my investigation.


My sincerest thanks for your help, I pray you will not mention this to the detectives.


- Sherlock Gnomes

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I had a Gnome once, 2 in fact see cache GC1TTE2

I will be placing # 3 in a different place in honor of his 2 fallen brothers.

Would love to have Gmone visit my Gnome


I think Gnomes like the name ---- Chuck

Don't know why.

Gnomsy Whomsy and all those names are cute, but will get your Gnome beat up in the rough part of town,

Now CHUCK the GNOME that's a real name.


His mission, well its simple in the grid of Difficulty and Terrain there are 81 squares ranging from a 1/1 to a 5/5

Your Gnome should try to fill a grid with his travels, I do not think this has ever been done before by a geocoin , let alone a Gnome Geocoin


so remember its not Charlie, or Charles it's C H U C K the G N O M E



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How about "Mo the Desert Gnome"


He is a cousin of the Nordic Forest Gnomes and a famous woodcutter that stayed in the sahara Forest (yep - it was a forest until his clan got chopping - I told you they were good woodcutters).


Now his mission is to wander deserts of the world looking for trees that have started to grow back.

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"Gnome to Roam"


I like to smile a lot, and I like to see others smile. Please take my picture as often as possible, and pose me in silly and humorous ways. In this way, I hope to share many smiles. Once the pictures are takena nd posted, please help move me along so that others may join in the fun.


PS...Thanx for the cointest!

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I had an idea, but it requires more gnomes, and I don't think they are that readily available.


The Name would be Adam.


The mission would be to find other gnome geocoins, and populate the earth with gnomes.

For each gnome geocoin that Adam found and got a picture posted with, I would release another gnome geocoin into the world, with a similar goal. So we could have Adam, and then son of Adam, and then daughter of Adam, etc. Make a whole family tree. But I couldn't find a good source of gnomes.


I thought a rabbit coin could work the same way too, but I don't have a readily accessible supply of those either. And I didn't find any others that really wanted to reproduce in this way. Hmmm, I still like the idea though.

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Alot of good entry's and ideas so far. I love the diversity & creativity. I am going to stop taking entry's at 4pm Eastern Time on Wednesday 7/22/09. After that I will read through everything and pick a winner.


I have also decided to place a new cache in honor of sending this Gnome out into the wild. It will be a Gnome related cache & I will post a link to the cache page & coin page after I pick a winner. I will also post a picture of what the cache cointainer will look like...


Keep the idea's coming, thanks for playing & good luck all....

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Name: Joy Gnome

Mission: My mission is to visit happy places. Even with a padlock through my belly, I am still a happy gnome filled with joy. Let me remind you that there is always something to smile about, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and laughter is still the best medicine. Today there is so much stress in the world that we some times forget to laugh and see the happiness we all have. We hear so much negative and not enough positive so I am on a mission to change it. Take me to a happy place, take a picture to capture the joy and the laughter you have, then place me in a cache for someone else to pick up so I can continue on my journey of spreading laughter and joy.

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Name: Gary



Hi, my name is Gary and yes I’m a gnome. For the past few years I’ve been sitting at the side of a pond fishing. Up until now this is all I knew and all I did until one day my rod broke. I looked in the local Gnome Trader for a new rod and came across the Gnome Fisher 1000 … WOW! This things looks awesome, how ever did I survive without one of these before?


Unfortunately there is only one store in the world that sells the Gnome Fisher 1000 and its location is Gnomesville in Western Australia.


I must have a Gnome Fisher 1000, I MUST! My mission is to travel to Gnomesville to get my hands on this amazing piece of fishing equipment.


Please help me travel to a cache in Gnomesville so I can make my dream come true.




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name - jean gnome



to follow a sequence of co-ordinates for caches he must visit. the result will produce a large map of dots that if the mission is followed completely will create a giant join the dots picture. (the coin owner can decide what the resulting picture to be, or it could become a mobius strip or a double helix (if you want it to get complicated))

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My name is N.A.G. - that's right - I am Not A Gnome


Nope - I am a short dwarf. Nothing to be proud of - but I'd like to visit caches that short people can reach. I just hate thaose caches where you need to be 6'6" to reach to the top of a wall or signpost. along the way I'd like to visit places that other famous shorties frequented or are associated with (like Napoleon; Genghis Khan; Joseph Stalin; Charlie Chaplin; James Cagney; Salvador Dali; Beethoven; Harpo Marx; Mother Theresa; Mae West; Pablo Picasso to name but a few.

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