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  1. Hi there, I liquidate my Geocoin collection. There are also some woodcoins, geotoken and pathtags. Please send me your offer if you are interested in a coin to sterni2009caching@gmx.com The complete sets I only sell as a whole, all the other coins you can buy separately. I hope that you understand that I am only able to answer mails if I accept the offer, because my mailbox has been being full of mails since I began to liquidate my collection. Here is the link to my collection: http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/65c4d4d6939482bcdfe5cee45a416cc0.html Best wishes sterni2009
  2. It is so cool to do scouting and geocaching!!! Will you come to Geocoinfest Europe in Ulm this year? We will be there! As written your thread, we would be so happy to buy/trade your four coin versions. Otherwise post offices do a good job.
  3. OMG!!! We would be so happy if we could have one of each version! Trade or buy. These are awesome!!! Be prepared!
  4. Oh wow, that is so nice of you, thank you very much! I am still waiting for three scouting related coins to arrive at my house. I will be so happy if you contact us for your new coin! Are you a scout?
  5. Hi there! My fiancé and me are proud scouts and geocachers and we collect scouting related geocoins. We already have many of them, but there are so many different ones out there and so many we do not even know about, so please, if you have scouting related geocoins to sell or trade, please contact us! Here is a list of the coins we already have (in the section "Pfadfinder / Scouts) and a list of our trade coins ("for trade"): http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/65c4d4d6939482bcdfe5cee45a416cc0.html Thank you!!!
  6. Thank you so much for your reply! I found somebody else who wants to trade with me and I am very happy about that!
  7. Hi there! Some of you may remember me. I was here in 2009, 2010 and 2011, then paused, and now I'm again active in coining. To complete my David Jones Locker Geocoin Collection there's only one edition left that I don't have: The red one (Crimson Tide). Can anyone trade with me or sell it? I have a trading list and will be very happy if you take a look at it. I hope that someone can help me. http://www.mygeodb.de/showroom/65c4d4d6939482bcdfe5cee45a416cc0.html
  8. I hope some of you still remember me, I spent much time in this forum. For the last months I have had no time for "coin-things" and the forum, so I just want to say that I will be at the Geocoinfest from friday till sunday next weekend in Köln, Germany and that I am looking forward to meeting some of you guys! I will have a name badge with "sterni2009" (it is pink, yeah ), so if someone of you recognizes me, please say hello! I cannot wait till the event starts!
  9. I like to say "HAHA, now WHO is the BEST?!"
  10. Thanks to everybody for your answers, you helped a lot I wrote to the seller that there is definitely a special case for the Dakota series. And yes, he sent me the fitting slip case and I sent the wrong back Thank you all!!!
  11. Again available in all colours
  12. And this can also be made in silver or grey, of course
  13. The icon can also be made in gold, of course
  14. Hi to everybody, I ordered a slip case for my new Dakota 20. The seller sent me a slip case for "Oregon series, Approach G5". I wrote to him saying he made a mistake and that I ordered a slip case for the Dakota 20. He answered me that the slip case for the Oregon series also is the slip case for the Dakota 20 and that there is no special one for the Dakota 20. Now I'd like to know: Is that right? I trie to google, but I did not find an answer, because I don't know if the other seller also sell a slip case for the Oregon series when they write Dakota 20. Can anybody help me, please? Thank you!
  15. Is there any update? Can't wait to have the coin
  16. I have ordered the blue one, now I have one of each version
  17. email sent Will send a second one soon
  18. Cool cointest I have these items: A Real Feather Purple Birthday Cake Candle Business card from a Cosmetic Salesperson Bookmark with a Kitten I'll send you an email.
  19. I am happy to see that I made people happy I will go to the post office next Saturday, the days when I work I have no chance to go there because the post office is still closed when I start working and is already closed when I come back from work That was a fun cointest! Has anyone seen Gatoulis? He has not written anything yet.
  20. email received and email with translation sent
  21. Forgotten to say: I will go out of house soon, I'll translate your text when I will be back later
  22. Hi, please write in English what you want to say and I'll translate it
  23. Ok, it was very hard to decide for me, but we have winnerS I will give away two coins because there were two suggestions I like very much. The first coin will go to Carbon Hunter for his suggestion to invite friends for coffee and sweets and call the coin the friendship coin. I love the idea because friends are one of the most important things of the world. Please take fotos as you wrote and post them here in the forum. The second coin will go to tommytrojan360 for his suggestion to build a cache namend "Thank you sterni2009". How could I resist having a cache named after me Please send me the gc-number when the cache is published. As I do not have a third coin to give away but want to put a smile on the face of Gatoulis, because things turned out not so well concerning a job, I will give Gatoulis some "German cache things", two German FTF-schedules, four German cache-stickers for marking a box as a cache and an "I love Geocaching" pencil. Please send me your adresses via email. Thanks everyone for playing
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