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  1. congratulations on your upcoming wedding. are these activated ones from your inventory or unactivated?
  2. Well... mailed my package to Estonia on October 20 but it has not arrived at its destination yet. told jpbarr I was glad I didn't send a puppy. No idea where the breakdown is but as I would like to ship another coin, I don't wish to have another one go missing in the post. Guessing this is not necessarily the best time of the year to send another package but then again, maybe it is the best time. Another day or so and I will look at shipping a replacement. really stinks as I think the coin that got lost would have been enjoyed.
  3. messaged my recipient and they know it takes a while on the slow boat.
  4. EMAIL SENT: Oct 3rd 2015 NAME RECIEVED: Oct 5th 2015 MISSION SENT: Oct 20th 2015 MISSION ARRIVED: pending MISSION RECIEVED: Oct 26 2015 from LadyBee4T My teeth are already hurting from all the treats! Very cool coins and extras in my package. Thank you so much!
  5. EMAIL SENT: Oct 3rd 2015 NAME RECIEVED: Oct 5th 2015 MISSION SENT: Oct 20th 2015 MISSION ARRIVED: pending MISSION RECIEVED: pending
  6. EMAIL SENT: Oct 3rd 2015 NAME RECIEVED: Oct 5th 2015 MISSION SENT: soon MISSION ARRIVED: pending MISSION RECIEVED: pending
  7. haven't been on a mission for a while, sounds like fun. EMAIL SENT: Oct 3rd 2015 NAME RECIEVED: pending MISSION SENT: pending MISSION ARRIVED: pending MISSION RECIEVED: pending
  8. What it sounds like is that you are trying to log a note of the caches you visited with this TB on the TB page. That is not where you would be able to log the "visit". Once the Trackable is in your inventory (Grabbed by you), when you log your visit to the cache page, below the comment field, you can use the dropdown menus next to the TB in your inventory and change it to "Visited" or "dropped off" depending on what action you wish to log. If you have already Logged your found it to the cache, you can log an additional "note" and do the same thing marking the trackable as dropped or visited. But, it looks like Kunarion beat me to this explaination
  9. I agree with kunarion, even stopping in at small events are likely to produce discoveries on a vehicle TB.
  10. I sent a coin mission from Wisconsin to Germany on Dec 8, 2014, It was delivered to the recipient today Jan 9, 2015. maybe these coins have met the same travel issues. Hoping you all receive your packages soon.
  11. Perhaps it came by ship, train or carrier pigeon. First impression, more later: Greetings, Happy Hai&Ko That's enough for me to do the happy dance Wheew, very happy it finally made it!
  12. Ladybee4T I have received my package!! Thank you so much. I will try to add a photo soon.
  13. my mission has been sent. Dropped it at the post office 12/9/14 for its overseas trip.
  15. @steel city babes, I just saw this listing yesterday and sent the seller a message through ebay. waiting on a response.
  16. funny that there is a virtual logger that logged discovery on this TB twice in 5 days.
  17. thanks for this tip. I found it does pretty good, but not all the ones I was looking for are there. Found about half of the 47 that should have populated the list. At least it's a start.
  18. 45 puzzles and a total of 78. win or lose, I hope your trip is enjoyable
  19. thanks for the cointest!! Ladies Gold:Sweden Ladies Silver:Finland Ladies Bronze:Germany Mens Gold:Austria Mens Silver:Russia Mens Bronze:Canada
  20. it was worth the trip to the mailbox today!! thanks so much Chausson!! Mission accomplished!
  21. Name Sent: 11/12/13 Name received:11/27/13 Mission Sent:12/02/13 Mission Received:
  22. Jumping into the fray. It has been a couple years since the last mission I joined so it is about time to spread some joy again. Name Sent: 11/12/13 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  23. I agree that if the D/T apply for whatever reason, Great! In that case, if the CO justifies the higher rating, the appeal can go through without issue. What I suggested would be to have a maximum allowable D/T rating of say a 2/2 on the submission page. Reviewers would have nothing to do with having to verify a 2/2 event. If the CO appeals directly to Groundspeak to allow the higher ratings and the rating is justified by (whatever conditions apply), then a lackey or appointed person can edit those ratings for the CO. Really, writing that script can't be that difficult to limit D/T by cache type nor the script to allow the edit if the appeal passes. I would also boycott events with outrageous ratings but there are those who condone what is being done and the reason is pretty obvious. I thought liar's caches were no longer allowed. I guess nothing will stop those who wish to find alternate ways of getting what they want.
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