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  1. Ok thanks for the reply and info..
  2. Hi, I haven't posted here/geocached/collected coins in a few years.. I just happened to pull a bag of coins out of my basement and figured time to move on from them.. I do plan to still keep some of these coins, the rest I may sell some, give some away, or just drop in a local cache.. Im really not sure yet. I really don't remember a lot of the names and editions and years and was hoping to get some help so I know what I have and I can start a list.. Any help would be appreciated, probably not the best pic, but here are some of the coins from my bag. Ok so what I can read or remember, please correct me or fill in the blanks? Kinda just gonna go from left to right. Name / Year / Edition Orange Pepper / 06 / ?? - untrackable United States of America / 06 / ?? 4 musketeers / ?? / ?? Mauison / ?? / ?? Absolut Caching / 06 / Turtle? / ?? / ?? 3x Medusa Coins / ?? / I thought I remember them being AE? Midnight Madness / 10 / ?? No clue what the next one is, says its a tsunrey design Carpe Diem Mystery coin ?? 2x Neptune / ?? / I remember them being a certain edition? Luck & Protection Mystery coin? No clue, says Rocky mountains/ colorful Colorado? Compass Rose / No clue of edition or year? Black nickel? Conucopia??? No clue on next 2 Monkey that says "Remember when you were bannanas for caching"?? Dark Side of the Cache, silver... Just wasn't sure if there were editions or what year it is from? Thanks in advance for any input, much appreciated..
  3. Well Im really really late on posting. But a few weeks ago or so, I was lucky enough to find a nice gold padded envelope in my mailbox. In the back of my head I had a slight memory of seeing postings of such an envelope, but couldnt recall what it was about.. So i quickly opened it up, and wow, a beuitful Carpe Deim coin. The picture dont do it justice. Its a great looking coin, with a cool design. Id like to thank who ever sent it. It's my 2nd mystery coin received, and will stay in my collection. Thanks...
  4. Still here, and able to accept and send missions.. Great to see Mission 1 is back on track...
  5. Very nice.. Congrats. That surprise factor is always great..
  6. Sad to see the mission hit another "snag".. It was moving along really well.. Are both missions on "hold"?
  7. Ill be joining the fun.. Dropped off my coin this morning, starting in New York, heading to Montana.. Take me to TSUN
  8. Hey nefesh.. Long time no hear..
  9. Thanks for all the updates Shilo.. Its been a slow race for my coins this year.. Hopefully the pace will pick up soon..
  10. Thanks for all the updates Shilo.. Its been a slow race for my coins this year.. Hopefully the pace will pick up soon..
  11. Favorite Owned: The only mystery coin ive ever had, and its an awesome one. Luck & Protection.. Such a great looking coin. I was really shocked to get one of them.. Favorite Wanted: GeoLeprechaun Mystery Pot O Gold. I love Irish coins, and have always wanted this one.. And also the Carpe Diem coin.. Great looking coin, Loved it as soon as I saw it..
  12. I had Indy picked all week, then changed it to SD Sunday morning... Story of my life, lol... Good Luck to everyone else..
  13. To save you some time, I havent recieved an adoption request yet.. Im sure the person is probably on vacation or something... Just a heads up. Sorry IF I am "LAME" you should have recieved your adoption notice last night. YES I AM LATE and for that I am sorry. I HAVE replied to Tschakko but NOT You because I never got an e-mail from you. AND I HAVE posted here. PS. I THINK YOU MAY like what I picked out for you. I have been having aLOT of S**T going on - NO excuse ~ but that IS life. I'll Try NOT to sign up for any more of these missions ~ sopund good to you as I wouldn't want to tick anybody off nor dissappoint . . . OH Yeah, go ahead and change the mission to sound good as I am not good at that sort of thing Also, Please don't delete me from the log I am about 2 weeks or so late on posting here, but I did recieve the adoption request. Thank You. Im sure my last post came off somewhat nasty, but to be honest it was written more out of disappointment. And I did feel that it was Lame of you, but more so that you did not respond to emails or posts. I had kept contact with Tschakko, and I was told that you had not responded to any of the emails that he sent. He asked that I try to contact you & I sent you an email through your profile (maybe it never got to you) But I had contacted Tschakko again and was told you still had not responded to any of his emails but he would try again. I had also posted here with no responses.. It was not the timing of the coin going out, but just the lack of communication.. It wouldnt matter to me if it was going to take 6 months to get the coin out, but just to let me know.. But anyway, thank you for getting the coin started on its mission. I apologize if I came off too rude. Id be glad if this doesnt finish on a bad note.. Looks like a cool coin, and hopefully travels well.. And Im not going to delete your log, that would be pretty silly..
  14. Good to see mission 1 moving nicely, hopefully mission 2 will turn up.. Cant believe how long this mission has been going!!
  15. Well another week has gone by, and its been almost 2 months since the missions starting going out.. I still have not recieved my adoption request.. Fairhoney - Ive emailed you, the mission op has emailed you, and you havent responded to any of them. You havent responded to this thread, even though you have logged into GC and posted in the forums recently.. I think its pretty LAME of you to not fulfill your responsibility in this mission. It really sucks to have been paired up with you on this mission. This is my 1st time getting stiffed on a mission and it really blows.. Thanks for a horrible experience.
  16. Ya i got confused here. I was talking with Triplewisdom about the league 1st, then when talkin with Rick I thought it was the same league.. I didnt realize there were 2 leagues.. I dont have the time to do both leagues so I went with the person I commited to 1st wich was Triplewisdom.. Sorry about that..
  17. Ya, Id like to get in.. Email sent..
  18. Just joined the 1 strike league.... Also, is no1 doing Geocoin fantasy football this year? I havent seen any threads... I could set a league up if people are interested...
  19. SORRY , No excuse really been a tad busy here I need for you to PLEASE resend my cachers to send out the missions. THANK YOU I still have not recieved an adoption request.. Its been quite some time. Fairhoney, in case you are not getting your emails from Tschakko, I am your mission reciever.. It is also posted in this thread..
  20. To save you some time, I havent recieved an adoption request yet.. Im sure the person is probably on vacation or something... Just a heads up.
  21. All my coins finally got a mileage update. Gotta say, I thought it was pretty cool that my coin made it to Geowoodstock...
  22. Nice to see everything moving on both missions.. I had clicked back to the 1st page, I hadn't realized it has been over a year already for this mission.. I gotta say, its been pretty succesful so far.. 17 pages 834 posts 398 days (since the 1st post) 59820.8mi for mission 1 24677.3mi for mission 2 And we've still got a ways to go.. Nice
  23. 1. Participating email sent - YES 6/17/10 2. Nick/destination received - YES 7/1/10 3. Adoption request sent - YES 7/2/10 4. Outgoing coin released - YES 7/2/10 5. Adoption request accepted - 6. Incoming coin picked up - Coin was dropped off today and is on its way. Here is the coins page TB2X5QV
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