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  1. iPhone users can see the Spot Tracker track on their phones using the "Shared Page" app This is a chargeable app - we use it as we have several Spots for our schools groups https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spot-shared-page-mobile/id346524744?mt=8
  2. I use a Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C. Versipack by Maxpedition - link
  3. Buy a Starbucks card and then you can use their WiFi whilst you're logging caches and drinking a coffee
  4. this is an EXCELLENT idea and you could always take them with you too
  5. We found a great spot last year for a camo'd bucket and I was really pleased to place it Go for it
  6. Its fun bumping into others onto an FTF hunt, just as you walk back from the cache
  7. Who is your service provider - Vodafone, O2 etc ? they all have different options
  8. Hi Are there any events being planned for San Francisco to coincide with the Oracle Open World conference ? With so many people flying in from all over the world it would be great to meet up with fellow cachers Looking forward to it already Mac
  9. H I think it's excellent - I have saved several from overstuffed caches where new books have been added and it's great to see some now very established cachers writing logs for only their first or second finds in these old books. (note to self, must dig these out and go through them again)
  10. Planning ahead for a US trip in October, I'm wondering how I can add US maps to my UK Oregon ? Is it as 'simple' as loading up a microSD card with the Open maps ? or will I have to overwrite/unload my UK basemap ? All advice gratefully received, before I have any accidents
  11. Barcelona ? Prague ? Amsterdam ? Dublin - Europes 1st ? cheap flights = most stag party destinations
  12. Yes, all seems pretty clear now (stands aside to let the trolls get to the thread)
  13. Aaagh, 6 weeks too early before we bring the camper back to the west coast Have a great time and looking forward to grabbing one or two of your caches if they are within range
  14. We have a vacuum food sealer so batteries, paperback books, kids colouring sets, party sized plastic recorders - all get vac sealed to keep them dry 20p packs of Tesco pencils cut very nicely thru the bench saw, still in their pack
  15. yes Les Dennis is a nice chap, just in his previous 'life' you wouldn't want to get between him and a blank logbook - that's all I'm saying
  16. 1. Summer break 2008, in North Wales, UK, the fantastic Landsharkz Gecko geocoin 2. Just after getting home from summer break ;-) we bought three Landsharkz Gecko coins 3. We made our first coin for Summer break 2009 4. In 2009 we swapped a coin at a caching event in Somerset, UK - the Help for Heroes geocoin 5. We found the geocoins first
  17. A decent range of quality options from Dexim here I've got a couple - PFlip for iphone and a BluePack for everything else with a USB socket
  18. From GC15XEZ, now archived 2.5/1 "A non-descript, boring and pointless cache that could be done as a cache and dash if you can find it ..." This porcelaine throne, this septic spot, This dearth of majesty, this seat of cars & coaches, This other midden, never Paradise, This fortress built of micros for themselves Breeding infection and the scourge of film cans, This insane breed of cacheurs, their little world, This precious GZ set in a tarmacadam sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a 5/5, Against the envy of more worthy cacheurs, This accursed cache, this micro, this film can, this pointless find. (with apologies to Wm. Shakespeare)
  19. I have been to Cornwall on holiday but otherwise have no connections to the SW, assuming that was aimed at me:D not intentionally - can you please push the Magic Button ?
  20. We have a SeaEagle 330 and a SeaEagle PaddleSki and have enjoyed them both - complete with young kids and large dogs, Newfoundlands, on board The 330 is more compact and ideal for 1 or 1 + child The Paddleski is much larger and hugely versatile - I can't count how many kids have been on this and it's never tipped on us - and we've used it off the coast with two adults and a big Newfoundland aboard for water training - we also sail it occasionally Our experience is that you get the quality you pay for, we use these all year and in 5 years have only repaired one tiny hole in the 330 (totally my fault) and the PS has reinforced hull material. Now that our son is 9, we have had to buy him his own, kid sized, plastic boat so that he can be more independent and we found choosing a child specific Dagger Dynamo is like buying their first bike - pick the right size and they enjoy it rather than getting frustrated as they wait to grow into it. Check your storage, check your transport options and ideally go try one out Have fun & stay safe
  21. GAGB offline - but happy to read that Somerset will be listed in the Southwest If you grew up watching Gus Honeybun on ITV then you're in the Southwest Relive the golden age of TV here
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