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  1. Greetings from Ontario, Canada Welcome to the game
  2. When creating an Adventure Lab the owner can choose whether it needs to be done in order or not
  3. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4BDPE_aaron-has-lost-his-cojo?guid=e9bd4440-60a1-47a7-ad50-11954994e876 Hid this one for a Geo-friend who was having a hard time finding my caches
  4. If on your app, try signing out and back in, if that does not help I bet they are disabled
  5. Make it a multi,get 2 small identical pad locks, on each engrave the final coordinates, N on one and East on the other pad lock them onto the guide line holders, just for fun add a couple more identical pad locks with nothing on them (Pending permission obviously) Done, hide the final off site
  6. In your Will leave your Geocaching user name and Password to someone who knows the game
  7. There is an option for a member to gift you a premium membership, get to know a few cachers around (with your parents permission ) once you have build up some trust, give them the $$$ and they can gift you a year premium membership. I do this for a couple friends who do not like to use their CC's online, see the link below https://shop.geocaching.com/default/gifts/gift-certificates/12-month-premium-membership-gift-card.html?utm_source=geocaching&utm_medium=links&utm_campaign=Geocaching Links
  8. I think she has to delete the test from the Lab Cache creation page
  9. If you do not own it, then you need permission to hide there
  10. I put a 2nd to find prize in my caches every once in a while.
  11. I just got a FTF on a cache 2094 days after it was published
  12. U kunt uw lijsten opslaan voor offline gebruik op uw mobiele telefoon
  13. The cache could have been moved from its original location. I know when I do my cache maintenance runs, 15-20 percent of the containers were not placed back in my original hiding location.
  14. You have to have Garmin Connect on your smart phone, then through bluetooth or a wifi connection sync your 66st to your phone to get live updates on caches
  15. I would get permission and place a nano cache in the R of the word street on the wall, make it a mystery cache and call it "Nano in the Middle of Union Street bridge"
  16. When I first started caching, I did not make myself really familiar with the rules before starting out. I thought the talk of buried treasures would be fun and exciting, boy was I wrong. Get to my very first GZ, could not find anything, so back to the truck, grab my shovel and I start digging (not knowing any better) Ended up digging up human remains... Called police..bla..bla..bla... Long story short, I did DNF the cache and I'm no longer allowed back at that cemetery. LOL
  17. I have helped schools do a geocaching adventures during their track and field meets or other outside activities. I did a couple hour lesson on Geocaching then we hide caches that are for the schools use only, they are not listed on GC.Com I took coordinates for the temp caches Kids with smart phones or GPS's are given a list of coordinates. Kids who do not have access to electronics are given a list of clues to find the caches. In each of the caches is a code word that had to be recorded on a game card. Fill the card in an allotted time and your name goes into a draw for a prize We have also had individual classes compete against each other to see which team could do all 10 the fastest, top class got a pizza party.
  18. Look for the size under the D/T ratings, in my photo there are 2 micros, 1 small and 1 regular size shown, once you locate a few larger ones my advice to you is go find a few with out the grand kids, when you locate one that is suitable, re-visit with them, but pretend it's your first time there. You can even restock a few trad able items in the containers to guarantee a good time.
  19. Just hit GPX File, this will save it to your computer. Save it to Garmin/Garmin/GPX folder of your GPS (for garmin GPS's)
  20. When I cache only by phone, it shows me inactive on the website. I respond to all messages, yet it shows me as not logging on since the last time I was on my computer.
  21. Geocaching BINGO Ammocan Toss Closest to the Pin At one event I was wearing a name tag on my shirt that said "free un-activated coin at (coordinates). No one went for it until the end of the event, the coin was hidden 20 meters from where I was sitting. LOL
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