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  1. This is EXACTLY how I have felt for a while now. I think it would be the easiest to implement, and the most rewarding for seekers.
  2. I am in the same boat, and do not have the option to change - or even update - browsers on my work computer. Things seemed to be working fine at home (I use Firefox at home). I did not try to update coords or access user notes at home, though. Here's hoping that it gets fixed soon!
  3. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2578703 VERY cool! I have put this coin on my watch list! What a great undertaking, WSR!! That must have taken you quite a while to set up. Best of luck, and I look forward to visiting this thread a bunch more again, as activity picks up.
  4. My mother is a breast cancer survivor.
  5. I would be interested, but don't know what I would be able to offer in trade. I am a big fan of personal sig items, particularly those other discs to which I believe you are alluding.
  6. Prize arrived late last week. Thank you so much! VERY nice coin indeed! Your generosity is much appreciated!
  7. Woo-hoo!!! Thanx so much for the fun, and for your generosity! Email is coming. I am glad that you guys had a safe and fulfilling time! I like geoart too, in case you couldn't tell from one of my suggestions in part 5 of the cointest! Thanx again!
  8. 1131 Thanx for all of the cointests! I sure hope you had the time of your life!
  9. Reach into a kangaroo's pouch! Have a safe time!
  10. Looks like I can make one more guess. I'll try 54 puzzles out of 88 finds overall. Good luck!!
  11. Last guess... 61 puzzles out of 91 finds. Thanx for the cointests!
  12. You must have one day of nothing. No plans...no schedules...no objectives. Just one day of complete and total relaxation. Thanx for the cointests, and have a wonderful rest of the trip (emphasis on rest).
  13. How about 42 puzzles out of 113 total finds? Thanx again for all of these cointests. I hope you have a safe, rewarding, and FUN trip!!
  14. You must do some Geo-Art while on your trip! Seriously, though...I hope you "recharge your batteries" and enjoy yourself fully while on this trip. Have a safe time, and look us up here in the forums when you get back!!
  15. I'll gues 31 puzzles out of the 111 caches you find in total on your trip. Tahnx again for the cointests! I hope you have a safe and rewarding trip!
  16. I'll guess that you see 11 native species of animals, but no kangaroos (unless you count the 6 wallabies that you spot on the island). Have a fun time, and stay safe on your trip!
  17. I will guess that you'll see 11 penguins (none being used as an entree), and will bring home 31 new geocoins to add to your collection. 11 and 31 are my 2 favorite numbers (I wouldn't have brought it up, but since you asked...LOL!) Thanx for the cointests, and have a wonderful (and safe) trip!
  18. I'll guess 15 different days with finds, and a streak of 11 days in a row with at least one find. Thanx for the cointest, and have a wonderful (and safe) trip!
  19. Come onnnn... 13, 19, or 27!!! PS...thanx for the cointest! There were some really neat ideas!
  20. I have 3 entries in, although 2 of them are labeled as "Week 2." I hope that's not a problem. Thanx again for the cointest. I have really enjoyed reading the other entries!
  21. I forgot to add, "Thanx for the cointest," to my previous post. Thanx for the cointest!!
  22. SgtMikal's Week 2 Entry: 2 coins would be up for grabs for this cointest. Pick a number between 1 and 50 (only one entry per person, and each number may only be used by one person). Write a short statement/story/essay explaining why that number is the best number of the bunch. Best story wins a coin. In addition, a random number generator will be used to select another number. Whoever had that number will win the other coin.
  23. Congrats to the winners, and many thanx to kini for the fun cointest!
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