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Geocaching Organizations in the Midwest


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This topic is to let you know about the regional geocaching organizations near you. These groups sponsor event caches and online forums where geocachers in the same area can get to know each other and share information. Geocaching organizations play a pivotal role in maintaining good relations with the land managers for the parks and forests where we play our game. Getting involved in your local group is a great way to make new friends and find answers to questions about the local caching scene.


It is up to representatives of the organizations to maintain this thread as a list of links to the Geocaching Groups in the Midwest. Please feel free to write a brief post about your geocaching group, giving its name, the area where most of its members live, and a link to the group's website, forums or mailing list. If your information changes later on, post a follow-up post.


Please do not use this pinned topic to promote individual events or initiatives that your group is undertaking. You can start separate topics for those. The moderating team may split out off topic posts into their own threads.


Finally, please note that this thread is not an endorsement by Groundspeak of any organization. It's just a convenient list of links.





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Well, I'll start off by offering a welcome to any and all from the Northwest Ohio Geocachers, or NWOGEO. Most of our members are local to the area, but we also have some all the way down to Texas. :unsure:


We sponsor monthly Meet & Eats, CITOs four times a year (at least), and also our annual Spring and Winter events. You can check out our site to see our calendar of events, our forums that cover everything from the latest GPS units to Dancing With the Stars <_<, and useful links and downloads.


We look forward to seeing you on the site!


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For those in the Chicago/Northeastern Illinois area:




The GONIL website hosts an active local forum, as well as a chat room (drop by on Tuesday nights at 8 for "Official" GONIL chat).


GONIL also sponsors regular events, including the popular "Ice Cream Socials" during the summer months, an annual picnic, and frequent "Meet & Greet" type events.


Please feel free to drop by the website or one of our events! :huh:

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SLAGA is comprised of geocachers who live in an area around St. Louis, Missouri. Many of our members live in the city limits, or in counties in Illinois and Missouri that surround the city. SLAGA Territory is an arbitrary boundary that encapsulates much of the area where our members live and spend their time hunting for caches. It is an imaginary region, eminating from an area southwest of St. Louis for 100 miles in all directions.


The SLAGA web site is a central point of information regarding upcoming SLAGA events. You can get access to multi-media files (audio, still images, videos) that document past events. This is where you find out about the activities and milestone of our members, as well as sign up to become a member. We present general news stories, useful information and internet links related to the geocaching hobby. The web site also provides access to the SLAGA newsgroup, which is where you will find most of the online chatter about all things geocaching-related in the area.


New members are always welcome!

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NEOGeocachers is the oldest caching group in Ohio and was founded in 2002.


It is a loosely organized group that keeps cachers united through monthly coffee events, geocaching events, and the bonds of friendship.


Many members have purchased NEOGeocachers pathtags and leave them in caches.



Look for us at events because many of us wear gear bearing the NEOGeo logo.


NEOGeocachers web site

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CUSGAA Homepage


Currently accepting members and developing a 3 member creative leadership board.




1. To provide a member based organization dedicated to those living in the greater Chicago urban and suburban areas that are passionate about the art/activity/game known as Geocaching.


2. To sponsor creative and unique, simple to complicated, adventure oriented geocaches on a local, regional and world level, in a urban/suburban or rural setting, marine and/or land based.


3. CUSGAA hopes to sponsor 2 Geocaching events in the Year of 2010. This will depend on it’s membership base, and interest of it’s members.

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Is there a younger group of geocachers in Indiana? I am at my 20s and would like to meet geocachers of my age in Indiana. I live in Fort Wayne area.

Thank You!


You're a little far away, but we have a geocaching group at IU: IU Geocaching Club that's for college students. I also find it hard to find geocachers in their 20s. Plenty of kids or 30+ geocachers, but geocachers in their 20s are in hiding. You're welcome to join our group for events if you're willing to do the drive or we drive towards you! B)

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Akron/Canton Ohio GeoCaching:


Admin: Sorry for the cross post, if it is in violation, please remove.


Hello everyone, I am going to try and organize a new geocaching group for the Akron/Canton area of Ohio. The group description and link are as follows:


I am setting up this group to do a few things. First, I want a place for local GeoCachers to find others in the area with the same interest. Second, as with anything fun, I want to share and spread the word about GeoCaching. The more people who learn about it, the more fun it becomes. Third, I would like to organize group outings/meetings. Finally (for now) I would like to create a few "events" for the local GeoCachers. This would include announcing prize Cache, or placing redeemable certificates in existing Caches for tickets to sporting events, gift certificates, and other prizes.


The link for the group is:




Link for the fan page:




Please if you are on facebook and would like to participate, join! If you know anyone else that would be interested, please pass this on to them.





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The South Central Indiana Geocachers was formed to support and encourage geocaching in our rural area of Indiana. Our target area was the counties of Lawrence, Orange, Washington, and Martin, but we welcome and encourage geocachers from anywhere. We have had one event and, at this time, we plan to meet on a quarterly basis. Our next event is scheduled for October.

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Anyone live within 100 mile radius of Evansvlle, Indiana? If so & like to Join a New Club that is just starting out then go to one of the following links & Join. Join them both if you like. If your out of the 100 miles a bit & can attend a meeting here & there during the year, Please feel free to join too. We're a New Club & are growing everyday.


Please follow this link to Facebook




Or if you don't facebook you can join




Or you can Join Both!


Hope to see you on the trails soon.


Wendell & Laura Vaughn aka ReedKyCacheFinders

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Het there i am a new cacher from vincennes, and just started searching some caches from evansville. I am a tad bit older than you though (36).


We got a Event coming up on the 26th right over the river from Evansville.




Plus, If you Facebook you can find our Club/Group there at




& I'm a bit older (53) lol

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Is there a Indiana group?

Indiana has a few:

# Indiana Geocaching (IN-GEO)- Statewide

# INdiGo - serves Indiana's south and central caching community

# Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Geocachers (OKIC)

# Bloomington Geocachers

# Central Indiana Geocachers

# Fort Wayne Geocachers

Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Geocachers (OKIC) has a new domain name,website and forum. Stop by and check it out!!


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Looking for a group in the Grand Rapids area. Michaelinda (Mike and Linda) Grandville/Jenison

You might want to try here Migo. There are quite a few from the GR area on here. Aslo there are quite a few local events that you might want to check out. Just do a search for upcoming event caches near you. I know there are a couple of cachers that put on a pot luck once a month.

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OK, so I did a little research using Google instead of Geocaching.com and found a few different organizations. It all depends on your area, Southern Illinois is much bigger than most people give it credit for. http://omegabbs.com/legs/ is out of the Olney area and they seem like a nice bunch. http://rvgc.net/ is kind of an all encompassing midwest group with a lot of members if that's what you're looking for. I'm based out of the way southern area (Carbondale) and am looking for a local group that can meet once a month or so and keep in contact about fun finds online. Just a general FYI of what I'm looking for if anyone knows of anything or is interested in starting something up!


I was just looking on here for a group in Southern, IL, and was wondering if you'd found one? If not, I am interested in starting one up! Thanks.


I am trying to find a Geocaching group in Illinois. Can someone help me?


It's a big state with a lot of cachers. Where abouts are you from? I've been looking for a group in the Southern Illinois area for a while.

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Sure we have been around for about 4 years. We have had several events in NW Missouri over the years. Probably the most known is the "Jesse James Cache Bash" We will be holding our 4th bash on October 1, 2011. In the past we have done Amazing Chase, Poker runs, Jesse's Strongbox, Trick or Treat, as some of the themes. This year it is "Sho Me Da Cache" with an event page listed on the MOGeo forums page. We also have our own website this year at http://jessejamescachebash.yolasite.com. We have had a couple of yearly events at the local corn maze which was really great. I will add our unofficial logo as we never got around to voting on it! LOL Contact me if you have any questions about our neck of the woods.

thanks, MO PIRATE

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Buckeye Geocachers Society just started in August of this year.




We have Monthy Meet n Greets that rotate from Lancaster to Circleville to Ahsville at different pizza places (as of right now)


We have a large CITO event coming up Oct 16th 2011


We are also discussing more yearly events and getting our website up and going along with our facebook page.


Buckeye Geocachers of Facebook and Geocaching.com




You do not have to be from Ohio to join we accept everyone who wants to have fun


Buckeye Geocachers Society

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